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Greetings Ladies and Gentelnerds! “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS” is back.. Today’s movie?..

Ok.. Here. We. Go!

THE STORY: “Several months after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City while fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.” 

I thought the story was a great story. The plot was surprisingly strong. I dont know who can get more credit when it comes to the story. Marvel or Sony. There are some elements that can point to where a Marvel idea was put in and where a Sony idea was put in. There are.. Element problems with the story (I’ll get to that later) But over all, a very good story.


By far the best cast in a Spider-Man film. Ever! The two stand outs.. Tom Holland and Michael Keaton! Keaton actually was.. A god send for this film.

 If he was not in this movie, as this character.. This would have been a completley different movie. I honestly believe he was the backbone of the movie. Tom was a fantastic Peter Parker and a very good Spider-Man.

 With room to grow as that part of the character. Robert Downey jr. Was RDJ. What more can i say about him that hasn’t been said already. Morisa Tomai is a great version of Aunt May. They play up the idea of her being the ‘Hot Aunt’ very well. Zandaya

 was a bright spot every time she was on screen. The other members of the supporting cast was good.

 Very talented actors and actresses, played their parts perfectly. 


Keaton. Keaton. Keaton. Keaton! I’ve never loved The Vulture, until now. He gave that character such.. Life. Such flavor. Such a soul! I rank Vulture just behind The Kingpin in the list of best Marvel Villans, 

1: Loki

2: Kingpin

3: Vulture


5:Red Skull

6: Zemo

Thats my list.. 

Tom Holland..

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Couldnt have asked for a more perfect Parker. With the added benefit of his Spider-Man of being able to grow and become the best Spider-Man since Maguire. Zandaya was great. The story. The characters. Although we never got this version of The Shocker.. (Spoiler?!)

The version we did get..

Was both interesting and fun! 

Donald Glovers cameo..

Maybe a spoiler.. But heres a hint..

Very interesting. 

The use of comedy was well played. It wasn’t a full blown comedy but there was a lot of comedic moments, all of them used appropriately.

And lastly.. The Twist with Vulture..

Very, very well played. Saw it coming at the moment it was coming.. But very well done and very well executed. 


Ned made me miss Harry Osborne. Not a knock on the actor. He was good. Just did not like the character. Annoying in my opinion. Used very well at the right times. But just.. Did not sit well with me. Maybe in the sequel? Hopefully I’ll get used to him.  Flash Thompson.. Not my Flash, but.. Okay, I’ll go with it. Diversity for the sake of diversity, isn’t always the best thing in my opinion. I could appreciate the freshness of this new Flash Thompson.. Just.. Idk.. Not what im used too, not what i was hoping for. But, I’m gonna go with it. And no.. It is not because of the race of the actor nor the look of the actor. It was the characteristics and the way he was presented that didn’t grab me. He could have at least bulked up or something. Do some pushups kid.  The “Other Twist”?… Fuck You! Reminded me of the shit Nolan pulled in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Did not appreciate that and it stunk of Sony’s handiwork. A lot of the things i didnt like, felt like things Sony shoved in. I could be wrong, I dont know what was added by whom, but it just felt like things that were not necessary, was Sony’s doing. Spider-man was soo damn clumsy! I have never seen such a clumsy version of spidey, ever, in my whole life. I hated that. He seemed more comfortable in Civil War, taking on other superheroes, then he did swinging through the city. It was weird. Granted. I understand the fact that this is a 15 year old kid, and they are trying something different and new.. But damn! It was like watching George of The Jungle “Watch out for that tree!” Lastley, he seemed.. De-powered. Did not like that. He seemed slower for no apparent reason. I saw a severe lack of Spider-Sense. Like as if he didn’t have it. Hope they change that.


The best Spider-Man film since, Spider-Man 2! A great time at the movies. A worthy addition to the MCU. A great movie. Not without its flaws, but what movie doesn’t have some of those. Also, be sure to stick around for both After credits scenes.. Totaly worth it! (πŸ˜‰πŸ˜)

I give “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING” a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 6/10. Absolutely Great! A must see!

Let me know your thoughts folks. What did you like, what didn’t you Like. Hit me up. Comment below. Please like and follow! Much appreciate you reading..

