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“ICYMI: FIRST LOOKS AT “DEADPOOL 2’s” DOMINO & CABLE!” (bare with me, im trying to catch up)

Okie dokie, ladies and gentelnerds.. This will be short and sweet..

Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds showed the world our first looks at Zazie Beets and Josh Brolin as Domino and Cable (respectively)


Not exactly comic accurate to say the least..

But Zazie Looks beautiful! I really dig this new, fresh look to the character. She looks bad ass and i cant wait to see her in action. Only 1 gripe.. Just 1.. Seriously couldnt go with the Black Spot on the eye? Seriously? I mean.. Eh! But whateves.. Im sure it will work on the screen. 


Holy.. Fuck! 

Thats pretty damn accurate! Nice job 20th century Fox.. Not bad at all! 

Great casting on both ends. Great costuming. Deadpool 2 is already shaping out to be More awesome then the first!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!



As many of you are aware. Tim Miller, director of 2016’s biggest superhero movie hit DEADPOOL, will not be returning to helm the production of DEADPOOL 2! 

According to reports and other Nerd News Sources. Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds could not come to an agreement over what direction to take the sequel. 

Miller: Wanting to take advantage of the success of the first film and plan for a higher budget film. With a larger budget, He wanted to take the film down a more slightly serious road and make the story more grand. 

Reynolds: Felt that a Larger scale, more serious film for Deadpool, wouldnt be a Deadpool movie. 

Unable to come to an agreement. The two men decided to part ways. 

Another divide between the two, that could have been the final nail in the coffin. Was the supposed casting of CABLE 

Kyle Chandler, of Friday Night Lights fame, Was Millers choice for the character. Reynolds, DP 1 Writers AND Fox Studios themselves were not on board with this decision. And so.. That was The End!

[Personal Note: Not an expert on Kyle Chandliers acting career.. But, i think his style of drama could be an interesting mix with Ryan’s Deadpool.. But thats just me.] 

Many names are now floating around in the rumorshpere and News Sites on who could possibly replace Miller in the Directors chair. Names such as, Quentin Tarintino, Michael Vaughn, and Edger Wright and Drew Goodard just to name a few. 

Most recently, rumor has it that Reynolds and 20th Century Fox are looking at a short list of Directors, with JOHN WICK Co-director David Leitch being at the top of the list. Nothing has been finalized at the present time.

Many would also suggest that Ryan Reynolds be the one to direct the sequel, since he is so entrenched with the character. To that i say, Not a bad idea.. But not a good one either. I’ll tell you why..
Reynolds has not directed anything as of yet. So he doesnt have much experiance in that department. Also, being a director is an all encompassing job. The Director is there from start to finish. Thier pressence has to be in everything, from editing to set design to wardrobe. A responsibility that would prove veey challenging for a first time director, like Reynolds, who is also the Full Time Producer of the film and the Star of the movie itself. It would be extremely fun to see Ryan Reynolds have a seat in the directors chair on a Deadpool film, but its too much too soon. Even for him. Starring, Producing and Directing is a tall order to fill.

Thats the current state of Deadpool 2. Once further information drops, I’ll try and bring you folks as up to date as i possible can.

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Hey, Hey! Welcome back to another “Movie Review Blog” (sans- Speculating Nerd) and today’s movie is a true treasure!



My God! Where do I begin?!?

STORY: When Merc for hire Wade Wilson meets the woman of his dreams, Vanessa, his so called perfect life is thrown for a loop and is diagnosed with full blown cancer. Short on options, he enters a seedy government operation intent on finding a cure. Only to discover he’s been deceived and is being conditioned to be a super powered slave for sale. In the process, he’s given the Mutant Ability to heal from any wound. But is horribly disfigured in the process. After escaping, he sets out on a path of revenge!

Literally ripped out of the comics. To an extent of course. (Hollywood) But the film is wonderfully crafted. The writing is spot on, from the humor, to the dialogue, all the way to the Love Story. DEADPOOL’s fourth wall breaking was used perfectly and wisely. It wasn’t overused, or obnoxious! It never plays itself out.

