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As reported yesterday by CNBC, Disney and 21st Century Fox are very close to nearing a deal worth approximately $60 billion dollars. 

For those not fully in the know, or with passing knowledge of the situation. Its not Disney taking over Fox as a studio. But! What this means, is that many of 20th/21st Century Fox’s properties are up for sale. 

Us Comic Book/Movie Fans quickly jump to Fantastic 4 and The X-Men 

Joining in the MCU.

But it goes much deeper then that.


Including the original ’77, ’80 and ’83 theatrical cuts..

Versions only belonging to 20th Century Fox. Even after Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm, the original versions of the trilogy belonged to Fox and Fox alone. 

This deal also includes films like PLANET OF THE APES, The ALIEN Movies, and several other established franchises and Classics. 

Also the bulk of Fox’s Television Division, like The Simpson’s, M.A.S.H, The FX and FXX channel and a 30% share of HULU is included. 

This deal would greatly change the landscape of Films and Television. So much content under a single umbrella is almost unheard of.

Gaining these titles would also help Disney and there upcoming streaming service and give them so much material to use. 

The question some people ask is. Will there even be a 20th Century Fox Company after this deal is done?! 

I think there will be! This would not be the first time Disney absorbed a film studio. The only difference is that this is a major, huge studio. But, I believe Disney, would just have a Disney and Fox appointed team of exacutives to run 20th or 21st Century Fox film studio and let them do what they’ve been doing all these years.. Make Movies. Produce Content. Only that Disney would be making the real profit. 

In regards to X-men and F4…

The deal is done already.. We just dont know it yet.

Hollywood moves at.. An incredible speed. They are litterally 5 years ahead of us.

Kevin Feige, in an interview, stated that after AVENGERS 4(aka Infinity Gauntlet) They have 20 more films in the planning stages as we speak. 20 MORE Films! 

I’d bet my bottom dollar that Fantastic Four is in that slate of films. They’ve been leaving clues all over the place for the F4 to come in to the MCU.

I also wouldnt be surprised if Disney/Marvel left X-Men under the FOX banner. Wouldnt be surpised if they didnt either. But in this case. I think Kevin and Bob (Iger) would be satisfied with X-men under their Fox Division, only that they would have more control over what would happen in that universe. So, its a win/win situation. 

Reports say that a final announcement of a done deal wont come until early next week. But im sure the deal is done. They just have to cross some T’s dot some I’s and make the necessary arrangements of whose going to be in charge and who amd what is going to go where. In the report, it is also said that Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch’s Youngest son, will be going over to Disney to oversee the Fox Studios end of the division. While Dad and older brothers will retain control of the News and other material Murdoch and his comapny will still own outside of the entertainment stuff. Like Fox News and other Media, both television and print. 

So.. Its done. F4, X-men, Star Wars, Apes, its all in the House of Mouse now. Its only a matter of time for conformation to be announced. 

So, thats just my view on this whole thing..

It’d be fucked up i say all this, and next Monday’s Headline.. “FOX/DISNEY DEAL A NO GO!” .. wont i feel like a dick on that day.. 

Until next time folks… Peace Out!

Soon my friend… SOON!



Greetings! If your just joining me just after reading my “Avengers:Infinity War” Trailer Review. You probably came for the answeres as to why i said what i said at the end of that review… 

If your just hear just because, because.. Well then… Thank You! 

Ok, im gonn a make this quick…


“But Marvel just got him back!” you must be saying.. True! But who’s to say Marvel wont do the whole switch-aroo right then and there? “Oh! You thought we wanted Parker? Oh hell no.. We’re gonna do Morales for Homecoming 2. Why do you think we only had Tom sign a 3 picture deal?” is what marvel could be saying… 

But, in actuality.. In the leaked SDCC version of the trailer, A piece is shown with Spidey, maskless, teary eyed, looking at Tony and saying “Im sorry Tony.” 

And in this trailer we see a shot of.. 

Yeeeeaaaaghhhhh….. Pete aint walking away from this one.. Not only that..

It would explain why Tony looks like this

At the start of the Trailer.. So.. Yea!


Soon as the Android gets a girlfirend.. He’s gonna die! 

Come on.. He has the mind gem! His days are numbered.. 

Should he, by some miracle, survive getting the stone pulled from his head.. He’s gonna be useless! That is where most of his powers come from, isn’t it? Granted, they never specified..  But it’s the most logical thing. 


Beared Cap. The Nomad. For a deeper impact, Cap would be the most logical choice to be the one to fall. My theory.. 

It’ll be on the Battlefield..

