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Ok folks.. Im thinking this will be the final installment in this special edition “My Thoughts On.. Sand Diego Comic Con 2017”

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at “AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR”

Well… What can be said about the Infinity War presentation?.. Not much honestly. They showed the same trailer from D23 at Comic Con. Still no official release from Marvel or Marvel Studios. Although a leaked camera phone quality version is available online. Its not bad.. But, WTF Marvel?! Whats the hold up?! 

Besides that. As I am slowly writing this article, News was announced that Brolin’s Thanos will return for the as of yet “Untitled” Avengers 4. 

Some folks still believe that perhaps Infinity War will be a one and done thing. But i honestly believe that Avengers 4, will be ‘Infinity Gauntlet’.


Infinity ‘WAR’ will be most likely the “War” for the Stones themselves. In the teaser trailer that was leaked. Thanos (spoilers) only possesses The Tesserect (space stone) Allowing him to travel from point A to point B. Im pretty sure they show a devestated Collectors vault, which Means he may also have The Ether (reality Stone). I believe there was probably a shot of a wrecked Nova Corp. So perhaps the power stone will be in play as well.. 

This whole film will be the formation of the Gauntlet.. The battle for the stones. 

By the end of it all.. Thanos will raise his completed Gauntlet and.. Then..

“To Be Continued..”

Thats how Infinity War will end. At least thats how it should end.

Well.. I think that will just about do it for this special series.. Thank you all for reading.. Please leave a like, follow, comment. 

Until next time folks… Peace Out!



Hello, Ladies and Gentelnerds and welcome to Prt. 2 of my special edition segment of “My Thoughts On..” Todays Topic? 


Now.. When i had first heard word of this.. My eyes went straight up Undertaker on me

Like.. “Really?! He’s STILL talking about doing a reboot? And he wants to direct it?! IF it does happen, its gonna be like what…a 5 hour movie?” I had very little faith in the report when i first heard it. Very little faith in Todd’s ability as a director. I just saw it as another Comic Con of him saying “Im gonna do it. Its gonna be great. I have a 500 page script ready to go. Its gonna be great!” the same thing he has been saying for many years now..

BUT! Then i dug a little deeper in to the story. Turns out, Jason Blum 

founder and creator of BlumHouse Productions

The studio behind such films as..

And much more recent and highly acclaimed films such as..




Has joined with McFarlane to produce a R-Rated, modestly budgeted reboot of SPAWN! 

The last time Spawn was seen on the big screen was (as of now) 20 years ago with Micheal Jai White in the starring role 

With John Leguizamo co starring as The Clown/Violator 

It was.. 1996-97.. I recently rewatched it on Netflix. The CGI, does not hold up at all! 

Not in the slightest. The acting is.. C-grade at best. The action, is so-so. I was a kid when this came out and it will always hold a place in my heart. But it is time for an upgrade. 

Spawn did have a very successful run on HBO with 3 seasons of an Animated Series.

If the new film is even remotely close to the darkness of the series, then they just may have a real winner.

But what really caught my attention, and actiually made me jump on board with Todd and this Spawn reboot.. Was Todd himself.. 

When the announcement was madeb Todd spoke with Collider  Video and Steve ‘Frosty’ Wientraub. (Video link will be at the end of this article… Dont you DARE skip ahead!.. Im almost finished..)

His thoughts and views on where he wants to take this movie and this story. How he plans to approach it. And his explinations as to why it took so long.. It sold me. He got me on board with this movie. I hope it turns out great. 

HOWEVER! One thing that does concern me.. Todd stated that Sam and Twitch (mainly Sam) would feature heavily in the story. Which makes me wonder, what and how will this effect Kevin Smith’s ‘Sam and Twitch’ BBC Series? 

Will they be completley seperating the two? Will it be connected? Im just curious. 

What also excites me is, If this Spawn is successful. Blumhouse and Image could look in to an extended universe. Wicthblade? 

The Darkness? 

Hell! I want a fucking Haunt movie too!

So, here’s hoping Todd and Blumhouse are successful. Im excited. What do you folks think? Hit me up! 

Heres that video i promised..

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!

