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Sooo.. As we all have heard and well know by now. Disney has decided to pull its massive disney D!€Ω, out of Netflix and go solo with its own streaming app, at the very end of 2018. 

That means. All Disney products, Pixar, Disney Animation, ABC productions, ESPN Programing (ie: 30 for 30), Movies (live action and animated) Disney Channel Shows, everything and anything associated with that freaking Mouse is leaving Netflix and being streamed exclusively on their new (as of yet un-named) App. 

Now, what does this mean for the “Netflix Exclusive” Marvel Shows? 

Well… Although Marvel is under the Disney Banner, The contract Netflix has with Marvel and those exclusive shows lasts just a bit longer then the end of 2018.. Probably another year or so more. However, at this moment (to public knowledge) Netlfix is currently speaking with Disney on extending the contract for Marvel Brand titles, and Star Wars Titles. 

(Which makes sense, seeing that those could be the most viewed programming at the moment.) 

So for the time being, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Defenders, The Punisher are still going to be available on Netflix for the forseeable future. IF! No extension is granted to Netflix by disney for these properties.. Be prepared to see them slowly bleed away to the Disney App.


Prior to Disney’s announcement to part ways with Netflix. Netflix itself, reported thier very first outside acquisition. MILLARWORLD Publication. 

Mark Millar’s Comic Publication 

which includes the titles WANTED,






and many more.

That means, We can expect brand new original content coming To Netflix in the coming months and years. Based off of these many titles. On the flipside of that coin though..

WANTED, KINGSMEN and (probably) KICKASS are still licensed by other studios and companies.. So until those licenses run out or Netflix makes a deal for them.. We wont be seeing those exact titles anytine soon. BUT! Nemesis is one title i have been most interested in seeing come to life. Its like, What If Batman, took all those skills, all that money, and all that intelligence and became the foremost badass super criminal/terrorist the world has ever known. So, i am looking forward to that. 

That being said, it’s not all bad that Disney is leaving in another year and a half from now. Im sure both companies can still find away to do successful business together. Millarworld is a very nice and exciting consultation prize. Millar has crafted a series of wonderfully written masterworks. Very suitable for live action translations. I am very certain, that everything will turn out for the Best for everyone involved.

But! What do YOU folks think?! leave a comment. A LIKE. Subscribe/Follow! And thx so much for reading!

Until next time folks… Peace Out!


To this day ‘CONEHEADS’ is one of my most favorite SNL sketches turned Movie out of the several that we have had. (‘Night at The Ruxberry’ being another absolute fav)

I cant recall if any actual talks of a sequel have ever happened. But Now would be a great opprotunity for Dan Aykroyd and Co. To take advantage. 

“How would a ConeHeads 2 go?” You ask.. HERE’S HOW!

Beldar (Aykroyd) and Family are flourishing. Things have been going great. But, In this new day and age Beldar finds himself still struggling to fit in with Earth and its modern times. Add his new found role as a Grandfather to his millennial Grandkids, things get tougher. 
Start the film in 2016, right at the offset of the presidential election.. Beldar votes for Trump (que puns and jokes there) and boom..

Trump is elected and immigration is of course his first agenda. 

I would have Alec Baldwin play Trump in this, because, lets face it.. He’s awesome!

And it would be hilarious. Someone Trump hires finds out that Beldar and his family are not legal immagrints and that their records were falsified back in ’93. Also include that the Emporor of the coneheads discovers that Beldar deceived them and a full scale invasion ensues. 

The rest writes itself. With the current political and social climate of today. A Coneheads 2 could take on those issues in a clever and hilarious way. It doesnt have to be preachy or anything.. But it could lighten things up a bit! Poke a little fun at america at its current state.

With Chris Farley long gone. (Sadley) 

I would cast Josh Gad 

As the husband to Connie Conehead. 

Bring back a lot of the original cast. Including Sinbad and David Spade, and keep the budget to a 10 to 15 million.. Heck! It can go straight to Netflix if they want to. That would be just as cool. And they could have a massive comedy hit!

Anywho.. Thats just my thoughts on the matter.. 

HEY! Mr. Aykroyd.. Get started on this PLEASE!! 

Until Next time folks.. Peace Out!

NETFLIX AND CHILL: Binge Watching ‘Marvel’s: IRON FIST’ (Season 1 Review) 

Greetings Ladies and Gentelnerds! Welcome to a new instalment of “Netflix and Chill” After a very long wait, we finally got our Last Defender. 

Marvel/Netflix launched “IRON FIST” This week and I’ve just completed my 3 day bingefest. (I do have a job so.. Thats how i binge. 3 episode’s a night got it done.) 

THE STORY: After being thought long dead, Danny Rand returns to his Home in New York and his Buisness, ‘Rand Enterprise’. Now a skilled master of Kung Fu and the Newly minted Iron Fist, Danny must battle the evil Hand that infiltrated his families company from the inside. 