However, as great as the film is, from start to finish. I feel like the film is too short. But! On the other hand, the length fits the type of story that’s being told. But it still leaves you wanting a little more.

CHARACTERS: Collosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead-



Were fantastic delights! Every moment they were on screen was so much fun. They were used respectfully and wisely.  They didn’t feel out of place or used just for gags. Although, Colosus had some very funny moments with his interactions with DP.

THE NEGATIVES: Not a whole lot but! It really does end leaving you wanting more! The movie could have been given an extra 20-30 minutes extra of running time. But one could assume that would also have to do with the budget. So, I can’t fault them for that. Colosus… Too goody-goody! As a fan and a long time reader I have witnessed Colosus’s character evolve over the years and he has become a rather no holds barred badass when the situation arrives. The film played heavy to his earlier character traits of yesteryear. I found myself saying, “Come on man! cut loose!”. Lastly… Not enough connections to the whole X- Universe! Understandable, the budget didnt call for a shit load of Xmen showing up, but more tie-ins would have been nice. A mention of the Weapon-X program. They could have dropped more hints of what could come next. The movie as a whole, felt very, Stand Alonish. As if to say, “we’re making the best movie we can. The way we want to. We feel honored to be given this oprotunity. But if shit don’t work out, we are not gonna befuddle whatever it is that Fox has in store for the X-Universe. This is Deadpool! We’ll leave what we can open for the future. But we are making a Deadpool Movie!” (At least that’s what I’m getting out of this movie.)

OVERALL: What a way to kick off, not only 2016, but the Comic Book movie Genre’s most ambitious decade, ever! Deadpool has, Heart, Laughs, Action, and pure Fun at every turn. I give DEADPOOL a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 9/10! I can’t wait for more DEADPOOL!

Hope you folks enjoyed this review. Speculating Nerd will be handeling the SPOILER FILLED version. Stay tuned. Thank you for reading,

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!



Hey there! I’m currently working on my DEADPOOL movie review (spoiler free version) So, in the meantime.. Check out this awesome interview with the Merc himself, DEADPOOL!


Posted roughly, one hour ago on Ryan Reynolds Youtube channel.


Witness the Epic Team-Up of Deadpool and the X-Men. As they gather their forces to take on… HALLOWEEN!

(Wait.. What?!)


This guy.. Is truly fucking awesome! Ryan Reynolds is a One of a Kind! I can’t wait for the DEADPOOL movie!

So, until next time folks.. Peace out!



And in Geek it is also known as, “The Nerdgasm Overload Center!”

Ok! I know it’s not! Can’t blame a guy for trying to start a trend!

Anywho.. Ladies and gentelnerds! We are, roughly, a week removed from, “SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL!” Where geeks of all Shapes and Sizes, Clear Skined and Achned, Creeds and Religion, All Types, Converge to see What’s Hot, Whats New and Whats to Come.

In this here blog, I’ll try and convey some of my thoughts on what stood out to me! Lets start with..



For the first time since its inception in 2008/09. MARVEL STUDIOS  and THE MCU did not dominate ‘HALL H’. In fact, Marvel Studios didn’t go at all! Marvel Comics was there.. But that’s it. Realizing that they could draw more buzz on their own with their “Marvel Event” it would appear Marvel Studios was like, ‘Fuck it! We got this on our own. We don’t need to spend a shit load of cash (Not that that would be a problem for them.) to rent out HALL H. We can spend half that amount to rent an entire theater and showcase our own shit whenever we want!’ OR! We can take in to account. As of right now. Marvel Studios is set to be in production of up to Two to Three Films a year, for the next 3 or 4 years. A huge order for a single company. So, they may have a lot on their plate at the moment. However, some sort of extra push could have been put in to promoting ANTMAN.. But, I’m just saying.



The SW panel (Which you can see, if you already haven’t, in the link below!) Didn’t have a lot of new things to show us. Except a really cool behind the scenes featurette, which showcased just some of the awesome things that went behind creating and combining the Practical and Digital Effects that are in the film. And also, gave us a glimpse of what Simon Peg’s cameo role will be. The panel itself was really cool. Seeing the new cast. Getting small insights into who they were playing and  what their characters are about. Noticeable absences of Andy Serkis and And seeing, for the first time in who knows how many years, the original Trinity, of Luke, Han and Leia together on the same stage. Was truly awesome! Don’t take my word for it.. Check it out!