On the front line.. Most likely being the last line of defence against Thanos. Putting himself between him and the Soul Stone.

4. THOR: 

This one is more of a guess. Based on the special trailers released prior to this one.. There was a shot of Thanos holding Thors head in his hand, like, in a tight grip. And Thor was screaming in pain. 

On the other hand. That moment can be in conjunction with this moment..

Perhaps, it’s wjat prompts Loki to hand over the Tesserect, in exchange for Thor’s life… Costing Loki his own life in the process..


5. LOKI:

He had. One job. 

Bring Thanos the Tesserect after conquering earth with the Chituari Army. Remember? 

“You will have your war, asgardian. But if you fail. If the Tesserect is kept from us. There will be no hole. No barren moon. No crevase, were He cannot find you! You think you know pain?.. He will make you beg, for something as sweet as pain..”

                                                     – The Other

So.. That just may come back to bite Loki in the ass..

Well! Those are my picks. Are they valid? What do you think? Leave a Comment. Leave a Like. Follow for more thought provoking articles like these.

Until next time folks… Peace out.


We are a week removed from the premiere of The “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” Trailer.

Now, I said i was gonna post the trailer immediately after it’s drop online.. But… I just had to let it marinate all over me, all week long. 

So lets get in to it..

My God.. That was so worth the fucking wait all these long months. Granted, not the exact same as the D23 or SDCC versions. But! Epic on its own! So much was going on in this. 


In all his bald headed glory! Lots of folks seem pissed about that.. Dont know why tho? I mean.. Even CGI characters have the right to change their clothes. Right? 

I loved the music in this trailer. Beautiful. Really set the tone of this movie and where its going to go.

People are going to die.

Tony and Thanos are going to be the main characters i think. This is gonna be a Tony centric Avengers film.. Maybe. At least thats what it look like to me. 

The Soul Infinity Stone is in Wakanda. That should explain the massive battle. 

I really want/hope/need a scene where Thor and or the Guardians Explain the Infinity Stones to Tony and the Rest of the Avengers. Like.. Ik thats super geeky. But I still get chills from The Collector explaining the stones in the first Guardians. So, i need that moment in this movie. 

Vision is gonna learn how to look human and get some punany before he dies. So thats good for him.. Can some body explain why he has Chris Evans’ haircut? 

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This trailer.. Im gonna go watch this 30 more times..

Until next time folks.. Peace out! 

OH! Vision, Spider-Man, and Captain America… And… Maybe… Thor… Are goona Die! Bye


As i write this, it is 1:00 am on tge east coast. Im sitting at work doing the over night shift, and i am eagerly awaiting the sun to rise and for the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer to finally drop.. FINALLY! 

The trailer will premiere later this morning on ABC’s GMA (Good Morning America) ABC being a disney company, so that makes sense. 

The Hype Train started early tuesday, was it? No. Monday i believe. (This over night work really fucks with your dates and times.) Anyhoo, it all started with the release of the AVENGERS photo shoot with VANITY FAIR. 

Which got many fans abuzz. Then Mark Ruffalo tweeted this little nugget https://twitter.com/MarkRuffalo/status/935235856553693184 

And then yesterday Ruffalo’s spoiler brother Tom Holland let slip the official poster.. https://twitter.com/Marvel/status/935584276049027074

And then Marvel released this beautiful Fan Appreciation Teaser trailer 


It is now.. 1:21 am… T-minus 6-7 hours until myself and the billions of fans around the world Nerdgasm all over themselves.

Make sure you folks have spare underwear handy.

As soon as the trailer drops. Be sure to come on back when i post it here. Thank you. 


WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!”Marvel Studio’s ‘THOR: RAGNAROK'” (Small Spoilers Are Possible)

Greetings ladies and gentelnerds, and welcome back to “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!” Todays movie?.. Seriously? Do you have to ask? 


THE STORY: “Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former ally. Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization” 

The plot. For what it is, and how it is presented, is great! Its simple and straight forward. Its not the strongest plot, in the sense of depth. But it’s a very entertaining story. 


The cast was on point. Everyone was clearly enjoying themselves and their roles and how they were playing them. Chris Hemsworth 

.. I will say… Is on the level of Hugh Jackman. I can not see anyone else as Thor. Although Jane Foster Thor wouldnt be a problem for me.. But no one else can be Thor and he should play this role until the end of time.

Tom Hiddelston’s Loki was, of course, perfection. Although he didnt have much to do. 

Cate Blanchett

Chewed the scenery every chance she had. Although not given a whole lot to do. She still made every scene count. She portrayed Hela Wonderfully. 

Jeff Goldblum’s The Grandmaster..