Until next time folks.. Peace out!


“MARVEL’S ‘INHUMANS’ OFFICIAL TRAILER!!” (yea.. I know im late)

Greetings ladies and gentelnerds! As it states in the title… Im late! But.. Better late then never.

We got those really awesome posters before we got the trailer. 

And now here’s the trailer..

LOCKJAW!!! omg! I am liking this! Cant wait to see this.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Greetings! Ladies and Gentelnerds,

Early yesterday afternoon Marvel and Marvel Studios released the first official poster (and official release date) for next years…

Feb 16, 2018 The King Takes his throne.

With the drop of the poster, word was put out that a teaser trailer would drop later that night.

So, during some sporting event of non importance.. This!.. Awesome tease for the film was released… In Case You Missed It.. Here you go..

Wakanda looks beautiful. And just by looking at most of the promotional concept art of the film, 

And looking at the trailer.. This is going to be a beautiful looking movie. I think Black Panther is going to leave a lasting mark on the MCU.

Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER, starring Chadwick Boesman opens next year, Feb 16. 

I for one am so fucking hyped!! This was an excellent teaser! What did you folks think? Leave a comment below!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!

THIS JUST IN! Get Ready To Ragna-Rock And Roll With Our First Offical Tease Of “THOR: RAGNAROK”

TGIMM! Thank God It’s Marvel Monday!

Earlier this afternoon (eastern satndard time) Marvel Studios and Disney released our first official teaser trailer for the upcoming “THOR:RAGNAROK” and a new Movie Poster 

in case you missed it, or haven’t seen it yet.. Here you go, 

Oh My God! How epic was that?! 

Hela! She looks absolutely badass! 

Gladiator Hulk looks straight out of the comics! (side note: The cgi doesnt look 100%. Could just be me.. It looks 85-90%. But this is the first teaser and the movie doesnt come out for another, 6-7 Months. Plenty of time to clean it up) 

Im stoked. So fucking hyped for this movie. I want it now! 

Thor: Ragnarok opens Novemeber 3, 2017. 


Wasabi, Ladies and Gentelnerds! Its been awhile since I’ve done a Movie Review Blog. And Oh Boy, what a Movie I got for you folks. 

MARVEL STUDIOS’ 14th entry in to the MCU.. “DR. STRANGE” 

THE STORY: “When renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange is injured in a Car Accident he is robed of the use of his hands. Desperate to regain his former life, he searches for a way to fix his hands. When he discovers a patients remarkable recovery, he is set on a path that will change his life and shape his destiny forever.”

Dr. Strange was.. Fantastic! A true breath of fresh air for the MCU. The action was good. The story was great. The special effects was trippy as hell! The Humor was well placed and used perfectly. Everything about it was Top Notch. 

THE CAST: Was excellent in every way. Everyone played their role perfectly. Benedict Cummberbatch, 

 The clear stand out as the Good Dictor Himself. His ability to portray someone who is so arrogant and self absorbed, so likable, was an amazing feat in my eyes. Strange could come off as an unlikable character, but in Benedict’s hands he came off more as a flawed individual with an over inflated ego. The supporting cast was brilliant. Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One 

was very pleasant. Chewitel as Mordo 

was a refreshing version of the character and Benedict Wong’s..

Wong, was a true delight.
A special shout out to an unsung cast member who really pulled his weight around and stole every scene he was in..

The Cloak Of Levitation, deserves an Acadamy Award. (You’ll see.. No spoilers remember?)

THE POSITIVES: The Humor, so much fun. The Special Effects, Mind bending. The Easter Eggs nerdgasm inducing. The final Battle.. Spellbinding! Very well done. Every aspect of this movie is great for multiple veiwings. 

