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To this day ‘CONEHEADS’ is one of my most favorite SNL sketches turned Movie out of the several that we have had. (‘Night at The Ruxberry’ being another absolute fav)

I cant recall if any actual talks of a sequel have ever happened. But Now would be a great opprotunity for Dan Aykroyd and Co. To take advantage. 

“How would a ConeHeads 2 go?” You ask.. HERE’S HOW!

Beldar (Aykroyd) and Family are flourishing. Things have been going great. But, In this new day and age Beldar finds himself still struggling to fit in with Earth and its modern times. Add his new found role as a Grandfather to his millennial Grandkids, things get tougher. 
Start the film in 2016, right at the offset of the presidential election.. Beldar votes for Trump (que puns and jokes there) and boom..

Trump is elected and immigration is of course his first agenda. 

I would have Alec Baldwin play Trump in this, because, lets face it.. He’s awesome!

And it would be hilarious. Someone Trump hires finds out that Beldar and his family are not legal immagrints and that their records were falsified back in ’93. Also include that the Emporor of the coneheads discovers that Beldar deceived them and a full scale invasion ensues. 

The rest writes itself. With the current political and social climate of today. A Coneheads 2 could take on those issues in a clever and hilarious way. It doesnt have to be preachy or anything.. But it could lighten things up a bit! Poke a little fun at america at its current state.

With Chris Farley long gone. (Sadley) 

I would cast Josh Gad 

As the husband to Connie Conehead. 

Bring back a lot of the original cast. Including Sinbad and David Spade, and keep the budget to a 10 to 15 million.. Heck! It can go straight to Netflix if they want to. That would be just as cool. And they could have a massive comedy hit!

Anywho.. Thats just my thoughts on the matter.. 

HEY! Mr. Aykroyd.. Get started on this PLEASE!! 

Until Next time folks.. Peace Out!



Hey there ladies and gentelnerds. Whats crackin’!? A Couple days ago i posted up a call to arms on my instagram and twitter page, to all my followers and friends.. 

Got a lot of good ones.. And I promise to answer, honestly and to the best of my abillites and knowledge.. So lets see what we got. 

Well.. Regardless of Color.. I would say yes! That is assuming no one would know of the particular colors weaknesses. Then it would be very easy for a ring bearer to dominate the world. But if i did have to say which rings.. Green, Yellow and Red may have the best potential at getting the job done. 

Looks like theres some new Bling Bling in the universe..

(Nosey, Much?) I am broadcasting, Live! from New York City.. 24 hrs a day.. Seven days a week.. 

… 😐😐 Let me Know when you get back after I send you into orbit.. 😏

Hmm… Lifes a Bitch and then you die..😈😈😈😈 But seriously folks. Lets all take some time and ask ourselves.. What happened to Morals? I live in what some may call.. “The Ghetto” or better yet, The “Inner City” The Morals and Ideals of those younger then me.. Have gone straight down the shitter! Im not gonna get preachy here.. But honestly, are we showing our Sons and Daughters, nieces and nephews, and cousins real morals for their future? Can we fix the upcoming generation before its too late? 

Great question.. I would say.. Hmm… Just for kicks.. ‘Mortal Kombat!’ I would be the guy that gets killed by Goro. As for recasting?.. Cant say at this time.. (maybe in a future blog?)

Well, we haven’t gotten Shazam yet.. But.. If hollywood was smart, they would go fishing for all the real comic writers that made these characters who they are. Granted, screenplays and comic scripts are two very different monsters. But the mind of a comic writer would be extremely helpful in putting together the best film possible. 

Slow down the events bullshit! We dont need a new, world changing event every season. Granted, its about the money. But at this point, it feels like they use these events simply to constantly reshape the board and get rid of things that haven’t been selling. “We have a new Captain America!” (sales are down, time for an event,) “And the old Captain Is back!” “We have new Teams!” (Slow sales.. EVENT!) “We dont have that team anymore!” Secondly.. Go back to the simpler times. Not everything needs to be connected anymore and not everything needs to be coated in real life things. 9/11 kinda ushered that mentality into Marvel Comics. They’ve always tried to make thing seem real in the comics.. But things changed after 9/11, now just about everything tries to emulate something from the real world.. We dont need too much of that anymore. 

