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“ICYMI: FIRST LOOKS AT “DEADPOOL 2’s” DOMINO & CABLE!” (bare with me, im trying to catch up)

Okie dokie, ladies and gentelnerds.. This will be short and sweet..

Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds showed the world our first looks at Zazie Beets and Josh Brolin as Domino and Cable (respectively)


Not exactly comic accurate to say the least..

But Zazie Looks beautiful! I really dig this new, fresh look to the character. She looks bad ass and i cant wait to see her in action. Only 1 gripe.. Just 1.. Seriously couldnt go with the Black Spot on the eye? Seriously? I mean.. Eh! But whateves.. Im sure it will work on the screen. 


Holy.. Fuck! 

Thats pretty damn accurate! Nice job 20th century Fox.. Not bad at all! 

Great casting on both ends. Great costuming. Deadpool 2 is already shaping out to be More awesome then the first!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!



Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds and welcome to yet another thought provoking article of ‘PBS’ quality proportions… 

So! While WB/DC is trying to get itself together like Humpty Dumpty, and Marvel Studios is full steam ahead into its Phase 4. FOX is trudging ever forward with their X-Men Universe. (Should i even call it that?) 

After the “disappointment” that was ‘X-Men:Apocalypse’ (I personally, enjoyed it and found it entertaining for what it was. Flaws and all.) And many of the actor contracts being done with the completion of that movie. Many believed X-Men’s future would be headed for yet another Reboot. 
However, it appears that would not be the case. Fox is moving forward with the  current X-Men “Continuity” (I use that term very very loosely.) established in ‘Apocalypse’. Meaning many of the young cast members from that film, will be coming back.

Now, that can suggest they will either be coming back for another ‘X-Men’ titled film OR the much talked about “New Mutants” movie. Neither has been confirmed on either matter.

X-FORCE, also is currently in full planning stages. A script and scriptwriter has been established at this point. Cast in characters has not been brought up for discussion as of yet. 

DEADPOOL 2, Is still in development, with a scheduled production date coming this.. Summer? I believe. Even After a little slip up with the whole director situation. Everything seems to be going smoothly. 
And lastly.. Probably the real reason why i wanted to write this article. Fox is currently in talks with long time X-Writer and Producer Simon Kinberg,

to direct the next Upcoming X-Film.. And He himself, has stated that he wants to do, The Dark Phoenix Saga.. 

(Turn away children.. Explosive Rant in t-minus.. 3.2.1..)
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!  Why the fuck cant they leave the damn phoenix saga the fuck alone?! They’ve tried that before, and failed fucking miserably. Its fucking done! Leave it the fuck alone!. There are just too many components needed to tell that story properly and with its proper respect. They’ve fucked the continuty up. They fucked the Phoenix’s actual origin up royally. Not only that.. Kinberg hasnt directed a damn thing.. Ever! Not so much as even a commercial or a DVD extra. He has zero experiance with directing. Now.. Devils advocate.. He has been a producer and writer of these films since X-3: The Last Stand. So hes been in the trenches. He has his tentacles in everything right now. Star Wars, X-Men, lots of things! However.. This is also the same motherfucking dumb piece of shit that gave us.. THIS!..

Thats right folks.. He wrote and produced and (according to some. Not sure if true) Edited/ghost directed, this piece of shit of a.. I dont want to even call it a movie! TRASH!

There’s plenty of other more qualified Directors out there. And more importanly.. There are severel, thousands even, of great X-Men Stories to mine that can be translated for the big screen. For example..

Just to name a few. They seriously need to stop with the Phoenix stuff. Get off her clit for fucks sake! 

Be original or something. FUCK! 

I think im done folks.. Let me knw what you folks think. Hit me up. 

Until, next time folks.. Peace Out!


According to some geek news sites. 20th Century Fox announced that an ‘X-Men’ titled film is set to start filming early 2017. No other news was given. No casts. No director. Nothing. 

As we all know, the X-Universe has also been slated for a reboot. So this news comes as somewhat of a surprise. 

I’ve been planning on working on this article for sometime now and I’ve finally found some time to do it. So.. Here is, “How The X-Men Reboot should be done!” 

