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Ok folks.. Im thinking this will be the final installment in this special edition “My Thoughts On.. Sand Diego Comic Con 2017”

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at “AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR”

Well… What can be said about the Infinity War presentation?.. Not much honestly. They showed the same trailer from D23 at Comic Con. Still no official release from Marvel or Marvel Studios. Although a leaked camera phone quality version is available online. Its not bad.. But, WTF Marvel?! Whats the hold up?! 

Besides that. As I am slowly writing this article, News was announced that Brolin’s Thanos will return for the as of yet “Untitled” Avengers 4. 

Some folks still believe that perhaps Infinity War will be a one and done thing. But i honestly believe that Avengers 4, will be ‘Infinity Gauntlet’.


Infinity ‘WAR’ will be most likely the “War” for the Stones themselves. In the teaser trailer that was leaked. Thanos (spoilers) only possesses The Tesserect (space stone) Allowing him to travel from point A to point B. Im pretty sure they show a devestated Collectors vault, which Means he may also have The Ether (reality Stone). I believe there was probably a shot of a wrecked Nova Corp. So perhaps the power stone will be in play as well.. 

This whole film will be the formation of the Gauntlet.. The battle for the stones. 

By the end of it all.. Thanos will raise his completed Gauntlet and.. Then..

“To Be Continued..”

Thats how Infinity War will end. At least thats how it should end.

Well.. I think that will just about do it for this special series.. Thank you all for reading.. Please leave a like, follow, comment. 

Until next time folks… Peace Out!


“DAY 2 OF DISNEY’S D23 FAN EXPO” (Five days later)

Okay.. Im late with this article, because  I’ve been sooo… How do you say? PISSED! At what came out of D23 day 2.. Or should i say, What didn’t come out of Day 2! I’m gonna try and make this quick

So, basicly Marvel Studios had it’s time to shine at Day 2 of D23. Releasing two new official posters for “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR”

Nerdgasmic!, am i right?

They also unvailed the 4 mystery characters set to appear in the film. 

And No! It was not the Fantastic Four. 

As mostly every logical fan predicted, it was in fact THE BLACK ORDER!

Or as they are being called, “THE CHILDREN OF THANOS” meaning that in the MCU they are the siblings of Gamora and Nebula.

Corvus Glave

Proxima Midnight

Ebony Maw

And Black Dwarf

But prior to that unveiling, Kevin Fiege took the stage to introduce Thanos himself, James Brolin and most of the cast. Along with one of the directors Joe Russo (Anthony Russo most likely still filming the rest of the film) 
Joe Russo then went on to show a nice little 10th anniversary retrospective video celebrating the upcoming anniversary… Then, at the tail end of that footage… 

A Fucking Trailer followed! A fucking trailer! That, according to those who saw it, it was fucking epic! 

“Why do you sound so angry about that?” you ask?…

THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED IT!! To this day… July 20th, 2017 as i write this right now! NOTHING! NOT EVEN A SINGLE TEASE! When asked if Marvel would drop it online, Joe Russo said, “Very Soon.”

We’ve (I’ve) been waiting all these damn days!!

(Those who have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming will get the reference)

*Deep Breath*

Ok.. It’s thursday as i said, as i write this. And SDCC Is set to kick off in a few hours (West Coast Time) I immediately jumped to google and looked up the SDCC line up. 

Best bet.. The Avengers:Infinity War trailer should drop just after Marvel Studios’ presentation in Hall H on Saturday, just around… 5:30- 7:00 pm Western time.. Thats like…

2.. Carry the 1.. ÷ by 5.. × 18… Subtract 6… Hmm… I think roughly 8Pm eastern standard time… So! Those of us over here… Have a bit of a wait.. Unless.. Maybe 8am? Shit.. Fuck this time zone shit. We’ll get it some time saturday afternoon or later. Either way, we still gotta wait. Fuck!!

Oh yea.. They also showed stuff from the live action Lion King and some other neat stuff… yay… 😕

Thats all the time i got folks.. Gotta work on another article. So, until next time.. Peace Out!

