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As you may have already heard. Sony has cast Venom for their stand alone film, scheduled for an October 2018 release.

As reported by COLLIDER NEWS’ John Campea (video link at the end of this article) Sony Pictures has cast TOM HARDY as Eddie Brock aka VENOM! 

This is fucking HUGE for me right now. First talk of a stand alone Venom film with out any connection to Spider-Man was a pretty big “Fuck No!” from me. Then i thought about it further after hearing of the Black Cat/ Silver Sable film, i figured.. “Ok, Maybe.. But do it right..” 

NOW.. Your telling me that you got Tom Fucking Hardy as Eddie Brock Venom?.. “FUCK YEAH BITCH!! Lets do this.” 

Granted.. This does not fully guarantee that this is going to be the greatest movie ever. They still have that hurdle of making this story work with out Spider-Man. Best of luck to them. But this right here, is a fantastic move on their part. 



Earlier this past week Sony Pictures announced plans for a VENOM stand alone film, set to hit theaters sometime in 2018. And a possible BLACK CAT & SILVER SABLE team up film. Production and release date TBD. 

I was busy with a fan fiction (The Killing Joke:Aftermath. For those of you curious) So i didn’t have time to touch on this bit of news.. But Now I Do..

Lets start with VENOM. 

According to reports SONY has locked down the release date for October 5th, 2018 for the stand alone feature. Reports further stateing that the film will be a rated R outing, strictly seperate from the Spider-man Marvel/Sony MCU. Meaning the plan is for the movie to be a strictly SONY produced project, not jointly with Marvel Studios. Also meaning Spider-Man would not factor into any part of this story or ‘Venom-verse’ if you will. 

I am.. Slightly worried about this. I am intrigued. But worried. The comic book puriest in me says, “The Fuck kind of bull shit is this?! You cant have Venom without Spider-Man!” on the other side of that coin, the movie fan says, “It could be a HUGE mistake, but worth trying. Lets see how it goes.” 

So, I’m torn. We all know the true origin of Venom, 

Eddie Brock was (and is again) the one true Venom. He spins right out of the pages of Spider-Man. Its hard to picture one without the other. 

However, Eddie was not the only Venom. SONY could just as easily make an AGENT VENOM film..

Flash Thompson loses both his legs in battle during a war. Comes home and gets joined to the venom symbiot. That could work. Flash Thompson doesnt have to be exactly tied to Spider-Man because he’s such a secondary character. A historic and important character.. But still secondary non the less. 

 It has the slightest of chances of working. And if it does GREAT! But it also has the potential for failing miserably! Like Spider-Man 3 Venom did..

It’s 50/50 at this point. What does really kinda intrigues me though.. It will (probably) be rated R.. (probably). 
That could work! Venom is that kind of character. That means that if a sequel comes.. Carnage is not far behind..

And Carnage can not be in a live action film and be toned down to a PG/ PG13 version. He has to be full of blood and gore! And the more i think of it.. The more im sold on the idea of a separate Spider-Verse. 

Lets move on to the ladies..


Ones a world class thief, the other a world class mercenary for hire.. Out of these two film ideas, Venom and this one.. I am less torn on this one.. If done right.. This could be pretty darn cool. Felica Hardy is much like Flash Thompson, key character in Spider-Man history.. But completely secondary! She doesnt HAVE to be tied to Spider-Man in order for her character to shine. 

Silver Sable is such a low teir character.. They could just about do anything with her. Just as long as they stay true to certain character traits, just to apease us fans. 

I could see something along the lines of a more badass version of Rush Hour, 48 Hours, and Lethal Weapon.. But with Kick ass ladies in the drivers seat! 

If they have the right story. The right people behind it.. This could be really fucking awesome. 

Venom can go either way depending on the story and the people behind it. SS/BC could do the same, but with a lot less pressure on its shoulders as Venom does. Im interested. Im on board.. 

Lets see what you got SONY!