First off! Don’t. Do. An. X-Men. Movie! 20th Century Fox should steer clear of the main X-title. Move on. Start anew. X-Factor should be (or should have been) the next series of films. Do like the comics.. 

Bring back the original team and give them a new name. Take the team that was set up at the end of ‘Apocalypse’ 

or a slightly revamped version of the team. But keep the main core team of Cyclops, Jean, Iceman.. We cant have Angel.. 

(thank you Bryan Singer) 

And if Nicolas Hoult doesn’t return as Beast..

They have another Blue guy they can ‘Bamf’ to..

Nightcrawler. We can have Storm and Quicksilver part of the team as well.. 

Fox clearly dosent give a rats ass about Continuity.. But this needs to distance itself away from the old films and start anew in the right way. It really doesnt have to be a hard reboot.. Just distance themselves away from what came before, ever so slightly. Fox has a dependency on recycling the same suporting characters. Blob, Toad, Angel, Emma Frost, and lots of others. They need to go in another direction.

The X-Universe is Full of characters to utilize. Like Grayden Creed and the HLF (Human Liberation Front) Fabian Cortez and the Acolytes. The Storyline from Genosha. 

Cameron Hodge. A scientist who later turns himself into a mechanical monster, 


Could you image the kind of storyline they could have with a character like Bastion!? Or even the Nimrod Sentinal! 
There really are plenty of stories and characters they can use and develop over several X-films. They just need to distance themselves from the title X-Men for a few years. Develope the rest of the universe. X-Force, New Mutants, Xcaliber. There are plenty to choose from. 

Also.. Leave Wolverine alone for awhile. Give more time and attention to the rest of the characters.

BRAIN FART ALERT! if a hard reboot is thier idea.. Do it Terminator style.. Nimrod is sent back in time to kill Scott and Jean Grey and Cable comes through to protect his parents. Without telling them that they are his parents. And they are crucial to the future of Mutant Kind. Do some time hoping a little and they could very well change the entire timeline.. Even more then Days of Futures Past did. Thats a total Nerds Wet Dream.. But it was the best thing i could think of at the moment. 

So, What do you folks think Fox should do to reboot the X-Universe? Share your ideas, follow/subscribe/ comment Something! 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Can anyone actually make sense of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Franchise? Not sure.. But I’ll give it a shot. Lets take a look at it, step by step. 

Everything was hunky-dory at the start,

X-MEN: in the Pre-Marvel Studios Era. This was the best we could ever hope for. And it was indeed really good. Things were really looking up. 

X2:X-MEN UNITED: It started out great. But there was a certain point where things started to shift in the other direction. 

X-MEN: THE LAST STAND: Well.. We all know what this shit was.. Although it was a fun ride.. It still sucked.. Again, we didnt know any better. 

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE: It was right around here, we realized Fox didnt give a rats shitty stinking ass about continuity! Nor quality for that matter..

Not long after that, The Mighty Marvel Machine was full steam ahead and The Avengers was on its way.. Fox (and several other companies) took notice. So they decided to Reboot the Franchise, or at least, Revive it..

X-MEN FIRST CLASS: They really did UP the quality factor for this one. Although, continuity still didnt mean a damn thing at all. But! It was still a breath of new life in to the weakening Franchise. 

With Continuty still being a major critique toward the series.. Fox said, “Hey! We just Rebooted this.. Lets Re-Reboot it again.. But call it a Re-Start, or a Re-Furbish.

DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: Was to be a merging of the First Franchise with the Second and ‘restart’ it from there, with an all new ‘Time Line’ and New ‘Continuity’.. And they did a fantastic job. Even the Returning Bryan Singer directed the hell out of it.. 

Then came.. 

APOCALYPSE: Was not complete shit like The Last Stand.. But it had some pretty serious problems. Still, even with a New Time Line to work with.. They still made really bad continuity Errors! 

Now lets fast forward to several months later.. FOX’s biggest non X-Film/X-Film was DEADPOOL. And of course they want to milk that cow for all its worth. But they also see how fans have been reacting to all the other X-Movies. They know there is still money in this franchise. 

With LOGAN coming to theaters in March of Next year.