SPECIAL EDITION: My Thoughts On.. “SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2017” prt. 1

Greetings ladies and Gentelnerds, and welcome to a very special edition of “MY THOUGHTS ON..” that little article i do from time to time expressing my various thoughts and, sometimes, speculations on certain topics.

This series will focus on the news and stories that cane out this past San Diego Comic Con International 2017. Instead of a straight forward review on the event as a whole. I decided to break it up into parts to focus on a single topic at one time.

This first part i want to talk about the freshest thing on my mind at the moment, and that is..

It was a pretty quick presentation by Kevin Fiege, with not much pizzazz put into it. The film is very much in its early stages. But we did get very cool concept art reveals. Such as,


With a much clearer look at what Brie Larson would look like in the suit and what the suit would look like. Its very much a piece for piece recreation of the suit Carol Danvers wears in the comics today, without the scarf tied around the waist. It looks like it would be a beautiful thing to see on screen


Honestly. We don’t know a damn thing about the actual plot. But what Fiege DID say, was that Captain Marvel will take place during the 90’s. Well before the events of the first IRON MAN. And co-starring with Larson will be her ‘KONG’ co star, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

(Speculation mode: activate)

Perhaps we will see just exactly how Fury lost his eye, 

‘Them ain’t no normal scars there broski!’

Also! Since this film will take place in the 90’s. Perhaps we will get a nice cameo of (Now Former) Head of S.H.I.E.L.D (Now Former) Hydra Operative- Donald Pierce?

Played Masterfully by Robert Redford in “CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER”

It would be really cool and would tie in to the rest of the already established universe. What’s also a plus, is that they wont have to use that fancy reverse ageing tech on Sam Jackson, brother hasn’t aged since “The Negotiator”


The Skrulls!!! 

Hell fucking yeah!!

Probably the most comic to screen accurate translation I’ve ever seen. They look so damn bad ass! 

If we look close at the promotional art released at Comic Con, 

Carol Danvers is going to battle not only Skrulls, but also, 

Kree Sentry’s or Soldiers, if you will. 

Something i found very interesting. 

It would appear that this story would put Carol smack dab in the middle of the Kree/Skrull war! Very exciting amd very interesting. There is still so much to anticipate to come from this movie.. Casting, Directing, plot.. Im so excited. 

(BRAIN FART: what if this movie also introduces us to.. Richard Rider, aka NOVA!? 

As powerful as Captain Marvel Is.. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if she does get a little help taking on the Kree/Skrull’s.. Its just a thought..)

Many are quick to asssume that this will mean that a Skrull ‘Secret Invasion’ story line will be Avengers 4… My thoughts on that!?… Will have to wait for another time, in another blog.

But thats all i got in me for this one! Thank you so much for reading, please leave a like. Share with your friends, your family, your mail person. Your neighbors, even that wierd guy that sits outside smoking a cigarette as he watches you take out Your trash, and then gives you that weird nod when you notice him. Leave a comment! Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you have a furry fetish? Either way.. Leave a comment! And above all else… FOLLOW THE DAMN BLOG FOR FUCKS SAKE! 

Thank you so much for reading that extra long outro. Appreciate it.. So, until next time folks… Peace Out!

“MY THOUGHTS ON.. SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2017: What I’m Looking For From The Big Show!”

Wasabi! Ladies and Gentelnerds! Well, Sand Diego Comic Con International 2017 has begun and is in full swing. Already, so far, we’ve gotten some cool new clips and trailers from various properties. As i write this, we are.. Entering day 3. 

Lots of great stuff has come out. Trailers and sneek peeks at stuff like,








And so much more! 

BUT!! It’s now Saturday. Day 3! 

DC/WB and MARVEL STUDIOS are set to have thier presentations at the famed Hall H. So since a lot of things have already dropped before i cpuld finish this article. Im going to focus on just those two.