“‘Game of Thrones’ Star, PETER DINKLAGE, Eyed For ‘Key’ Role in ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

It was reported yesterday that Marvel Studios is courting ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage 

For a “Key” and “Important” Role in the, soon to start production, ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’. 

Naturally, Geek ‘News’ sites began chomping at the bit about the possibilities of whom Peter could possible play. (My Short List coming in a few) 

Peter Dinklage is no strager to the comic book film world, having appeared in ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’. Playing Sentinels creator, Bolivar Trask. 

Quick history lesson. When Dinklage was announced, Chatter quickly type casted and speculated that he would be playing Puck.

The diminuative Canadian superhero from Alpha Flight. Clearly this kind of fan casting is rather.. For lack of a better word, small thinking if you asked me. Not that he wouldnt have been awesome as the character. But his acting skill far surpasses a character like Puck. So, it was a very nice surprise to find him playing Bolivar Tarsk. And he rocked it! Even with such sparse screen time he gave Trask a presentation worth recognition. 

NOW, We in the nerd comunity is falling down that same hole yet again. This time clearly putting Dinklage as possibly being offered the role of..

Pip. The Troll.. *sigh* Honestly, As much as it would be cool to see Pip and other Infinity Watch characters appear in the MCU.. I dont see him as a ‘Key’ or ‘Important’ character for the events of Infinity War’.  He barely mattered in the actiual comic. So, I dont think Marvel is looking to waste such talent on such a.. So-so chracter. 

Here are some of my suggestions/hopes. 


The Watchers are an ancient race of Cosmic Beings whose sole purpose is to watch and record all events of a designated Universe. Uatu being the Watcher of Earth 616 (The Main Marvel Comics Universe). Dinklage is the type of actor who could really sink his teeth in to such a role. He brings along a very regal sensibility to himself. If it is not Uatu, perhaps a rouge Watcher who wishes to help save the universe by interfering with events? 

EROS/STARFOX (Thanos’s Younger Brother) 

Eros has a way with words. Which is his superpower. As Tyrion Lannister on ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dinklage is quite the wordsmith. Able to out talk and out think his adversaries. Eros would be an inspired choice. Bringing real, diversity in to the family tree of Thanos. 


I am salivating at the thought of this character coming in to the MCU. The mere mention of his name in ‘Dr.Strange’ made me lose my mind. Dinklage can have a very imposing voice. Playing the CGI character of Tribunal would be epic with just his voice alone. Coming in at the most intense moment of the film. Stopping Thanos from destroying the universe and tipping the balance in favor of the Heroes would be really cool. 

And finally.. Probably my most favorite pick behind The Living Tribunal..


Come on.. Who wouldnt want to see the introduction of the Beyonder in Infinity War?! And with the talents of Dinklage at the helm.. Its a match made in heaven. Something so immensely powerful, in the vessel of someone so small. Its too good to pass up. No one would see Dinklage coming. 

What do you folks think? Who would you want to see Dinklage play in the MCU, IF he were to join the franchise. I hope he does sign up. And i hope Marvel gives him the right character. 

So, Until Next Time Folks.. Peace Out!


Wasabi! Ladies and Gentelnerds.. And welcome back to the Marvel Inc Blog. Today I wish to talk about the subject of


(Note: I believe that is the old release date for the film. I believe, it’s been pushed back to a later date.)

To be more precise, I want to discuss my thoughts on “HOW MARVEL SHOULD INTRODUCE, CAPTAIN MARVEL!”

Awhile back, I had  stated that I felt Carol Danvers should be introduced on TV First, on “AGENTS OF SHIELD”. I felt that with their focus being on The Kree and Inhumans during their most recent run. It would have served a better vehicle to introduce a future movie franchise such as ‘Captain Marvel’

But, Things change.