And this being Hugh Jackmans last go as Wolverine. Fox is taking a step back and looking at what they have.. A bankable property that despreatly needs to establish a firm footing in this POST MCU World. 

Recently FOX has announced a pause on any actual ‘X-Men’ films, except for the in development spin off NEW MUTANTS. Gambit is off the table. DP2 should be ready to go in front of the cameras by January. But FOX is currently looking at a whole RE-RE- REBOOT of the entire X-Universe that they have. 

Bryan Singer says he is Done.. For good. 
FOX has also announced that Simon Kinberg is slated to be the one spearheading the future of the X-Universe.

This, being the guy who thought THIS..

Was a Great Idea! 

Kinberg has been attached to the FXU (‘Fox Xmen Universe’.. Im coining that phrase.. TM and Shit!) since The Last Stand, boasting a Writing credit on that movie. He’s been all over things ever since.. And personally.. I dont think hes the guy for the job. 

The X-Men and FOX, need to completely wipe the slate clean. If they are indeed interested in making a Real Bankable Film Franchise for not nust thier pockets, but for the fans as well.. They need to start afresh. Get rid of everyone that was involved with the past. 

Bring in New vision and a New prospective to the Franchise. Also, they need to find someone who knows these characters and respects them..

The X-Men was and still is, about Us! The outcasts and downtrodden. Though the world wishes to present that we are all in harmony and shit.. But we havent been so divided in so long.. The X-Men represented that. A community of individuals struggling to find thier place in the world, while the world shuns and rejects them. Fears them. The X-Men struggle to protect those who cant protect themselves. The X-Men is about a team, a Family. A community. Not one man or 2 friends constantly at odds. Thats where Fox fucked up. They didnt give a shit about any of that. 

The Marvel Fan in me Screams, just give it back to Marvel! But Marvel has its plate full as it is.. If Fox can not get it together on their own.. They NEED to cut a deal with Marvel.. (More on that in another Blog at another time..) 

So as of Right now.. We could be expecting another Re-Boot of the whole show.. Lets see what happens after LOGAN and DP2.

Thats all i got on this situation. Please leave a comment. Follow/Subscribe. And all that good stuff..

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


As many of you are aware. Tim Miller, director of 2016’s biggest superhero movie hit DEADPOOL, will not be returning to helm the production of DEADPOOL 2! 

According to reports and other Nerd News Sources. Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds could not come to an agreement over what direction to take the sequel. 

Miller: Wanting to take advantage of the success of the first film and plan for a higher budget film. With a larger budget, He wanted to take the film down a more slightly serious road and make the story more grand. 

Reynolds: Felt that a Larger scale, more serious film for Deadpool, wouldnt be a Deadpool movie. 

Unable to come to an agreement. The two men decided to part ways. 

Another divide between the two, that could have been the final nail in the coffin. Was the supposed casting of CABLE 

Kyle Chandler, of Friday Night Lights fame, Was Millers choice for the character. Reynolds, DP 1 Writers AND Fox Studios themselves were not on board with this decision. And so.. That was The End!

[Personal Note: Not an expert on Kyle Chandliers acting career.. But, i think his style of drama could be an interesting mix with Ryan’s Deadpool.. But thats just me.] 

Many names are now floating around in the rumorshpere and News Sites on who could possibly replace Miller in the Directors chair. Names such as, Quentin Tarintino, Michael Vaughn, and Edger Wright and Drew Goodard just to name a few. 

Most recently, rumor has it that Reynolds and 20th Century Fox are looking at a short list of Directors, with JOHN WICK Co-director David Leitch being at the top of the list. Nothing has been finalized at the present time.

Many would also suggest that Ryan Reynolds be the one to direct the sequel, since he is so entrenched with the character. To that i say, Not a bad idea.. But not a good one either. I’ll tell you why..
Reynolds has not directed anything as of yet. So he doesnt have much experiance in that department. Also, being a director is an all encompassing job. The Director is there from start to finish. Thier pressence has to be in everything, from editing to set design to wardrobe. A responsibility that would prove veey challenging for a first time director, like Reynolds, who is also the Full Time Producer of the film and the Star of the movie itself. It would be extremely fun to see Ryan Reynolds have a seat in the directors chair on a Deadpool film, but its too much too soon. Even for him. Starring, Producing and Directing is a tall order to fill.