The Story is not, oddly enough, the strongest thing about this show. Yet, somehow, everyone made it work. The characters and the actors that portrayed them, made it all work. Most of the Subplots helped make things a little more interesting. For example, While Danny was trying to sue for the rights to his company, Colleen’s cage fighting story was more intresting and intriguing. The storytelling had its ups and downs. Not completely solid. But there are several moments that keep you glued in for the next episode. 

THE CAST: A great cast! Seriously. The cast was great. Everyone played thier parts peefectly. Characters such as Ward and Joy Mechum could have easily been a pair of Karen Page’s. Characters that could have easily been annoying and uninteresting, But the actors made them work and i actually gave a crap about them. Jennifer Hendwick’s Colleen Wing was a saving grace for most of the episodes. Rosario Dawson’s Claire aka Night Nurse.. Pointless. But, whatever! She was necessary in the fact that they needed to tie everything together. But overall, a great and solod cast.


Unlike the other Netflix shows, Iron Fist’s story is very linear and straight forward. It doesnt take a break for any actual unnecessary plot detours. The subplots tie in with the main story nicely. Again, The Colleen Wing character was a huge bright spot for the show. The action was great and well choreographed. Finn Jones was a great Danny Rand. 


The actual ‘Iron Fist’ is way too under utilised. When you calim to be as skilled as Danny Does, You should be smart enough to use the fist any and at all times. (Mental Note: This version of Danny Rand is still a noob at the whole, Being an ‘Iron Fist’ thing, that one can let the show slide for the way the character behaves and fights.) Speaking of the Iron Fist, he should have been able to use more then the one hand. Granted, he himself claims he had not completed his training with the Iron Fist. So he is still unaware of all that he can do with it. But its something that they should have included in the story. The Fights, as well choreographed as they were, The editing did not help. At this point.. Daredevil seems like a more capable fighter then Danny Rand. The directing and editing of the fights took too much away from what was going on. I feel, personally, The people behind Iron Fist should have contacted or used the same fight choreographers of Daredevil season 2 in combination with their own team, to put together much better Fights. They put too much time and focus on the “I am Danny Rand” part of the story. That ‘Mystery’ could have been solved in a lot less episodes. They put too much time into that. Not giving us a better look in to Danny’s life in Kunn’ Lun with Proper flashbacks was a missed opprotunity. Claire Temple.. Two too many episodes. No offence, i understand her importance to the Defenders, but she was there for too long in my opinion.

(THEORY: Claire will be to THE DEFENDERS, what Agent Coulson was to THE AVENGERS. Thats right! Im calling it from now. That one thread that tied all the Netflix shows and the Defenders together. Will die and that will be the catalyst that really unites the Defenders together.. There.. I said it!) 

Final Negative. Iron Fist suffers as the others did.. A somewhat weak end. Non of the shows have had a strong close to the end of thier season like Daredevil season 1 did. DD season 2, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all suffer from weak to unimpressive finishes. Despite having such a great run.

OVERALL: Marvel/Netflix do it again. Solid performances and a solid, straight forward storyline and great action helps Iron Fist push it to being one of the best shows in the lot. Nothing will ever top DD seasons 1&2. But Iron Fist comes pretty close. I give MARVEL’S IRON FIST season 1 a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 71/2 out of 10. A Must Binge!  

Have you folks completed your viewing of Iron Fist? What are your thoughts?

Until Next time folks.. Peace out!

“REALLY LATE GEEK NEWS”: ‘Marvel’s INHUMANS Becoming TV Series!’ 

As the title states.. This is really late geek news! 

Not long ago, Marvel had announced that the planned Imhumans film would instead be a TV series. With a limited imax film release that would then be followed by an 8 episode miniseries run on ABC. 

Also announced, although more recently, The Inhumans showrunner will be current Marvel/Netflix’s IRON FIST showrunner Scott Buck.

My feelings?: Dissapointed that we wont get The Inhumans as an actual straight forward Movie. But.. If you think about it. Its probably for the best. Agents of Shield gave us a lot of information on the Inhumans over the past couple of years. But its all been just the tip of the Iceberg. The Inhuman Royal Family storyline runs a whole lot deeper then a single movie could tell. I think an extended run on the small screen would be better suited for them. And as long as we fans tune in.. Maybe We will get more then 8 episodes. I for one, am very hopeful for The Inhuman’s future. 

What do you folks think? Are you excited for this new turn for The Inhumans? Hit me up and let me know. Thx so much for reading.

Until next time folks.. Peace out.


MY GOD! Marvel/Netflix does it again!

Luke Cage was amazing. From start to finish. The acting was top notch. Harlem felt like a character and was well represented. They did a lot of things right, and some things wrong.. But we’ll get to that later. 

(SPOILERS AHEAD.. youve been warned.)

THE STORY: “Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.”

  When a group of Young thugs look to get rich quick and rob Harlem Ganster Cottonmouth of his Hammertech weapons. Luke Cage is dragged in to center stage to stand up to the crime that is choking Harlem from the inside out. Forcing him to come to terms with Who He is. Who He was and Who He will be. 

The story is not the Strongest story ever. But for what it was representing, It served its purpose. The plot itself isnt what makes you want to come back for each and every episode.. Its the characters.