The Legendary Kevin Smith, accompanied by his lovely daughter Harley Quinn Smith, Debuted the trailer for his latest Film ‘YOGA HOSERS’ the second in his True North Triliogy. (Soon to be followed by “MOOSE JAWS!” Which is just ‘Jaws’, But with a Moose!) unfortunately that trailer has not yet been released as of this time that I am writing this article. Yoga Hosers is, relatively, a spin off of the delightfully twisted TUSK. (In which a man played by Justin Long is transformed, in the worst possible way, into a Walrus. If you have not yet seen Tusk… The fuck is wrong with you!?)The film stars the aforementioned Harley Quinn Smith and Lilly Rose Depp, Reprissing their roles from Tusk, as two store Clerks, who happen upon a mystery and battle some creepy Monsters. I honestly can’t wait for This movie. If its as Fun and fucked up as Tusk was.. I’m so there!



“AHH!! IM SO TOUCHING MYSELF TONIGHT!!” The Deadpool trailer alone stole the whole Fox Studios Comic Con Panel. Although that trailer is also unavailable at the moment. However, there is a bootleg version circling the web. I prefer mine to be Hi-Def. The X-Men panel was also very enjoyable. If you care to see Those panels, Check out the links below…

And finally.. After so many years of So-So panels and presentations and coming in as número 2! (Behind Marvel of course)… This years comic con belonged to DC and WB PICTURES! And to them I say.. image

Starting with…



It certainly wasn’t the best panel. The cast and the Director, David Ayer, came on stage. Said their hello’s to the crowd. Did a Suicide Squad cheer and Will Smith made a quick statement, regarding how hard they are working to bring us the best film ever. And off they went. BUT! Finally, we got to see what they had so far, presented to us in a pretty badass trailer! (More on that trailer in another blog. A “TRAILER REVIEW!” Perhaps.. Stay Tuned) Then.. We got the best thing ever!


OH! GOD, YES!! The trailer we deserved long ago! (Won’t go in to the trailer here.. That’s for another blog.) It really made the night and surprisingly stole the spotlight from Deadpool. The Panel itself was okay. It was really cool to actually HEAR from the cast.. Instead of them just standing there and waving. Here’s the panel, in case you haven’t seen it…

Although I consider DC/WB the winners of COMIC CON 2015, I do feel they could have done just a little more to truly own the Weekend! Marvel always makes a grand spectacle each year they are there. Im Not saying that DC needs to send someone out dressed like a character and make show. But they could have done something to make them really stand out from the rest. Besides relying on some trailers. AWESOME TRAILERS.. But still just trailers.

Sorry this took so long to get to you folks. Hope you enjoyed it, and would love to hear your thoughts. I got some pretty cool things coming up here on the blog. So, stay tuned. Thank you all for your patience.

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!


Why, I Find Myself More Excited For “DEADPOOL” Then “BvS”!!


HEY!!! “It’s been awhile” Im back baby! My Youtube channel has had me a little preoccupied as of late.. But enough with the pleasantries. Lets talk 2016! The Year Comic Book Films really kick into overdrive! And nerds and Nerdettes around the world lose their minds and bowels over all the awesomeness! Today, I want to discuss two in particular.. DEADPOOL and BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Im really excited for BvS. i’m a huge Batman fan.. (not at all happy with the whole Affleck casting… but.. we’ll see.) Its going to be a major movie event! Two of the greatest Heroes of our time, together for the first time EVER on the big screen! Its literally going to be EPIC… BUT…Truth be told, at this moment.. I’m more hyped for DP, then BvS!


Yes… Both films are literally due out within months of each other next year! DP in FEBUARY and BvS in March (if I’m not mistaken.. Unless they moved it again!)

So How could I be more excited for Deadpool?! You ask!? Well, lets look at some facts, shall we..