Thats the current state of Deadpool 2. Once further information drops, I’ll try and bring you folks as up to date as i possible can.

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Greetings, Ladies and Gentelnerds! And welcome to yet another SPOILER FREE MOVIE REVIEW! The film this week?..


THE STORY: It’s 1983, and the world has been fully made aware of the presence of Mutants. Thanks to the events that transpired in “Days Of Futures Past”, The World has grown accustomed to the idea of Mutants, But prejudice is still a factor around the world. Many places using Mutants for brutal entertainment, while  Xavier’s school is prospering more then ever. Meanwhile, Due to a mishap of events, En Sabah Nur is awakened after a thousand year sleep. Unsatisfied with the way the world has turned out, he seeks to assemble his Four Horsemen and cleanse the world an reshape it in his image.. Where, Only The Strong Survive!


In comparison to the previous X-Films, “Apocalypse” is not weak.. But it’s not strong either. The Script itself is relatively generic at points. It’s crazy entertaining though.. Without a doubt, any real X-Men fan will enjoy This movie and it’s story. As the third of this current Trilogy, It’s a nice wrap up to the set. (Ironically, Singer Takes a jab at the previous trilogy in a scene where (SPOILERS!!) Are leaving a screening of “Return Of The Jedi” and one character says “The Third one is always the worst” (Heads Up.. I will be posting that scene on my Instagram account after I post this review) Speaking of Singer..


THE DIRECTOR: Theres no denying, Bryan Singer is a talented molester, I MEAN DIRECTOR!! Director!.. Yes, director.. That’s what I meant.. Anywhoo..  He has great directing talent. BUT, he has a problem with.. Making a cohesive story, and how to use characters properly. He has a very strange habit with this franchise.. He uses and abuses beloved characters. In a way that borders being disrespectful. “Hey, You like this character from the comics? Here they are, and now they are dead. Hey, You remember this one from the cartoons? Yea, this is sorta that character, kinda.. And now they are dead.. See that character you loved.. That’s them in the background being utterly useless for this scene, but I put him there just for you!” It’s just what he does in these movies.. I’m thankful to him that we have the X-Men Franchise at all.. But I’m more thankful that we may never have to deal with his brand directing for the foreseeable future. It’s time for some real fresh new blood and a fresh new prospective to lead the next set of X-Films in to a brighter future. The very end leaves the possibility of such a thing wide open.



Apocalypse boasts probably the best cast of characters/actors since.. Probably “X-2: X-Men United”, Although, Singer sorta fails to capitalize fully with what he had, the Actors themselves shine through with every chance they had on screen. Oscar Isaac’s En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse was fantastic. (Wish they had done more with Him) But fantastic nonetheless. Even Peters Quicksilver.. (DOES IT AGAIN!) He has two of the best parts, Thats right TWO! And he is better utilized in this film then in ‘DOFP’! But there is One.. Who really stood out above the rest..


Fassbender, Continues to amaze in this role.. GIVE HIM A DAMN STAND ALONE MAGNETO MOVIE ALREADY!!

Its not a spoiler to say that, Hugh Jackman cameo’s once more since this was all over the trailers..


But it’s one hell of a cameo..


THE NEGATIVES: Again, Singers use of characters is a big problem. He knows how to please the fans, for sure. In fact, that’s what this movie was at its heart.. FAN SERVICE! Yes it does build into the next set of films, but not a whole lot.  Not enough time was spent on Apocalypse in my opinion. The threat level of this villain was there.. But it fell a little flat. Editing and/or story pacing was not fully fleshed out properly.

OVERALL: Not the Greatest of all X-Men Films.. But can be respectfully considered one of the BEST. How it ranks on your list is purely up to you. For me? It’s in my top 3. It’s Very Entertaining, and Fun! Full of great action. Its not the type of movie where You have to turn your brain off to enjoy it.. But you don’t need to take it too seriously. Because of the pure entertainment value, and how much I enjoyed it.. But considering its faults, I Give “X-Men: Apocalypse”.. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 7 1/2 out of 10! A Joy to watch for any X-Men fan.

