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Greetings! Ladies and Gentelnerds,

Early yesterday afternoon Marvel and Marvel Studios released the first official poster (and official release date) for next years…

Feb 16, 2018 The King Takes his throne.

With the drop of the poster, word was put out that a teaser trailer would drop later that night.

So, during some sporting event of non importance.. This!.. Awesome tease for the film was released… In Case You Missed It.. Here you go..

Wakanda looks beautiful. And just by looking at most of the promotional concept art of the film, 

And looking at the trailer.. This is going to be a beautiful looking movie. I think Black Panther is going to leave a lasting mark on the MCU.

Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER, starring Chadwick Boesman opens next year, Feb 16. 

I for one am so fucking hyped!! This was an excellent teaser! What did you folks think? Leave a comment below!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!



Wasabi! Ladies and Gentelnerds.. And welcome back to the Marvel Inc Blog. Today I wish to talk about the subject of


(Note: I believe that is the old release date for the film. I believe, it’s been pushed back to a later date.)

To be more precise, I want to discuss my thoughts on “HOW MARVEL SHOULD INTRODUCE, CAPTAIN MARVEL!”

Awhile back, I had  stated that I felt Carol Danvers should be introduced on TV First, on “AGENTS OF SHIELD”. I felt that with their focus being on The Kree and Inhumans during their most recent run. It would have served a better vehicle to introduce a future movie franchise such as ‘Captain Marvel’

But, Things change.

Right now, Academy Award Winner BRIE LARSON is Marvel Studios Front runner for the role

image image

I for one am not arguing with her talent or her looks. I’m excited for this casting. I have not seen “THE ROOM”, which is the film that got her the Oscar. I believe she played Amy Shummer’s Sister in “TRAIN WRECK” if I’m not mistaken. But Marvel has not been wrong with its casting as of yet.. (Well.. At least not in the lead character department) and I trust they have their Carol Danvers. (Assuming Contract Negotiations go well of course)

That being said.. Here’s some ideas I have…


GOTG 2 is a very strong possibility. If in fact Marvel goes for a Carol Danvers cameo in this highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s smash hit, Heres some suggestions. Lets start with the least likeliest thing to happen. 1, Shes an old childhood friend of Peter Quill (Cris Pratt) and shows up in a Flashback sequence. Either as a mention or a full onscreen presence. 2. She’s a Human captive of an alien race and the Guardians free her during the events o the main plot. Which could help bring the Guardians to Earth. 3. She’s The Nova Corps newest Recruit..


This one has been strongly suggested on most news sites, since Brie Larson’s Pre-Casting, and some mumbling that she could be brought into GOTG Vol2! However.. I’m not a fan of this one. Because it completely strips away everything that is Carol/Captain Marvel. Although the films can’t always be comic book accurate when it comes to some things.. It would be, on the other hand, be wrong for such a change to occur to this character.

However.. Mixing it with option 2 could work. Being a human captive of an alien race could stand for experimentation. Giving her fantastic abilities! Joining forces with the Nova Corp to help her gain control and understanding of her new powers would be feasible. It is strange though how much the Nova Corp symbol, resembles the Symbol on Captain Marvels chest..


Which could lead one to assume that Marvel has been planting those seeds for some time now.. Of course though.. It is highly more likely another representation of the Star on Nova’s Helmet,


And nothing more..

Next up, we have..


Staying more true to the comics with this one.. Carol Danvers is a former Air Force Pilot turned U.S Government Liason to Wakanda.. Actually secretly there to locate fugitive (SPOILERS.. 3.. 2… 1…) Winter Soldier, after the events of “Civil War”. We don’t get the Captain Marvel Transformation in this movie.. But we do get a badass intro to the Character of Carol Danvers in to the MCU.  Which could then lead to…


“INFINITY WAR Part 1” Why? Because Captain Marvel’s solo film follows directly after this one.. So it would be safe to assume she somehow gets her powers during the events of IW part 1, which then bleeds into her mastering her powers in her own movie.. Then coming back to kick major ass in IW part 2.

I for one am inclined to go with the Black Panther introduction of Carol Danvers, then the Captain Marvel persona coming out of Infinity War 1 and into her own movie.