What do you folks think? Are you excited? Pissed? Dont give a shit? Let me know. Leave a comment. Follow/Subscribe. Thx for reading..

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Ladies and Gentelnerds, “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING” First official trailer..


So, I’ve FINALLY found the time to watch the new GHOSTBUSTERS remake/reboot, starring the all female cast of Kristen Wig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa Mcarthy, and as a diehard GB fan.. I really liked it!

THE STORY: When increasing paranormal events arise in New York, 3 scientists set out to investigate. Uncovering a plot that threatens the very fabric of reality. 
The story is solid. The humor and action is on point. The special effects are not as cheapish as the trailers showcased. In the environment they appear in, suits the design and apperances of the ghouls and ghosts. The plot actually inkeeps with the Ghostbusters franchise. It doesnt make you think too hard, its not a psychological ride. Its, “Here are the players, here is the bad guy, this is whats happening, and this is how it all comes together.” very simple. It reminded me of a cross between both Original Ghostbusters films.  Re-Representing a lot of story elements. 

The nods to the past were really cool too. The humor was perfect. Its not slapstick and stupid, although there is a fart joke thrown in. Some of the cameos of the original guys were.. Okay… (more on that later) 

THE CAST: Fantastic across the board. I loved These ladies. They are a very suitable replacement to carry on this new franchise. 

Im not the biggest fan of Leslie Joneses comedy character. She feels very one note for me, “Im big, loud and black” BUT! She was great. She did not take me out of the film at all. She was actually very fun and funny.

I love Kate McKinnon. I’ll watch her do anything. Right now, she is my new Kristen Wig (oddly enough) on SNL. Since Wigs departure, Kate has been my girl. I would watch her do anything. 

Kristen Wig. Perfect. She’s kind of our.. Bill Murray character in this movie and she makes it her own though.

Melissa Mcarthy, Great. Shes always comedy gold. I grew to love Melissa in SPY, her last teaming with Director Paul Fieg before Ghostbusters. She is awesome. 
THE POSITIVES: I had a whole lot of fun with this movie. Its was funny. It had really good action. The special effects was great. And the cast was Top Notch! The cast is what really sold me on it, and the plot was actually a ribbon to tie it all together. 

THE NEGATIVES: This is where i get into some spoiler territory. But first.. Some of the edditing was off, i found certain cuts and edits that didnt sit well for me.The characters all felt like they were all very quarky. Not all of them needed to be the ‘weird’ or ‘awkward’ one. Kate could have done that on her own. The thing about the original, is that they had someone funny, but still grounded in the Bill Murray Character, Peter Venkman. 

Akroyds, Stantz was the true believer and Ramis’, Egon was the Science guy. All funny but clearly different characters. All the ladies were awkward and funny at the same time. They worked great together. But there was no flavor. 

The Cameos.. Were, ok at best. It was fun seeing everyone. But thats all it was. There was no heart behind them being there. They kill off Bill Murray’s character, Akroyd is a taxi driver, and at the last minute they shoe horn Ernie Hudson as Leslie’s Uncle and Sigourney Weaver as Kate’s mentor, at the very very end of the movie.

My ONE and most major complaint with this movie.. It should have been a direct sequal. This SHOULD have been Ghostbusters 3! It would have fit in so well following the first two. 

That kind of really made me mad. The movie was so good, at least for me, that it deserved to be a direct follow up. 

OVERALL: No where near as bad as people made it out to be. It was actually very good and entertaining. I say, if you havent seen it because of what others say. Dont let that stop you. Make your own choices. Who knows, you might like it! I know i did.. I give, GHOSTBUSTERS a.. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 6/10. Its really entertaining and fun. A film worthy of the title. And i really do hope we get a sequal. Why? One word.. “ZOOL” (Is that how its spelled?!?) I want Leslie’s Patty to be the one to get possesed by Zool. 

So… Did you see Ghostbusters? What did you think? Please comment below and let me know. Please follow/ subscribe. Thank you for reading..