It’s been reported that DC/WB has 2 special movie announcements set for thier Hall H Presentation. They did recently let out that SHAZAM is set to go in front of cameras by January or February of next year. And the director of Lights Out and Annabelle 2 is the director of Shazam.  If they are smart, that would not be one of those films they announce. Otherwise it would be a total waste of thier time.
My hope is that those 2 secret films are BATGIRL with an official release and shoot day and also announce thier Lead Actress for Barbra Gordon. Joss Weadon should be the one to make the announcement. And the second film should be, MAN OF STEEL 2! Its being rumored to be ready to go, but we will see. 

There are of course other things to come out of that panel. New Justice League trailer. Possible AQUAMAN footage. Casting Announcements could come as well. And perhaps news of Wonder Woman 2?! 

I’m excited for this panel!



Just release it already! Geez! 

Also more news and updates for upcoming Marvel Projects. Captain Marvel’s Director, maybe? Some concept art could be cool. More Black Panther and Thor 3 footage could be dropped at the panel as well. More casting news. And lastly.. Perhaps.. The title for Avengers 4 could be dropped at the panel as well. 

Lot’s of things to look forward to tomorrow/today. I/ We’ve been waiting a long time for this day. I pray Marvel comes through. 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!

“DC/WB’S ‘THE FLASH’ Movie Hits Another Speed Bump!”

WB recently announced that ‘The Flash’ Movie is headed for a Page One Script Re-Write. Just Months before they were scheduled to start filming for a 2018 release. That means, anything that they had before when they first announced the Flash Movie a few years ago, is now garbage! 

Which leaves me, and many others in my position to wonder..


Do they not know what the fuck they are doing?! 

First, they give us the most bull shitiest cameo in BVS: Dawn Of Justice 

Then the first director and screenwriter steps away due to Creative Differences. 

They bring in another screenwriter to fix up the script.

SDCC comes around and they announce their new director and they are full speed ahead with The Flash. Everything is a Go!

CREATIVE DIFFERENCES! Forces new Flash Director to depart from project..


Now.. Months before everything is to go before cameras. They announce they are going for a Page One rewrite of the whole damn script! 

For fucks sake.. 

Give Greg Berlanti and his people The Flash

He makes Gold on the small screen on a weekly basis. He KNOWS the character and the world. Make this a trial run with the Flash, and if it pays off.. Partner him with Geoff Johns and let them run the whole shebang! 

Its so damn simple! 

And on a real quick side note: I really like Ezra Miller. I cant wait for his Flash in Justice League, 

I just find the whole.. Jokey, jokey aspect of Barry Allen. I didnt grow up with Allen. Wally West was my Flash growing up. He was the jokester of the team and was a lot more of the loosy goosey kind of guy. I don’t know Barry Allen to be that kind of guy. But, it is what it is. And I still cant wait for it.

DC/WB is a mess right now.. I’ll address that in a future blog. However, I really hope they get Flash up on his feet as soon as possible.  

What do you folks think about this mess? Share your thoughts and comments below. 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Here is yet another trailer from this past SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2016!


Okay.. That’s gonna do it for the SDCC 2016 Trailers.. FOR NOW! I’ll do a full review as soon as posible.. I really need to get back to working on that Fan Fiction Story for you folks. Once that’s out of the way, I will do my very best to get back up to speed with what’s been going on in the world of GEEKDOM!

So, Until next time.. I’ll see ya, when I see ya!

Why, I Find Myself More Excited For “DEADPOOL” Then “BvS”!!


HEY!!! “It’s been awhile” Im back baby! My Youtube channel has had me a little preoccupied as of late.. But enough with the pleasantries. Lets talk 2016! The Year Comic Book Films really kick into overdrive! And nerds and Nerdettes around the world lose their minds and bowels over all the awesomeness! Today, I want to discuss two in particular.. DEADPOOL and BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Im really excited for BvS. i’m a huge Batman fan.. (not at all happy with the whole Affleck casting… but.. we’ll see.) Its going to be a major movie event! Two of the greatest Heroes of our time, together for the first time EVER on the big screen! Its literally going to be EPIC… BUT…Truth be told, at this moment.. I’m more hyped for DP, then BvS!


Yes… Both films are literally due out within months of each other next year! DP in FEBUARY and BvS in March (if I’m not mistaken.. Unless they moved it again!)

So How could I be more excited for Deadpool?! You ask!? Well, lets look at some facts, shall we..

