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Greetings ladies and gentelnerds. Welcome to a new-ish segment I’d like to call, ‘WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS’

Todays movie.. “THE FOUNDER” starring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc the “founder”,and i use the term loosely, of McDonald’s..

THE STORY: Ray Kroc is a struggeling traveling salesman. Who latches on to any and every get rich quick idea that sounds good. None really pay off at all.. Until he meets The McDonald’s Bros. 
Now, I am not gonna spoil anything from the film at all. But the story itself is just short of amazing. Plot paceing is great. Keaton is on point. Solid cast all around. It is Ray’s story, how he was able to form a partnership with Dick and Mac McDonald and  Start a single McDonald’s in small town Illinois to hundreds of thousands across the midwest and beyond. How he then butts heads with the McDonald’s Bros. And ultimately.. Well.. Just see for yourself. 

What i loved most about the story. There isn’t a clear good or bad guy. No hero or villain. These are.. People! Real, people. Making certain decisions. Wheather you agree with them or not, they are portrayed wonderfully.


Keaton carries the whole film on his own. He is spectacular. Nick Offerman and John Carrol Lynch as The McDonald’s Bros. Are fantastic and very heartfelt. They delivered great proformances. A great, solid supporting cast.

POSITIVES: Great and compelling story. They successfully told a story that i didnt know and honestly, didnt think i would give a shit about knowing. And yet im glad i learned it. Keaton is the fucking man!

NEGATIVES: Not many really. I guess we could have used more story from the McDonald Bros side. But its understandable for the subject they were trying to cover.
OVERALL: “The Founder” is a real eye opener. Telling an amazing unknown story about an american institution. A must see for any True Story film buff. 

I give “THE FOUNDER” a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 7/10

Have you seen The Founder Yet? If so, let me know what you think. Share your thoughts. 

Until next time folks, peace out!



Its been.. 6 years since ‘Harry Potter: And the Deathly Hallows part 2’ was in theaters. After a stint on British Broadway, Author and Creator J.K Rowling has brought us back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, with

A story that follows Newt Skamander. The famous wizard that wrote the text book that young wizards read at Hogwarts, “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find them” 

THE STORY: The year is 1926 and Young Newt Skamander travels to new york city with a magical case full of amazing creatures. When some of his creatures are accidentally let loose on the city, Newt is brought into events that could very well change the Wizarding World forever. 

The story itself was great. Very well written. Fantastic Beasts is a wonderful addition to the Harry Potter Universe.  

THE CAST: Eddie Redmaine is fantasticly awkward as Newt. 

A relatively non social person who dedicates his life to the magical creatures of the world. The supporting characters are perfectly acted and casted. Colin Farrel was great.. (waisted, but great!) Ezra Miller is a surprise. But the real stand outs.. Are the Beasts.. 

They are beautiful and well crafted creatures. The pre-depression era was a well crafted world. Very well done. 

THE POSITIVES: It is a beautiful movie. The creatures are stunning. Newt and the supporting cast are very fun. Colin Farrel was great. The wizarding world in a new area was fun to see. 

THE NEGATIVES: Colin Farrel was totally waisted. Not going to go into any spoilers.. But he was really waisted. There wasnt enough focus on the ‘Fantastic Beasts’. I felt that in order for them to set up the next set of movies, they sacrificed the main stories potential. Which wasnt the best idea, but i understand what they wanted to do. 

OVERALL: Fantastic Beasts has a whole lot of potential to be the next best Wizarding Franchise. Focus more on the characters and what happens to them and not lose them in the wider string of events.  But overall.. It was a really good film. Worth watching for any Harry Potter fan. I give “FANTASTC BEASTS and WHERE TO FIND THEM” a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/10! 

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts yet? What did you think? Hit me up! 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out! 


Its Monday! I figured, maybe mondays should be for Movie Reviews.. So here we are!

Friday, August 5th brought us the premier of WB’s and DC’s second attempt (Not Including Man Of Steel) at building their Cinematic Universe, “SUICIDE SQUAD”, Directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Karen Fukuhara, Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, Jay Hernandez, and Adam Beach.

Well.. What can i say.. *sigh*.. Just when i thought DC/WB couldnt possibly surprise me.. They go and pull this.. AWESOME piece of work out of their hats! Its nowhere near Perfect. But hot damn, they made a really great movie!

THE STORY: Very by the books and probably the movies biggest weak spot. The Story itself is simplistic and straight forward. Meet the team. Problem happens. Assemble the team. Shit goes south. Team pulls together and gets the job done. Kinda that simple really. The plot is very much non important, however.. The Characters themselves, and the actors portrayals of these characters is what carries the film and what makes it work.

THE CAST: Fantastic! This movie wouldnt have worked without them. When Will Smith was originally cast as Deadshot.. I was not on board. At. All.