Right now, Academy Award Winner BRIE LARSON is Marvel Studios Front runner for the role

image image

I for one am not arguing with her talent or her looks. I’m excited for this casting. I have not seen “THE ROOM”, which is the film that got her the Oscar. I believe she played Amy Shummer’s Sister in “TRAIN WRECK” if I’m not mistaken. But Marvel has not been wrong with its casting as of yet.. (Well.. At least not in the lead character department) and I trust they have their Carol Danvers. (Assuming Contract Negotiations go well of course)

That being said.. Here’s some ideas I have…


GOTG 2 is a very strong possibility. If in fact Marvel goes for a Carol Danvers cameo in this highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s smash hit, Heres some suggestions. Lets start with the least likeliest thing to happen. 1, Shes an old childhood friend of Peter Quill (Cris Pratt) and shows up in a Flashback sequence. Either as a mention or a full onscreen presence. 2. She’s a Human captive of an alien race and the Guardians free her during the events o the main plot. Which could help bring the Guardians to Earth. 3. She’s The Nova Corps newest Recruit..


This one has been strongly suggested on most news sites, since Brie Larson’s Pre-Casting, and some mumbling that she could be brought into GOTG Vol2! However.. I’m not a fan of this one. Because it completely strips away everything that is Carol/Captain Marvel. Although the films can’t always be comic book accurate when it comes to some things.. It would be, on the other hand, be wrong for such a change to occur to this character.

However.. Mixing it with option 2 could work. Being a human captive of an alien race could stand for experimentation. Giving her fantastic abilities! Joining forces with the Nova Corp to help her gain control and understanding of her new powers would be feasible. It is strange though how much the Nova Corp symbol, resembles the Symbol on Captain Marvels chest..


Which could lead one to assume that Marvel has been planting those seeds for some time now.. Of course though.. It is highly more likely another representation of the Star on Nova’s Helmet,


And nothing more..

Next up, we have..


Staying more true to the comics with this one.. Carol Danvers is a former Air Force Pilot turned U.S Government Liason to Wakanda.. Actually secretly there to locate fugitive (SPOILERS.. 3.. 2… 1…) Winter Soldier, after the events of “Civil War”. We don’t get the Captain Marvel Transformation in this movie.. But we do get a badass intro to the Character of Carol Danvers in to the MCU.  Which could then lead to…


“INFINITY WAR Part 1” Why? Because Captain Marvel’s solo film follows directly after this one.. So it would be safe to assume she somehow gets her powers during the events of IW part 1, which then bleeds into her mastering her powers in her own movie.. Then coming back to kick major ass in IW part 2.

I for one am inclined to go with the Black Panther introduction of Carol Danvers, then the Captain Marvel persona coming out of Infinity War 1 and into her own movie.

I kinda hate the idea of having to do it over the course of a three movie span.. I would have preferred if they had just went along with a Captain Marvel Movie, way back in late Phase 2.. Or Early Phase 3, where she could have played a role in Civil War. But.. We can’t all have what we want.

However they decide to bring in the awesomeness that IS, CAPTAIN MARVEL..


I have the utmost faith that Marvel.. Will do it Right, with Respect, Class and with Justice!

Would really like to hear your thoughts.. How would you like Marvel to bring in Captain Marvel into the MCU? Let me know in the comments section. Please Like and SUBSCRIBE to the blog.. It would be greatly appreciated!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!




“Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.”



I am going to do my very best not to spoil anything for you folks out there who have not seen “Ant-Man!” And if you happen to be one of those people.. What the fuck is wrong with you!?!?



Michael Douglas stars as Hank Pym. The original Antman and creator of the ‘Pym Particle’. The very particle that allows him to shrink to the size of an insect. After a very personal disaster occurs. He pledges his life to making sure, his discovery never falls into the wrong hands. Several decades later, He is surprised to find that his former protege, and now PYM TECH CEO Darren Cross..(Corey Stoll)


Has found his formula and plans to militarize it. By creating a mass supply of ‘Super-Suits’ called, “THE YELLOW JACKET” After he warns Cross that such tech is too dangerous, Pym Recruits ex-con Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)


to help steal back the formula along with the help of Pym’s estranged daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evageline Lilly).