(What was ment was, Divergence, not diversity.. Let me make that clear.) I find the whole, “Im a DC fan, so fuck Marvel” and “Im a Marvel fan so fuck DC” kind of mentality is.. Fucking stupid! I LOVE Marvel.. No ifs, ands, or butts but i also Love DC. I grew up on both. And to be honest.. Batman was the only thing i read frim DC.. I didnt care about a lot of the other books back when i was younger. But i was very attached to Marvel and its different titles. I guess, it should really boil down too.. You like what You like. For example, a freind of mine once told me, “I grew up with both.. Loved both Marvel and DC, i was mostly a Marvel Guy because of the artwork and the stories. But then at a certain point, the art wasnt so good. So i looked at DC, whose art wasnt all that, but thier stories were great. Their art got better and thats what attracted me.”  it depends on the person. You like what you like. It IS very possible to love both companies and to love other companies as well. Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Boom, IDW. All great publishers. Be proud of who and what you like. It doesnt make you or the other person any better then the other. We are all Comic Fans.. Nuff said! 

Well.. It’s so obvious, isn’t it? IRON MAN! (Cheers! 🍻) 😂😂😂

(ok.. This next batch is all from one person.. So bare with me..)

To grow up, fuck bitches, get money and die with a tremendous amount of debt for your loved ones and offspring to pay off for you..! 

Not ruining it.. Just evolving it. 

Cause DC Comics hasnt reffered to itself as Detective comics for the last.. 30 or so years! It goes with the changing of time and speech. 

I dont know which circles you run with pal.. But nobody i know reffers to Shazam as Captain Marvel. Except for my grandpa. Or those who know comics at all. DC and Marvel both came to an agreement and DC removed Captain Marvel from the title and just called him Shazam! Years and years ago. So, i dont think theres anymore confusion with that. 

It probably the art is what attracts you. Maybe you feel like DC’s standerd art is not to your liking. Maybe its the way they write the stories? Maybe you just need help?! 

Cause nothing different interests you? Try some fantasy novels, or true stories. Maybe that will help. 

Who hasent? 

No fucking clue! 

Cause back when they first created them. They thought haveing to fight someone with the same powers was more of a challange. 

Yes.. And i have no idea what subsidize means..

Cause Bruce can be a Dick sometimes! 

Again.. Its what they first created. The 60’s and 70’s was a much simpler time my friend. 

Sim sim sala bim! Again, simpler times back then.. Try not to question the old ways..

Cause Marvel did it first.

The suit is a special light weight fiber, and he only carries what he needs.. And its a damn comics.. Its just how things are.. AND.. Because hes Batman! 

Where’s the fun in that? 

Cause The writers havent thought about that yet.. But i think Wayne Tech has built certain cells and technology to hold certain prisoners. Its the staff thats the problem.

Perhaps. Humankind is capable of many incredible things. At the present time, it seems humankind is capable of stupid and evil shit! But I honestly have to, Need to, believe that we can band together before and or after an amazing event. Same as 9/11.. Things were.. Different around that time.. Not only did New Yorkers gather together, but the world came together. Granted, a false pretense war drove us all apart right after that.. But its a very strong possibility! 

They wanted to switch shit up.. Fuck should I know?! 

I actually wouldnt mind that being a strong part of a story line in the future.. Im surprised they’ve never done that? Havent they?!.. 

Well… It IS just a movie.. And things are pretty darn advanced in the make believe world! They have floating airships! Nuff Said! 

Yes! No doubt about that. 

Only truly dumb fucks would..

All life is precious.. But if a fucker gotta die.. They gotta die! 

Batman.. And.. Hmm.. Its a toss up between She Hulk, Wonder Woman or Madusa(Inhumans). She Hulk cause shes beautiful, Smart and a sweetheart. Wonder Woman because of the same qualities as SheHulk. And Madusa because those reasons and shes loyal as fuck and that Hair looks like it could be a lot of fun! 

Thats it from @Blackestnighte. Heartfelt thanks for ALL his questions.. 

And Finally..

After thinking long and hard about what my answer would be and how best to write it down intelligently.. I would have to say.. YES! 

Thank you all so much for your questions! I truly very much appreciate it and am very greatful! 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Hey there! I’m currently working on my DEADPOOL movie review (spoiler free version) So, in the meantime.. Check out this awesome interview with the Merc himself, DEADPOOL!


Posted roughly, one hour ago on Ryan Reynolds Youtube channel.


Witness the Epic Team-Up of Deadpool and the X-Men. As they gather their forces to take on… HALLOWEEN!

(Wait.. What?!)


This guy.. Is truly fucking awesome! Ryan Reynolds is a One of a Kind! I can’t wait for the DEADPOOL movie!

So, until next time folks.. Peace out!