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Yes.. I said NEEDS TO! This may come as a shock to some of you, ‘Loyal Readers’ as to that i was against The Marvel/Sony Spider-Man deal. I felt that, after the train wreck that was AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Marvel should have let Spidey die at Sony and then when the contract expired, Spidey would just end up back at Marvel with no cost at all. 
When the Sony/Marvel deal was announced I had the feeling that Marvel was helping Sony keep something that rightfully belonged to Them. It was upsetting… THEN, CIVIL WAR happened.. 

And I’ve grown up since then. Or at least, I’ve grown some sense. 
So now 20TH Century Fox is up shits creek with thier X-Men property and are currently considering a full series Reboot. Gut, fanboy instinct is to say, Give Them Back To Marvel! But.. The grown up, more knowledgeable fanboy says..

Marvel has a whole lot on its plate. Phase 3 is nearing its end and Phase 4 is still up in the air at this point. FOX, is not looking to part ways with a franchise thats garnered them so many millions of dollars over the years. They already lost STAR WARS. I dont think they want to give up on this property. 

That being said.. If, indeed, Fox wants to hold on to The X-Men and its characters. They should. No. They Need, to consider a deal with Marvel Studios, to help them right thier ship and get on track. Whether its a trade of characters or property’s (ala Fantastic Four and related Characters *COUGH* silver surfer and galactus*COUGH COUGH*) 

In order to insure a more bankable franchise. 

FOX Needs to find someone who can guide the X-UNIVERSE in the right direction. Kevin Fiege is clearly the right choice. But he too has a lot on his plate.. And i firmly believe that Simon Kinberg 

IS NOT the man for the job! 
Perhaps, once Feige feels that Sony is going in the right direction and can handle the Universe that Marvel has brought Spider-Man into, on its own. Then maybe he can help Fox guide the X-Men later on down the line. 

What Fox lacks in its X-Universe, is stability and continuity. Each movie is practically a stand alone film. 

IF Fox were to strike a deal with Marvel Studios in order to make a more profitable X-Men Franchise for them and a more satisfying experiance for the fans. It would be the best thing they could do. 
With yet another Franchise Reboot looming in the future.. Only time will tell what is in store for us and The X-MEN.

What do you folks think? Would it be wise for Fox to strike a similar deal with Marvel Studios like Sony, in order to save The X-Men? Please leave a comment below. Follow/Subscribe. 

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!


So.. According to sources close to “THE WRAP”and various other news sites. Zendaya’s mysterious role in “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMMING” has been revealed.

According to those close sources of “The Wrap” Zendaya is set to play, not Michelle as first officially reported, but in fact our favorite Red Head.. Mary Jane Watson! 

IF! In fact this IS true… I am so fucking HAPPY!!!  I love her on K.C Undercover on Disney Channel. She is a funny and phenomenal talent! She can sing. She can dance. She can act! She Has the look!

I am so stoked about this. Clearly, shes not gonna be the over sexed version of the character, because it all takes place in high school. But she is beautiful! And she can be that kind of M.J while still being very innocent at the same time. 

Again, if this is in fact true.. I am so stoked and excited for Spider-Man: Homecomming! (still not a fan of the name.. But whateves) I truly believe that Marvel (and sony) “Just Hit The Jackpot”

Let me know what you folks think. Comment below and hit that subscribe buttom.. (wherever the heck it is!) Peace Out!


Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds! I’m back to discuss with you the whole halabalo over the recent casting of Spider-Man and the public outcry over the fact that its not Miles Morales!


As all of you may remember. THIS 👆 was the short list of Actors up for contention in the role of Spider-Man.. That’s a lot of White Bread right there,I tell you what.

And after a “Long and Extensive Search” Marvel Studios has chosen, Tom Holland.

image(Another Brit, if I’m not mistaken?!)

And of course.. My fellow Nerds and Nerdettes were kinda pissed! So I got to thinking.. Why all this hate for Peter Parker!? Why is there such a rush for Miles Morales?!