Hope you liked this review, if you e seen it already.. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thx for reading!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!



As awesome and revolutionary the original X-MEN TRILOGY was. A WHOLE SHIT LOAD OF STUFF WENT WRONG!!


In retrospect, The first X- Film had its faults . Characterization, relationships, and most of the plot.  But that’s just about it. As a first go around it still holds up in my book.


X-2 on the other hand is where things got a little more… Ifey. Hugh Jackman’s WOLVERINE, was indeed the breakout thing about the first film. There is no denying that. BUT! X-2 was were the films ceased to be about the team as a whole, and more of a vehicle for Wolverine to shine! Wolverine is one of my most favorite Marvel characters. And Hugh will always be Wolverine in my eyes and it will be hard to see anyone else play there character in the future. But that doesn’t mean you push the core members of the team in to back up players! All the X-Men books have been very TEAM centered. It was never about one member. (There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM!) Characterization took an even bigger nose dive. The plot was cool.. But, it would have served better in a Wolverine Stand alone film. Then, came…


(In all honesty… I enjoyed it for what it was..) However! This is the film that took the Dark Phoenix Saga and crapped all over it! Why was Vinnie Jones in a Muscle suit?!? It felt more like a “Guess how many mutants we can fit in this movie” then an actual X-Men Film. The plot played out like an episode of the cartoon series. Not that that is a bad thing… But it is if your trying to make a blockbuster film. The direction was all over the place. There’s a reason why most people don’t wish to speak about it.. It’s like.. The “BATMAN & ROBIN” of the X-Men franchise…. Only it’s more tolerable,  and more watchable for that matter!


The X-Universe is full of characters that have franchise potential. And Fox failed to utilize that potential by focusing on what they assumed was the only money maker they had. Which was Wolverine. If they had paid proper attention to the universe they had at their disposal, we would have had an X-Force franchise, X-Factor, as well. Cyclops could have had his own series of films if given the proper respect he deserved. If X-Origins was done right, we would be talking about a DEADPOOL 2 or 3 by now! BUT NOOOO!! THEY SOWED HIS MOUTH SHUT FOR SHITS SAKE!! Dumbasses! But I digress..

Continuity was… How can I put it?… NON EXISTENT! When it came to the spin-offs and following sequals/prequels. Even the awesome X-Men: First Class suffered from the lack of continuity!


Remember, White Queen, Emma Frost appeared in ORIGINS?! She was like.. 16 or 18 or so.. And that movie was supposed to take place in around the late, 70’s or 80’s?!… So why is she a 20 or 30 something year old women in the 60’s in FIRST CLASS?!? Exactly!.. No sense of continuity was used in a lot of the movies. But! First Class was pretty darn awesome!

NOW: Dark skies are gonna clear up! Put on a happy face!! Fox looks like it’s getting its act together! They were able to set everything right and straight with..


X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURES PAST! Wow! They still kinda screwed.. Some thing’s up a bit.. (Kitty Pride developing the ability to send people’s minds back in time… Really?! Was having an actual TELEPATH do it too much?!? Cause seriously.. Shadowcat? Whateves!) All in all, the setting back the clock and changing time leaves so many things open for them.

APOCALYPSE, is shaping up to be an awesome conclusion to the new trilogy.(First Class, D.O.F.P and then Apocalypse) the recent casting choices they’ve made look very promising!


And most recently..


Things are looking up for the future of the X-Men franchise. If Fox does this right, stay true to the core foundations of the X-Men and focus on the team/family aspect of it all. Build up the right characters to support future spin offs and stand alone films. And not just focus on the one super popular one! And I would look over the fact that Marvel doesn’t own the rights to the X-Men.. But if they fuck up!… I’ll be bitching and moaning for Fox to give up the rights until the cows come home!

Thats gonna do it for me. Hope you liked today’s article. Let me know your thoughts, comment below, or hit me up on twitter, @sgsonny70 or Instagram @marvel_inc2099 and please subscribe to this here blog.. Just click the follow button somewhere around here… I think it’s over there 👉 or there👈 maybe it’s up there👆somewhere.. Or down there👇 in the corner or something! Just find it and click it please!

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