Two years ago, SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2013, Zack Snyder and WB  announced BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN! Summer 2015! HORAY!! Oh wait hold on! Did we say 2015?!? Sorry. We meant 2016!

They finished the film late 2014.. That’s right, they finished it late last year… Last fucking year! So, here we are now little over one year away from a movie we have been waiting for our entire lives, and the only things we’ve had to wet our appitates for the past two years have been… Photos….. STILL PHOTOS! Pretty awesome photos.. But, PHOTOS! It’s like..

“Hey folks! Your worried we cast a talentless actress as WONDER WOMAN? Well worry no more… Here’s a photo!”


“You wanna know what the Bat-Suit looks like?!?… Here’s a black and white photo!”


“Oh! You want to know who else is gonna be in the movie for a few minutes of the two and a half hour film?!.. Heres another one toned color Photo!”


“Had a problem with the Facebook Guy we got to play Lex Luthor?.. Well.. HERES ANOTHER FUCKING BLACK/WHITE PHOTO!”


(SDCC: 2014) “Oh, you want to hear a little something about the film from the stars themselves.. FUCK YOU! THEY’RE JUST GONNA STAND HERE AND SMILE AT YOU FOR A FEW SECONDS! And here’s a short scene that you’ll only ever see from fucked up camera phone angles!”


Sure. The small glimpses are awesome and exciting… But that excitement fades over time. Yes! We are still about a year away from the films release, so I may be being over zealous in wanting more now.. But, come on… I think we’ve been waiting long enough.

On the other hand!


(Never thought I would EVER say this…) FOX, is doing everything right with hyping up DEADPOOL! Ryan Reynolds himself has been really playing the whole band in trying to get this thing going. Ever since SDCC ’14 and the “accidental”  “Leak” of the digital test footage for a DP movie, That Reynolds participated in producing.

With the help of the overwhelming support of Fans behind him, Reynolds convinces the studio to get things moving!

(Writers Note: No doubt, thanks to the “Leak” FOX was convinced. But still, the studio held off from going 100% behind the film. Because they wanted to wait till after the release of X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and so, once that was the huge success it was. DP got the green light.)

Sure things went a little quiet after that. Then came word FOX was looking to recast COLLOSUS, for DP. Then Gina Corano joins in as ANGEL DUST, and soon after that. Reynolds releases a photo of him overseeing the making of the costume.


After that came the casting of DP’s love interest, COPY CAT, whose to be played by Morena Baccarn. Shortly there after we got this gem..


THE most accurate looking superhero costume for a feature film since, the first Chris Reeves SUPERMAN film, and the first SPIDERMAN! (SPOT ON!)

Then Came the back and forth amongst fans and film aficionados on whether or not the film should be R or PG-13! A lot of much smarter folks close to the film industry stated the film should be PG-13, whilst Fans rallied for a hard R version of DEADPOOL!

The studio themselves stating they were interested in a PG-13 film to appeal to a much wider audiance. Ryan kept  fans up to date with the happenings all the way to just recently. On April 1st. With this truly awesome video..

Filming has already started. The cast looks great. The costume is magnificent. The story sounds awesome. I’m really looking forward to DEADPOOL! I can’t wait. That’s not to say I’m not at all excited about BvS.. But geez compare the marketing so far and really can anyone blame me for feeling the way I do at this moment. Who knows?!? DC/WB might put out something very soon that’s gonna get me more hyped. Word on the streets is that a BvS Trailer is supposed to hit screens during the release of MAD MAX:FURY ROAD! Lets hope that that’s true and DC can hook me back in. (I pray that it will be in freaking COLOR! For Pete’s sake!)

Well! That’s gonna do it for me and my nonsense! Hey, let me know what you think! Which film has you more excited at the moment? What do you think of my views? Do you think I’m bat-shit crazy?! LET ME KNOW MO-FO! Comment below! Subscribe to my blog here! Follow me on TWITTER:@sgsonny70 INSTAGRAM:@marvel_inc2099 and subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Uhm… Look up THE MARVEL INC. SHOW! You shoul be able to find it.

So, Until next time folks…. Peace out!