Sure! We are in desperate need of some diversity in the Comic Book Movie World.. But we can’t just toss aside the Original! The One that starts it all! Peter Parker IS Spider-Man.. Miles is also Spider-Man.. But Peter Parker IS And ALWAYS will BE, Spider-Man! I think it is best that Marvel… (Sigh) and Sony, Start with Peter Parker. IF Sony is serious about expanding its Spider-Universe. They need to figure out how to do it right! With Marvel setting it all up for them.. It shouldn’t be so hard.

“But We’ve seen Peter Parker so many times already! It’s time for a change!!”


That is undeniable. But you can’t start at the middle of a story and expect everyone to know what the heck is going on! There would be no Miles, if not for a Peter! And to be a little honest and blunt.. Not a lot of people, at least those who are not in to our world of comics, Know who Miles Morales is! Those who do know.. Is only because we shove him in everybody’s face! “Look!! This is the first ever Half Black, Half Latino Spiderman!! He’s fucking awesome!! Read his book!!”

Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is on the level of Batman and Superman Recognition, around the world! Allow me to put it this way.. (Something I picked up while watching my favorite YouTube movie show, “AMC MOVIE TALK”)

I did some research *GASP!!!!!!* yea, yea, yea.. I DID do some research.. In the month of April.. Of THIS year (2015) according to


‘COMICHRON: THE COMICS CHRONICLES’ (Comichron.Com) Which basis it’s Sales figures according to Diamond Comic Distributors, The leading Comic Shop Supplier in North America. As of April, an issue of ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN:Miles Morales comics, sold roughly 29,300+ Copies.


If you go on the website, and trace back to January of this year, up till April. You’ll most likely see USM:MM selling a steady 30-40,000 plus copies a month.. That means, just about.. I don’t know.. 60,000+ Comic Book readers know who he is. That Covers about, less then half of the Movie Going Audience. Which is the MAIN part, the Movie Studios want to get into the seats. They don’t really care about us. Cause in fact.. If it was solely up to us 60+Thousand.. A USM:MM movie would only make, that much in the Box office. While the Studio put 100+Million into making it! That would be a HUGE flop!

That being said.. Lets look at Amazing Spider-Man’s sales..


Also in the Month of April, an Issue of Amazing Spider-Man, sold about 99,300+ copies. I’m no math wiz.. But that’s triple Miles’s sales(right?!?.. Seriously, is it Triple?!) HELL! Tracking back to January.. SPIDER-GWEN sells better then Both Spider-Men!(But more on that Shortly!)

Peter Parker/Spider-Man is an established brand. There’s no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

HOWEVER!! This does NOT mean that we can NEVER get a Miles Morales film in the near future! It truly is a matter of doing it CORRECTLY!

If Marvel Studios sets up the proper Spider-Unviverse for SONY to work with.. AND most importantly.. IF Sony could dig its head out of its fat ass! They can follow up on what Marvel provides them. I believe an expanded Spider-Universe can happen.



Marvel re-introduces us to Spider-Man, within the MCU. Establish him in to the world with appearances here and there. Get us used to the new guy and the new status quo, per say. Hand him over back to Sony, with your first film, lay the ground work for a massive SPIDER-U EVENT! Oh, I don’t know.. Something like.. “EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE” kind of event!


That way.. You can introduce every possible Spider-Man (or Woman) you could think of. Most importantly,



SPIDER-GWEN (Gwen Stacy)  image







and (perhaps) SPIDER-MAN 2099!


The beautiful thing about the world of Spider-Man, and what could separate it from the rest of the MCU, Is the fact that, Each Franchise could exist within its own universe!


There really is no need to cram all these characters into one single timeline, or universe. There is so much potential in an idea like this.. I just hope Sony don’t fuck it up in the process! Or at the very least.. Don’t fuck up Spider-Man at all!!

I hope I made some kind of sense to you folks.. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this. SUBSCRIBE and  Comment below, Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for your time folks!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!