What can i say?.. Are we sure he wasnt just playing a spaced out version of himself? It was brilliant. He was such a delight to have on screen and in this universe. I cant wait to see Him and Del Toro together as The Collector and Grandmaster respectively. 

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyire

A breath of fresh air. Its nice to have another female ass kicker in the MCU. I want more of her. 

Mark Ruffelo’s HULK!

This.. THIS! Is the Hulk I’ve been waiting for! I loved every bit of this hulk! He touched my heart in such a way.. It was perfect! This is the hulk i was talking about wayy back when i wrote this article 👇


I loved what they did with The Hulk and Mark’s performance was fantastic. I cant wait for whats to come.

The biggest surprise out of this movie tho..

Director Taika Waititi’s performance as.. KORG

A giant Rock monster with the voice of the sweetest New Zealand man. “Hey Man!” “Hey New Doug” some of my most favorite lines. I’ve never loved Korg so much. He stole the show for me. 

THE POSITIVES: Great cast. Great characters. Good story. So much fun. The comedy was.. Perfect. So funny. Honestly, a very fun movie. The first Thor film is one of My favorites in the whole MCU.. Thor: Ragnarok has officially taken the place in front of that. The Kirby inspired universe was beautiful. The twist toward the end was.. Surprising to say the least. (I wont spoil that)

THE NEGATIVES: This Could be considered a spoiler.. But i must voice my opinion on this tho..

Hela.. Is NOT! The first born of Odin! She is not Thor and Loki’s sister.. That change to her character was completely unnecessary. So ridiculas. Hela was a great character in the movie. A good villain. Not given enough time.. At all.. She almost felt pointless. All of that power and it felt a little waisted. THIS… Is what they literally did with Hela..

It was a tad bit disappointing. Cate’s performance was Hela’s saving grace. They didnt give her enough screen time. I blame the tight run time. Unless thier saving her for future projects. But it was a bit of a waste. The only other negative i can think of, is the lack of emotional gravity at certain points. (SPOILER) ppl die in this movie.. Important ppl… And there is no emotional connection to it at all. Its boom. Boom. Boom. Dead, dead, dead, moving on! It didnt take me out of the movie at all. But it was noticable enough for me to be like.. Eh! Thats not nice.

OVERALL: Best Thor since the first one. Best Marvel film since.. Civil War.(?) Best Third Instalment of a series.. Since Civil War. (Maybe I’ll do an actual ranking for these movies soon)

THOR: RAGNAROK is a wonderful movie. Fun. Funny, and action packed. A definite Must See for any and all fans! I give THOR:RAGNAROK A score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8 out of 10. Just because its so much Fun. 

Please leave a comment below,or hit me up on social media. Let me know your thoughts. 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Hey there ladies and gentelnerds. Not too long ago there was yet more discussion about a solo BLACK WIDOW solo film. 

So.. Here’s my thought on how it should go.


Not necessarily an origin story. Flashbacks would be ok, as long as it serves the story. But it should take place a good number of years before her first apperance in “IRON MAN 2”

Roughly her 3rd – 4th year with SHIELD.


By far her oldest and closets friend. Hawkeye needs to be the guy that has her back. He doesn’t have to have any type of focus in the story, but he has to be a supporting character. 


As hinted at in “THE WINTER SOLDIER” in a convo between Widow and Cap.

She was tasked to protect or extract a scientist or something-or other. And Winter Soldier assassinates the target by shooting through her. 

Of course another “actual” “Main” villain should be in this movie. Perhaps another Black Widow thats working with hydra is trying to frame her or something.


A pinch of 007, a sprinkle of Bourne. Toss in some Mission Impossible in there, add a bad ass chick like Scarjo as BLACK WIDOW! Nuff Said..

Well.. Thats my BLACK WIDOW Movie. Whats yours? Leave a comment below. Or if its easier for you.. Hit me up on twitter. Thanks for reading.

Until next time folks.. Peace out!

WELCOME TO: “CREATORS CORNER” A one on one with Jennifer Reinfried creator of “A Grim Trilogy”

Welcome, Ladies and Gentelnerds, to my very first ever interview! 

Today we speak to author and Creator of “A Grim Trilogy” Jennifer Reinfried. 

Grim Ambition

 is the first book in “A Grim Trilogy”. It is a dark, exciting thriller in which we meet a superhero who is teetering on the edge of becoming a villain. The story follows the personal lives of the criminals that are attempting to take him down. Overshadowing it all is a menacing, complication that none of them are prepared to battle, which they face in the chaotic climax.

