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“NEWZ FLASH!: Catching Up On The Past Few Weeks Worth Of Geek News!”

Like I stated awhile back. I’ve been pretty ghost these past few weeks, so i will now attempt to give my unique view on all the shit i missed. Welcome, To The “NEWZ FLASH!”

(In no particular Order.. and keep in mind, im going based on pure memory..)


Marvel Studios’ long awaited attempt at bringing the ‘Real’ Inhumans to the Big Screen. We finally got our first look at the assembled cast in costume as The Royal Family. Lots of folks talked shit about it. “Bootleg X-men and “Too much leather” and “Where’s Madusa’s Hair?” are just to name a few of the comments that i saw. In my opinion. This looks fucking awesome! Madusa’s hair is obviously going to be CGI enhanced. Every one looks awesome. My only, only peev… The Attachment on Black Bolts head.. Where is it? Was that only apart if his mask? I thought that was actually apart of his head.. Maybe we will see it apart of the Royal Crown? Hope so.


Turns out the deal between Marvel and Sony Pictures has an experation date. It was revealed (to manys surprise) by a Sony Exec, that the deal would only last up to “Spider-Man 2”  Leaving many to try and calculate just how long Tom and co. Will be involved with the series. Tom is signed for a 5 picture deal (if i am not mistaken) With Civil War and the upcoming Homecoming counting for two. There is still Avengers 3&4, thats four films down, and many assuming he will appear in other marvel films later, Captain Marvel being a possiblity. That makes five and “Homecoming 2” could make six movies right there.  Now, with as much money as Sony Pictures looks to make over all these films, (even if its a small, small percentage. Moat of the money comes from their own spidey produced projects) It would be spectacularly Stupid (see what i did there?) for them to not get back to the table with Marvel and extend the deal. Which would be the most logical thing that will happen, once this initial deal is completed. 


Marvel Studio’s Announced that The Avemgers: Infinity War will no longer be a 2 part film, although they will still film both parts around the same time. Most likely to cut costs out of the already reported 1 billion dollar budget (If rumors are to be believed). The second part will also carry a different name. Many assuming that THE INFINITY GAUNTLET will be the name of the final film. My theory?.. Infinity war cpuld very well be pushed back to be the final film and Gauntlet would be the first one. Of course i based this on the fact that, Fiege and The Russo bros. Made it known that Thanos is the main character of the film. While our heroes would be the “side characters” persay.



Deadpool is looking to break the 4th wall now on the small screen with an animated series scheduled for sometime next year for FXX and to be produced by Donald Glover and others.. No word as of yet on who would voice the merc with the mouth. My vote is for Nolan North. Thats a fucking no brainer right there.


Not actual news.. Just humble opinion.


Please God Let This Be The One!!! Again.. Not news. Just humble opinion.

Im currently racking my brain trying to remember old news. But im coming up dry.

So here’s the latest one that dropped i think yesterday..


DC/WB is really feeling itself with the positive reviews and high hopes coming out of Wonder Woman. That some are reporting that the big wigs over there are looking forward to Batgirl being the next female lead hero flick to come out, instead of David Ayers’ Githam City Sirens. Which is still in the pipeline, but never the less, Batgirl could be next in line. So… Yay!

That’s all i got folks.. Hit me up with your thoughts and let me know what i missed, maybe I’ll add it in another “Newz Flash” also, let me know if you enjoyed this format of news. 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!



So.. I was just going through my blog site and i realized.. “Holy Shit! I havent said shit about the Upcoming Power Rangers movie!?” 
So here goes nothing.. 

A Power Rangers Movie is on the way! Scheduled for a early 2017 realease. Its the first time since.. 1994-95 that the Rangers will be appearing on the big screen. 

(When it was first announced, i wasnt hyped, nor was i upset, nor can i say i was remotely interested. It did however make me nostalgic about the original.)

Months passed and we got our first look at the Ranger suits..

Of course, all of fandom half ridiculed Saban and.. Uhm.. Lionsgate?! Are they the ones doing it?.. Hmm.. Gotta fact check.. BRB! 🏃🏃



Fandom ridiculed the new suits as blatant Iron Man ripoffs. 

(I noticed the similarities. But still respected the studios direction they were going with the costumes.)

After that, Casting news began to spread like wildfire. 

We had our cast of Twenty-somethings playing Some-Teens. Then Elisabeth Banks of ‘Zac and Miri Make A Porno’, ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ was cast as Rita Reuplsa. 

(That caught my attention. As to that i am indeed a fan of Ms.Banks.)

Then we got our first look at Rita Repulsa..

(Then my penis decided to pay attention!)

The photo clearly showcasing the very different and uniqe style they are taking with the whole thing. 

Thanks to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ we got more and more exclusive looks at the Rangers..

Then more casting news.. 

‘Breaking Bad’ Star, Bryan Cranston was announced to play head in a lava lamp, Zordon! 

(Interestingly enough. It turns out Cranston, in his early years in show buisness, voiced a number of characters in the original Power Rangers series…

Your welcome!)

Hype is steadily climbing throughout the interwebs at this point. We got Heisinberg playing Zordon, and a Rita Repulsa that makes men and women pitch tents in thier pants! Things are looking good!

Most recently, we got more exclusive posters from the studio, featuring the Rangers striking poses on their, still yet to be revealed, Mega Zords..

(My hype senses are tingeling! Yes.. The hype bug is slowly creeping upon me. Cant say im there yet.. Perhaps when we get our first Trailer, and its actually good.. We’ll see.)

And FINALLY! The MOST recent casting news to hit. Has been the addition of SNL Alum (and personal SNL Favorite) Bill Hader. And he will Voice APLHA-5! 

Things are looking very good for the Remake/Reboot of the Power Rangers at the moment. The movie could suck major Donkey Balls! But that remains to be seen. We wont know until the film drops, March 24, 2017! But right now.. In my humble opinion.. This looks pretty fucking awesome! 

So what do you folks think? Are you excited by what your seeing so far from the New Power Rangers movie? Hit me up, place a comment.. FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to the blog! And let me know what you think!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!