I kinda hate the idea of having to do it over the course of a three movie span.. I would have preferred if they had just went along with a Captain Marvel Movie, way back in late Phase 2.. Or Early Phase 3, where she could have played a role in Civil War. But.. We can’t all have what we want.

However they decide to bring in the awesomeness that IS, CAPTAIN MARVEL..


I have the utmost faith that Marvel.. Will do it Right, with Respect, Class and with Justice!

Would really like to hear your thoughts.. How would you like Marvel to bring in Captain Marvel into the MCU? Let me know in the comments section. Please Like and SUBSCRIBE to the blog.. It would be greatly appreciated!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!



Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds. Before I start.. Allow me to make something clear. This blog is strictly me speculating (don’t tell speculating nerd I’m doing this..) on what I would like to see happen in the Black Panther film coming 2017, or at least what SHOULD happen in it. ALSO! I will be spoiling events concerning BP that happened in “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” so be warned.. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

With the death of his father, King T’Chaka, in CIVIL WAR. T’Challa assumed the Mantle of not only King, but also the Black Panther. Displaying his fighting prowess and his abilities to a certain extent throughout the film. We also got several hints and nods to BP’s background. During an exchange with Cap and Falcon, He explains that the Black Panther has been a protector of Wakanda for Generations. A mantle passed down from warrior to warrior, and since “Bucky” was responsible for his Fathers death.. It is now his time to be The Panther.. (By the end we find that Bucky was framed by Zemo) [Like I said.. SPOILERS!]


Basically, Marvel gave us BP’s origin in a matter of minutes stretched out over the course of the film. So, for his standalone outing.. An origin story is out of the question. In fact, the movie can pick up right after the events of Civil War. Here’s how I think certain things should go..


Andy Serkis MUST return as Ulysses Klaw.. For those of you who may not recall. He’s Been Black Panthers main enemy through his early comic book run. He was also the guy that had that massive amount of Vibranium that he stole from Wakanda, and Ultron bought from him before chopping his arm off after the deal. But he could be one of Two villains! (Probably! More on that in a moment..)

In Civil War, We got our first taste of the ‘Dora Meljie’


A clan of elite woman warriors tasked to protect the royal family of Wakanda. I would LOVE to see Michonne herself, Danai Gurira


As either the Leader of the Dora Meljie, or a Love interest, or perhaps close friend/confidant to Chadwick’s T’Challa. (Preferably Both would be great in my book. She has the talent and the skill to carry such a role. Although I would hope she and or her character would not end up another Lady Sif.

SHURI! T’Challa’s little sister, (and one time Black Panther) has to be in this film,


And I would like to see, Lupita N’yongo take that role. She has the youth and sheer acting talent to pull off a pretty badass Shuri.


Sticking with the Family tree..


Sophie Okonedo as The Queen of Wakanda. Something about this actress just screams Royalty to me. She’s beautiful and damn talented. Granted, to play T’Challa’s mom, they would have to age her up abit with make-up or visual effects. But she can really pull it off.

The movie must also show how the (relatively) young T’Challa must coope with being a King of A Nation,

image image

To tie these aspects of Nation, Family and Villains together.. Allow me a moment to go a little radical..


Wesley Snipes can be a number of roles in the Black Panther film, in my humble opinion. 1) In a quick flashback, as a young T’Chaka, before T’Challa’s birth. 2) Rival Tribe Leader, Or.. Probably a Uncle.. Jealous of T’Challa’s sudden rise to the throne. (Bare with me on this theory) If you remember in AGE OF ULTRON, Ulysses Klaw  was captured and BRANDED as a thief on the back of his neck.. And yet “somehow” he still manages to get away with a whole payload of Vibranium?!?.. (Sounds fishy to me..) perhaps “Someone” on the inside assisted Klaw with his escape and subsequent payoff of the rare metal. Que Wesley’s character, maybe?!? Yes, the evil Uncle angle is cliche at best. But Wesley is the typenpf actor who could carry it and make it work. Then, once all is said and done, Panther can have the final battle with Klaw at the end.

Lastly.. Don’t change the costume.. It’s perfect as is. If its truly necessary.. Just add a cloak and some gold accents, and that’s enough..



WELL.. That’s all I got! Let me know what you folks think. Leave a comment below. Like, and subscribe/follow the blog. Thanks for reading folks.