Grim Judgment 

begins during the aftermath, and we come across synthetic humans that were bred for war in an experiment that was shut down years prior. Few escaped, but those that did have extremely powerful abilities. With the lines between good and evil completely blurred, these people are forced to team up with their enemies to fight against someone whose terrifying powers could wipe out cities at a time in a devastating final battle that takes place in book three, Grim Vengeance. Which drops Dec. 2 2017..

Please, give a warm welcome to…. JENNIFER REINFRIED!

*band plays as Jennifer steps out from behind the curtains. Audiance cheers*

SP: Hello, How Are You?

JR: Fantastic! Thanks for having me!

SP- thank you, first off. for joining me in studio. Really appreciate it. This is my first actual interview.. Probably ever!

SP: Where did the inspiration for A Grim Trilogy come from?

JR: Well, I was actually watching an episode of Daredevil on Netflix. Absolutely love the show. I was, however, pretty mad they killed off my favorite character pretty early on, and it got me thinking about that person’s life and how it would have gone had he not been killed. Then I started thinking, “Why do superheroes always have to turn the criminals over to the cops? Why not just kill them to make sure they never get free and roam the streets again?” I started thinking about what something like that would do to a hero, how it would affect them, and Grim was born along with Alex, the main antagonist in Grim Ambition.

SP: what got you into writing? Who was your biggest inspiration?

JR: Actually, the first time I tried my hand at writing was Grim. I dabbled in a couple of short stories prior to it, but this was the first time I sat down with an idea that would span not only over a full book, but a full series. As far as inspirations, Stephen King is by far my biggest one. Something I love about his writing is how he always either ties in or at least mentions other characters from other books. I’m so impressed with that, in fact, that you’ll see a direct link between A Grim Trilogy and my following two novels. One is The Souls of the Lash, a Western thriller, and the other, to be released after that, is a military sci-fi thriller. If you read either of them on their own, they’ll make perfect sense, but if you’ve read A Grim Trilogy, you’ll get so, so much more out of the stories.

SP:what was your very first serious piece of writing?

JR: That would be something called Like An Animal, a short story I attempted to see if I could get published in a horror publication journal. Sadly, it didn’t get accepted, but I plan on releasing it in a collection of shorts that I’ll do after the Western and Sci-Fi are out.

SP: fav author?

JR: Joe Hill, hands down. A close second is Peter Clines.

SP: As a fellow writer.. We can sometimes create characters or concepts that we absolutely love.. Ik i do. I have my favorites.. What are your favorite creations? If you have any

JR: One word: BRUCE. Bruce is almost everyone’s favorite character in A Grim Trilogy. I feel like I not only developed him the best, but he also has a hilarious sense of humor. Another would be Alex, a villain that I felt was intense to write but also someone who showed true potential and change in his future, which was fun to watch develop. Outside of A Grim Trilogy it is without a doubt Harker from The Souls of the Lash. Actually, Etta, too. And Luke. Luke has Bruce’s hilarity times ten. Seriously, I can’t wait for The Souls of the Lash to come out, it’s so full of awesome characters!

SP: what was your creative process for A Grim Trilogy?

JR: I always, always, always write the ending first. It gives me the chance to make it as exciting and action-packed as I can, without my mind being bogged down with the stuff in between the start and finish. Then, I write any scenes that come to mind that are full of action, whether I end up using them or not. So fights, chases, near deaths, etc. I daydream. I daydream a LOT. And many of those daydreams have become scenes in my books. I’m able to put myself in each character’s shoes mentally and react to dialogue as I know they would if they were real, so often, I’m found talking to myself (which is really fun when the character I’m writing about has an accent, like Ivan Vance does … my husband is now just used to me cursing in Russian). Once I have a scene thought out enough, I sit down and write it all, as much as I can. 

I’ve tried outlines like many other writers use, but honestly, that just slows me down, and I’m much more prone to getting stuck. It’s easiest for me to just have at it, write everything out as much as I can, then put the parts together just like a puzzle, and finally, I fill in the gaps until I have the full novel.

SP: who, or, what is Grim? With out giving away spoilers

JR: Grim is Shawn (trust me, not a spoiler), a vigilante with superpowers which he uses to eliminate the criminals that were responsible for the death of his brother’s fiancee. Instead of bringing them to the law, though, he kills them, thinking that is the right thing to do. However, as the story goes along, he begins to wonder if it truly is.

SP:out of the trilogy. What was the most difficult part to do? And why?

JR: Publish. Well, and format for publishing. Honestly, writing is the easiest part! I also love the editing process, because I have a fantastic editor who makes it enjoyable every single time I have to revise or edit anything. But publishing is the most annoying. Oh, that, and formatting and publishing for Kindle. It is crazy how difficult that can be!