THE NEGATIVES: This was a Little difficult for me.. First viewing, saw nothing wrong. 3rd viewing.. Eh.. Im gonna nit pick these.. Rachel Mcadams.. Beautiful. Served her purpose for the film and the story.. But slightly waisted. The villain.. There is a Big Bad in this movie. One that is used to great effect. But Mads Mickelsons Villain character was just.. Threatening. Not overwhelming.. Just a threat. What he did was cool and fun.. But, unimportant. Which Marvel gets a lot of heat for. Which is their lack of compeling villains. I would let Strange slide, because it isnt really about the villain.. Its about Strange, and how he deals with the threat. It is very clearly, Dr. Strange’s story. Would have liked a grander battle at the end with THE BIG BAD (SPOILER) But, the way he is used and dealt with, is very much a Dr. Strange way of dealing with the situation. So its not really a negative. 

Lastly.. I believe the story tellers left out a very Key factor in Strange’s back story. And i think that should have been present. Perhaps they may save it for the sequel. 

OVERALL: Fantastic! Absoulouly brilliant. While it is No “CIVIL WAR” it is a great movie and ranks very high on my MCU list of greatness! Just below GUARDIANS, but just above ANTMAN. 

DR. STRANGE is a movie worth watching on the big screen. I recommend multiple viewings just so you can catch what you may have missed before. My 3rd viewing i spot Mindless Ones, where as i didnt notice them before. Great Acting, beautiful visuals and truly a whole lot of fun.. I give Marvel’s “DR. STRANGE” a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8/10! (QUICK NOTE: THERE ARE 2 AFTER CREDIT SCENES! SO STICK AROUND AFTER THE CREDITS)

If you have seen Dr. Strange, please let me know your thoughts.. But..

Until next time folks… Peace Out!


As usual, I am very fashionably late to the rumor mill party.. But! Whateves..

So, it was discussed awhile back that Daryle himself, Norman Reedus, of “The Walking Dead” had expressed intrest in joing the MCU as a very particular character.. IE: The Spirit Of Vengence, GHOST RIDER!


Ill make this quick.. SURE! Why not. He’s a great character actor. He can look the part. This notion however does draw two ‘worries’ per say.. One: IF, Marvel was to go forward with a Ghost Rider project, which GR would they go with? Johnny Blaze is done, thanks to Nic Cage.


And there have been a couple of new Ghost Riders that were published in the books in recent years.. But the clear choice would be, Danny Ketch!


Probably the best Ghost Rider of the bunch, in my opinion. Concern TWO: What would such a project mean to Norman’s role on THE WALKING DEAD?! It’s not a strange occurrence for an actor to be on two shows or projects at the same time. Does Norman’s interest in jumping ship, mean that his time on TWD is nearing an end? (Is Daryel Neegans first victim?) Or perhaps he simply seeks a small dream project during an upcoming offseason of filming TWD. We will have to wait and see on that.

Norman would be a great choice either way. It’ll be fun to see Ghost Rider back on the big screen or small screen and done properly. To have someone as relatable as Norman in the role would be an added bonus.

So, if not Norman, who would you folks cast as Ghost Rider? Let me know in the comments below! Thx for reading.

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds. I’m gonna make this quick, cause this is just pure fantasy I’m about to write here…

I just Re-Read, “THOR” Vol 1, By J. Michael Straczynski. Which sees Thor return from the dead, along with all of Asgard after “Ragnarok” had come to pass and wiped them away. Thor returned shortly after the events of the ‘Super-Human Registration Act’ and the Heroes ‘Civil War’ (and Captain America’s Death? If I’m not mistaken)

In the Third issue, Iron Man visits Thor and informs him of the whole ‘New World Order’.. And how things have changed. Well.. Lets just say.. Thor wasnt too happy,

image image

In probably the best Exchange between two comic characters ever! THOR.. Fucked him up!

So, what does this have to do with “Avengers: Infinity War” You ask?!

Well.. With Thor dieing at the end of ‘Ragnarok’ (Fingers crossed) Infinity War HAS to be the film in which he returns! Which means The Sokovian Accords and the world ‘Civil War’ has created, would have to be a prominent environment for the films to come. Which would be a very strange world for a newly revived Thor!

We’ve seen Thor and Iron Man duke it out before, in “Avengers”


I just think it would be pretty Epic Β to see Thor really cut loose and see this particular Battle come to life on screen.

So tell me.. What Single Comic Moment, Would YOU like to see come to life. That we Haven’t seen yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Thx for reading.. BYE!