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


[After suffering a severe mental breakdown due to the disaster that was the Fantastic Four Reboot.. The Speculating Nerd took a long sabbatical at an Asylum for the Criminaly Insane..  Now, with his Doctors permission, we here at The Marvel Inc Blog are.. (Somewhat) happy to welcome back…]


Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds. It’s ya boiie SPECULATING NERD! Wasabi!! I’m very certain you fuckers missed me.. And if you didn’t.. Fuck you too! 😘❤😘

SO! What are we talking about today?.. Oh yeah!


The  “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” Trailer… Wait? They released that already?! Holy shit where was I? Oh yeah…Institutionalized.. Let me take a look see..

“So was I..” *sniff* *sniff* HUH?! Wha? No I wasn’t crying!.. Fuck, *sniff* I.. I got something in my eye alright!

Wow! That was fucking awesome! OK.. Here what I got from that besides a runny nose and eyes.. And penis..

After the whole, ULTRON incident in.. Sokovia! And another unspecified incident that occurs in this film. The worlds leaders, or at least, the American government. Has had enough of The Avengers flying by their own rules. So, they come up with the SOKOVIA ACCORD (aka: Superhuman registration act)


Going back to the unspecified incident that is to occur within this film with Cap and his New Avengers, its safe to assume that BUCKY is somehow probably framed.. Hence why he’s on the run..


Another key thing is.. Whatever it is that Bucky is being framed for, has an effect on the Black Panther! From key moments in the trailer, I can piece together that not only does Black Panther serve as the devising point between the two sides.. His main goal is to get his hands on The Winter Soldier, which would lead him to side with Iron Man early on in the film.. (Maybe)


We got Bucky fleeing on a motorcycle after jumping off the roof in the start of the trailer. Then,


Bucky, on said motorcycle, entering a tunnel. That same tunnel is featured here…


Where Black Panther is chasing after Bucky. With Cap not far behind.. Cap most likely stops BP and gives Buck a chance to escape.. HERE..


Perhaps we will get a brief exchange between Cap and Panther, before the authorities show up..


And take Cap in. THAT could be where General Ross comes in and explains the full extent of the SOKOVIA Accord.. Or maybe it can happen before that, this is all pure SPECULATION.. (It’s in the name folks.. It’s in the name.)

Rest assured, Panther and Bucky do meet up later during the big showdown..image

There is still so much yet to be seen. I truly believe that the Bucky angle of this movie is only but HALF the story. We are probably looking at a 2 to 2 and a 1/2 hour film. This was a 2+ minute trailer that featured a total of ten or so different clips that could be within minutes or hours of each other.. So there is a WHOLE LOT MORE to be seen. And that’s the beauty of it.. We still don’t know what’s going to happen. Unlike another trailer I will be looking at later, that shall remain nameless at the moment (BVS) THIS trailer doesn’t give away anything at all! Masterfully done.. I can’t fucking wait for this movie!

Thats about all the speculating I have on this trailer .. OH WAIT..


IF RHODEY DIES.. WE RIOT!! Nuff fucking  said!..

So, until next time folks.. Peace the fuck out!

(P.S the doctors think I’m still taking my meds.. If you know anybody that needs some anti-psychotics.. I got em 20 bucks a pill.. HOLLA AT ME!)


*In the Rocks voice*


After a very Long wait indeed. Marvel finally released the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer earlier today (or tonight depending on where you live, or what time your reading this) Chances are you folks have seen it several times already. (My number stands at 2 times at the moment..Give me another few hours) So, in case you folks were nice enough to come check out it out here on my blog.. Here you go..

FUCK YEAH!! Quick off the cuff review.. Awesome. Not too much, but just enough. So much more could be riding in this movie. I don’t think it’s all  simply about Bucky.. There is a grander scheme at play. That’s why I say, it’s not too much.. But they have us just enough. Like, “This is just one of the key, underlying plot point of the film.” Great to see Thunderbolt Ross. The back and forth with Tony and Cap is beautiful.. What the fuck happened to War Machine?! And, Like, Oh. My. God… T’CHALLA!!!! The mother fucking BLACK PANTHER BITCHES!! This is gonna be awesome..

Im gonna go touch myself as I watch this trailer a couple more times. Talk to you later folks..

So, Until next time.. Peace Out!