Director, Payton Reed. Had the difficult task of being the guy replacing the beloved Edger Wright. The original brain behind Ant-Man. (We already know what happened there.) But, Payton did a Fantastic Job with the direction of the film. It really is a Heist, Action, Comedy Film! It balances itself so well on all three categories, without losing sight of what the story is about. Which is in fact an awesome story. Filled with some really cool EASTER eggs. Clever dialogue. The Special Effects were top notch. The blend of the ant-world and human size world was so well done and used to perfection. (The shrinking didn’t get played out)




I was not at all very keen on playing Hank Pym. I was among the crowds that were like, “WTF? He’s to old to play Pym! Why are you getting an old guy?! What are you doing Marvel? What kind of story are you going with!?” But, in the long run… He was perfect! Don’t get me wrong.. I wasn’t questioning his acting talent.. I just didn’t think his level of.. ‘Star’ fit this universe. On the contrary, He played Pym exactly as I would imagine  him to be if he were old in the comics. Quick to temper, headstrong, over protective, smart ass, genius! And I’m glad it’s Douglas.. I can’t think of anyone else who could have done a better job!



My first thought when they announced Paul as Ant-Man I was like.. “Hmm he’s going to play Hank Pym?! Hmm.. He is a good actor.. It’s gonna be a little weird, but I trust Marvel. I’m sure he’ll be great.” Thank god that didn’t happen! HE’S PERFECT AS SCOTT LANG! I love this guy even more! He was funny, charming, sincere, and a little badass! It’s a great idea that they went with Scott Lang.. Hank Pym has a very topsy turvy comic career. (Hero turned villain turn hero again, pill popper, wife beater. Not a lot of likable qualities!) Scott in the other hand is ripe with lovable character traits, and Rudd played them beautifully! He fits perfectly within the Marvel Universe.



I LOVE EVANGELINE LILLY!! Since her ‘LOST’ days. (Didn’t care for how they used the character.. But that’s another story.) She was perfect! Her ‘character’, Hope, was created for the film. But her Character, was more like the original Wasp, Janet. The only difference was that she was more of a full of herself person. Of course, as we get to know her. She’s a kind person.. Just very sure of herself and  tough. I can’t wait for her to become the WASP in later Marvel films. She’s a great addition to the MCU.



A really good actor. A great villain. Stoll’s YELLOW JACKET was a delight to watch. But.. (I’m skating near Spoiler Territory.. So bare with me.) Marvel is slowly improving on their Villains department. But still have a problem with maintaining and utilizing them. Darren Cross is a great example of that.



Michael Pena stole every scene he was in. So funny, it was rediculous. T.I and the other actor played their parts perfectly. No complaints here.. But Pena was the standout. Now, last. But certainly, not least..



By far the cutest child actor I have ever seen! She is so damn adorable as Scott’s daughter Cassie Lang. I hope Marvel signs her to a huge deal for when she grows up! Cause I would LOVE to see her become STATURE later on. Unfortunately.. Hollywood isn’t as patient.. So I wouldn’t be surprised when we see a different, older Cassie in the sequel.


For such a great film. I felt like it left me wanting more. It could have been at least another half hour longer. The editing felt just a bit rushed and the timing of the events within the film felt choppy. Darren Cross was just days away from perfecting the formula, and yet it felt like Scott was training for weeks. The timeline did not add up for me. There were slight moments where you could be like.. “Oh come on! There’s no way!” For example: Darren Cross changing in to the Yellow Jacket Suit! I still can’t wrap my brain around how the hell he did that so fast!  The miss handling of the Yellow Jacket character. And That’s just about it.



Marvel Studios has added another great franchise to its ever expanding roster. While many would scoff at the idea of an ANT-MAN movie. It really is a great film. I personally am willing to put it up there with the best of the best. Right behind Guardians of the Galaxy! Despite it’s technical flaws and its poor use of yet another villain. I greatly enjoyed ANT-MAN! I give it.. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8/10! I highly recommend anyone to go see this film. RIGHT NOW! It’s the last film of Marvel’s Phase 2, and is a true joy to watch.

Thats it folks! Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if you would like to read a full SPOILER REVIEW Version of this blog. Where I can go a little deeper. Let me know if you liked this review at all! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Thx for reading!

So, until next time folks… Peace out!