THE CAST: The cast of actors and the characters they portrayed was the absolute best thing about Luke Cage. 

Mike Colter first and foremost. Taking what he did in Jessica Jones and expanding on it ten-fold, Mike was phenomenal. He carried the character with such sincerity and pride. During filming of the show, The African American community was dealing with a lot of social issues. Which translated very well with the show, all thanks to Mike’s Luke Cage. It was perfect. 

Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth was brilliant to say the least. Many would shrug The character off because of the lack of physical threat he poses to Luke. But! I found the character to be very intriguing. He had depth, he had flaws. He had character. I put him at the same level as Wilson Fisk.. Or at least one step below. But he comes very close. 

Rosario Dawson returns as Claire (aka: Night Nurse) not only as a Thread for the Netflix Universe, But as a good supporting character. It was great seeing a familiar face. She served her purpose very well. I was however a tad bit disappointed with how she was utilized within the show. I’ll get to that later.

Theo Rossi as Shades. A great actor who portrayed the character very well. I enjoyed his presence on screen. I look forward to his future in season 2. 

Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dallard. Alfre is pure acting talent. She is a force of nature. She plays Mariah with full conviction. However.. The writing for the character wasnt the best.. But Alfre did the best with what she was given and took it to the end zone. (more on her later.) 

Simone Cook as Misty Knight was brilliant. I liked every minute of her on screen. Again, the script didnt help much. But Simone got the job done. And i got really hyped when they showed her at the end with Her full on Fro like in the comics. I hope she keeps it for season 2!

The Biggest surprise out of Luke Cage was this man right here.. Erik LaRay Harvey as Willis Stryker aka: Diamondback. Coming in toward the end of the series. He completely stole the show.. He took the role and devoured it with such vigor. They left a huge cliff hanger at the end of the season with Diamondback, so I hope they bring him back and use him even more and a little more better. He was great. 

THE POSITIVES: Again. The acting was the best thing about the show. Strong cast on all fronts. The great easter eggs and nods to the entire MCU was so much fun. The action was well done. 

THE NEGATIVES: The script. Its not very strong. The events within were the stories saving grace. (Entering Major Spoilers Territory) The Death of Cottonmouth was by far the worst thing they could do. He had become a great villain and a compelling character, and they had his cousin Mariah (Alfre Woodard) kill him during a huge mental breakdown. Therefore replacing him as the ‘villain’ of the show behind Diamondback. I felt they didnt properly give her enough character to be of importance. She felt very one dimensional. Her corrupt polotician was very one note throughout her story arc. So her transition to main villain was a little disappointing for me. Diamondback was a very good villain towards the end. But the show runners plan to hide him until the end was an ok idea.. But hidding him for so long kinda backfired, at least for me. They could have at least teased a little more of him besides his name every so often. A voice over a phone or a shadowed apperance here or there. Something to fully implant his presence more. But maybe thats just me. Lastly, why are they using Claire as a love interest in this show? She would have been just as fine as the friend. Luke and Misty Knight would have been a fine romance. Why force the Claire angle? Whatever.. Just didnt like that too much. 

OVERALL: With elements of Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones season 1 add some very soulful R&B tracks and a Badass hero with compelling characters and you got yourself a recipe of awesomeness! I loved Luke Cage, flaws and all. I give Marvel’s LUKE CAGE season 1 a score of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 a Must Binge! 

So, what did you folks think of Luke Cage? Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out! 


NYCC 2016 gave us our very first real look at Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming “IRON FIST” lets take a look, shall we…

MARCH?! MARCH?! Seriously?? Dang Nabbit! Why cant they just start now? 

Oh right.. Quick Review.. 

This looks awesome as usual. I have absolutely no worries about this show. And OMG! he had the tatto on his chest! He. Had. The. Tattoo! And Madame Gao was there too.. 

Thats all i got folks.. Until next time, Peace Out! 


The latest trailer to Marvel and Netflix’s Original Series “LUKE CAGE” dropped.. Uhm.. Late yesterday/early today? Whatever.. It dropped!
Lets take a look.. 

“SWEET CHRISTMAS!” Did you see the head band and and wrist bands!? Deep cuts awesomeness right there. He even had a small fro. 

Oh yea.. Im supposed to give review.. FUCKING AWESOME! Everything about this trailer makes me wanna watch this show right now! Cottonmouth looks like hes set up to be the Kingpin of Harlem.

Clare moved from Hell’s Kitchen to Harlem now. Dont know how long shes set to be in the show. But it looks like shes getting a lot of screen time. I hope we get at least one Jessica Jones cameo.. Or a Danny Rand cameo. Heck, i wanna see Foggy make an apperance! The end of the trailer has a reporter asking for his name. I want him to take off his hood and say, “My name is Luke Cage.. And im a Hero For Hire” (pure fanboy wishing.. But it would be so cool if he does)
“LUKE CAGE” Is looking to be yet another huge hit for Marvel and Netflix. 

“MARVEL’S: LUKE CAGE” Starts streaming September 30th.. And i cant wait!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!