SP: what is your cure for writers block?

JR: Talking to my editor/beta readers about how the story is going and potential plot lines is seriously the only way I can overcome it, and it works every single time. Once I start discussing and brainstorming with other people, I get super excited and it immediately puts me back in the writing mood.

SP: tell us the journey from concept to publication.

JR: Basically, you start with an idea. Jot down some notes, name the characters, figure out the beginning, middle, and end of your novel. It might not be the same start to finish by the time you’re done, but you need some basic idea of where you want it all to go. Then you write everything out. Put everything together. Once you have a first draft completed, you want what is called beta readers (it’s also helpful to have an alpha) who read through it for content to let you know if everything is good, if it flows well, and so on. They can go through multiple times if you’d like, reading changes you make after their first pass, and pointing out any flaws. Once that’s done, it’s time to send it to an editor. That process can take a long time, as there’s a lot of back and forth going on. Discussion of revisions, grammar edits, holes in the plot, etc. After the editing process, if you have a manuscript you are happy with, you can either decide to pitch agents or publish on your own. It is also wise to promote the hell out of your book from beginning to end. Make sure you have a website up and running even before you start writing, if possible. The more you get your brand out there, the bigger following you will have when your book is released.

SP: what is your advice for other aspiring writers, like myself?

JR: Do NOT give up. You have something important, something huge: a story to tell. And you have the ability to tell it. Do whatever it takes to keep going, but do NOT get discouraged. Yes, writer’s block happens, regardless of what others may say. But it is something you can overcome, something you can defeat. Do not let it get the best of you, and KEEP GOING.

SP: stuck on a deserted island. Out of your character list.. Who’s with you? Why? And what 3 things are with you that you couldnt be without?


There is no way you can be in any situation and actually regret hanging out with Bruce. Trust me. A close second is Luke from my Western thriller The Souls of the Lash because he’s handsome and hilarious. 

     Three things? Do books as a plural count as one thing? Haha! Well, I couldn’t ever be without books, but honestly, I think my computer (there’s gonna be WiFi, right?) so I can continue to write book after book after book. That and tacos. And puppies!

SP:if you could write for any comic company. Image, dark horse, dc, marvel, dynamite, valiant, Idw… Who would it be and why?

JR: I’m a huge DC fan, but I’d love to write some Marvel stories. I love their characters and how things develop in their comics.

SP: is there a popular character out today, or a fav of yours that you have ideas for. That you would love to write about?

JR: I’d really enjoy exploring a new background for the Penguin and Scarecrow. Those are two of my favorite villains, and I greatly respect and adore Robin Lord Taylor’s version of Cobblepot in Gotham.

SP: whats next for Grim?

JR: After Grim Vengeance comes out (the final Grim book), I also have plans to make an RPG (which I’ve already play tested … it’s super fun!) as well as graphic novels. I also have a plan to release a children’s book here and there with the characters in Grim as kids dealing with every day issues kids have (fighting over a toy, bullies, etc). And yes, it actually will be safe for kids to read!

SP: whats next for you?

JR: The final Grim book, Grim Vengeance, comes out on December 2nd, 2017. After that I’m actually releasing my Western thriller, The Souls of the Lash, which may or may not do what Stephen King does and directly ties into the Grim universe…but you can read it perfectly fine without having read any Grim. After that, a military sci-fi thriller that yep, also ties in directly with the Western AND Grim. After that, though, I’ll be releasing a haunted house book and a few other horror novels. I’m also planning a short story collection!

SP: Where can the fine folks reading this find you on social media?

JR: They can follow me on Twitter using @ChirpyJen (I need more followers!) and on Facebook. The Grim page is: https://www.facebook.com/agrimtrilogy/ and my personal author page is https://www.facebook.com/ReinfriedBooks/

SP: and where can folks find your works? Where can they find Grim?

JR: There’s some AWESOME artwork for Grim at its site agrimtrilogy.com where you can also buy autographed copies of my books. To keep up on books outside of the Grim universe that I have planned, visit www.reinfriedbooks.com!

Sp- i think thats all the time we have.. Bummer. Thank you so very very much for joining me and popping my interview cherry. Do you have any parting words for the readers? 

JR- *To quote my favorite movie, “Never give up. Never surrender.” Seriously, the hard work is so, so worth it. Oh, and if you have read any of my books, it helps me more than anything else to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! If there aren’t a lot of reviews, the sites “bury” the book and people don’t get to see it unless they directly search for it, but the more reviews there are, the more visibility I get, which is the best thing to have on those sites!*