Two years ago, SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2013, Zack Snyder and WB  announced BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN! Summer 2015! HORAY!! Oh wait hold on! Did we say 2015?!? Sorry. We meant 2016!

They finished the film late 2014.. That’s right, they finished it late last year… Last fucking year! So, here we are now little over one year away from a movie we have been waiting for our entire lives, and the only things we’ve had to wet our appitates for the past two years have been… Photos….. STILL PHOTOS! Pretty awesome photos.. But, PHOTOS! It’s like..

“Hey folks! Your worried we cast a talentless actress as WONDER WOMAN? Well worry no more… Here’s a photo!”


“You wanna know what the Bat-Suit looks like?!?… Here’s a black and white photo!”


“Oh! You want to know who else is gonna be in the movie for a few minutes of the two and a half hour film?!.. Heres another one toned color Photo!”


“Had a problem with the Facebook Guy we got to play Lex Luthor?.. Well.. HERES ANOTHER FUCKING BLACK/WHITE PHOTO!”


(SDCC: 2014) “Oh, you want to hear a little something about the film from the stars themselves.. FUCK YOU! THEY’RE JUST GONNA STAND HERE AND SMILE AT YOU FOR A FEW SECONDS! And here’s a short scene that you’ll only ever see from fucked up camera phone angles!”


Sure. The small glimpses are awesome and exciting… But that excitement fades over time. Yes! We are still about a year away from the films release, so I may be being over zealous in wanting more now.. But, come on… I think we’ve been waiting long enough.

On the other hand!


(Never thought I would EVER say this…) FOX, is doing everything right with hyping up DEADPOOL! Ryan Reynolds himself has been really playing the whole band in trying to get this thing going. Ever since SDCC ’14 and the “accidental”  “Leak” of the digital test footage for a DP movie, That Reynolds participated in producing.

With the help of the overwhelming support of Fans behind him, Reynolds convinces the studio to get things moving!

(Writers Note: No doubt, thanks to the “Leak” FOX was convinced. But still, the studio held off from going 100% behind the film. Because they wanted to wait till after the release of X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and so, once that was the huge success it was. DP got the green light.)

Sure things went a little quiet after that. Then came word FOX was looking to recast COLLOSUS, for DP. Then Gina Corano joins in as ANGEL DUST, and soon after that. Reynolds releases a photo of him overseeing the making of the costume.


After that came the casting of DP’s love interest, COPY CAT, whose to be played by Morena Baccarn. Shortly there after we got this gem..


THE most accurate looking superhero costume for a feature film since, the first Chris Reeves SUPERMAN film, and the first SPIDERMAN! (SPOT ON!)

Then Came the back and forth amongst fans and film aficionados on whether or not the film should be R or PG-13! A lot of much smarter folks close to the film industry stated the film should be PG-13, whilst Fans rallied for a hard R version of DEADPOOL!

The studio themselves stating they were interested in a PG-13 film to appeal to a much wider audiance. Ryan kept  fans up to date with the happenings all the way to just recently. On April 1st. With this truly awesome video..

Filming has already started. The cast looks great. The costume is magnificent. The story sounds awesome. I’m really looking forward to DEADPOOL! I can’t wait. That’s not to say I’m not at all excited about BvS.. But geez compare the marketing so far and really can anyone blame me for feeling the way I do at this moment. Who knows?!? DC/WB might put out something very soon that’s gonna get me more hyped. Word on the streets is that a BvS Trailer is supposed to hit screens during the release of MAD MAX:FURY ROAD! Lets hope that that’s true and DC can hook me back in. (I pray that it will be in freaking COLOR! For Pete’s sake!)

Well! That’s gonna do it for me and my nonsense! Hey, let me know what you think! Which film has you more excited at the moment? What do you think of my views? Do you think I’m bat-shit crazy?! LET ME KNOW MO-FO! Comment below! Subscribe to my blog here! Follow me on TWITTER:@sgsonny70 INSTAGRAM:@marvel_inc2099 and subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Uhm… Look up THE MARVEL INC. SHOW! You shoul be able to find it.

So, Until next time folks…. Peace out!