“Its Will Smith! Theres no way he can be in an ensemble cast. He’ll try to steal the spotlight in the worst way. Will Smith isnt even Will Smith anymore. I wanna see Deadshot, not Will Smith calling himself Deadshot. I want the character, not the actor. This sucks!”

Those Were just a few of the complaints I had. That is until i saw this movie. He did it! Will Smith is now Deadshot! He stood true to the character and didnt take me out of it at all. I saw Deadshot! And i loved it. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn didnt grab me until about half way in to the start of the film. After that it was smooth sailing. I cant wait for the “GOTHAM CITY SIRENS” Movie with her and whoever else they cast for Ivy and Catwoman. Captain Boomerang.. I was surprised how much i liked him and Jai Courtney’s delivery. Killer Croc.. Looked good.. But.. Kinda waisted, in my opinion. Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller, was spot on! she was the perfect amount of Evil Bitch that the character IS! I want more Waller/Davis in theDCECU! Β And lastly.. Jared Leto’s Joker.. He isnt used a lot in the film. ( As it has been reported, a good chunk of his work was edited out.) So.. For me.. I didnt get enough Joker, to actually have an overall like.. “Its up there with Ledger and Nicholson and Hamil” kind of an opinin. But, What i CAN say is… Its a very uniqe approach to the character. While also respecting most of the source material. (its clear he took inspiration from something.. Just cant put my finger on it) But for me.. It was really very good, and i want to see what more he can bring to the role.

What is abundantly clear though, is the chemistry this cast had with each other. It translated very well on the screen and i want them together again. They clearly had fun working together and on this project.

THE POSITIVES: Mainly.. The cast and Characters are the real winners here. They saved the movie. They made it what it was. A fun, entertaining summer comic book film. The Directing was top notch.. So much so, that i am extremly interested in seeng David Ayers directors cut of this movie. If this is what he can do when its not his cut, then who knows how much awesomer his version must be.

THE NEGATIVES: The Plot. The editing. The Narritive. Its amazing how good a film can be, even when the story itself is… Rather Bland and non important. There really wasn’t much of a sense of.. Urgency to the climactic battle. The movie is soley helped by the characters and their stories and interactions with each other. If that didnt work. Then the whole film would have been a disaster. There was a Waste of some characters. Some Felt like they did not need to be there at all, and there was no connection between, us, the viewers and the characters (Namely Croc, Katana, and Enchantress.) The editing was shotty at best. You can clearly see where cuts were made and certain scenes didnt follow each other correctly. Not as terrible of a job as BVS. Β But still noticable. WB needs to desperately learn how to trust the filmakers they get for these movies, like David Ayer, and NOT trust the Zack Snyders of the industry. Should have had just a Β bit Β more Batman though..

OVERALL: Weak script. By the book plot development. Low par editing, and story structure normaly means for a shit-tacular movie. But! massive amounts of Fun, Action and great Character portrayals and character storytelling, (and! May i add, a pretty badass soundtrack) helped make SUICIDE SQUAD the top DC Extended Cinematic Universe film, so far. (We’re waiting on YOU now, Β WONDER WOMAN) BVS was a bit of a tumble out of the gate for the DCECU.. But Suicide Squad picked this universe right back up to its feet and got it sprinting!

I give “SUICIDE SQUAD” a score of… β­β­β­β­β­β­β­πŸ’« 7 1/2 out of 10. Not Perfect, But Fucking Fun and Awesome! A Good Time At the Movies!

P.S although not a spoiler.. I will say this.. Stay after the first set of credits. Not the best after credits scene.. But DC/WB are starting to get the idea of how building a universe works.

Well.. That’s my review. Tell me what you think.. And FOR FUCKS SAKE!! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG! Comment below or hit me up on the usual sites. Thx for reading..

So, Until next time Folks… Peace Out!


Greetings, Ladies and Gentelnerds! And welcome to yet another SPOILER FREE MOVIE REVIEW! The film this week?..


THE STORY: It’s 1983, and the world has been fully made aware of the presence of Mutants. Thanks to the events that transpired in “Days Of Futures Past”, The World has grown accustomed to the idea of Mutants, But prejudice is still a factor around the world. Many places using Mutants for brutal entertainment, while Β Xavier’s school is prospering more then ever. Meanwhile, Due to a mishap of events, En Sabah Nur is awakened after a thousand year sleep. Unsatisfied with the way the world has turned out, he seeks to assemble his Four Horsemen and cleanse the world an reshape it in his image.. Where, Only The Strong Survive!


In comparison to the previous X-Films, “Apocalypse” is not weak.. But it’s not strong either. The Script itself is relatively generic at points. It’s crazy entertaining though.. Without a doubt, any real X-Men fan will enjoy This movie and it’s story. As the third of this current Trilogy, It’s a nice wrap up to the set. (Ironically, Singer Takes a jab at the previous trilogy in a scene where (SPOILERS!!) Are leaving a screening of “Return Of The Jedi” and one character says “The Third one is always the worst” (Heads Up.. I will be posting that scene on my Instagram account after I post this review) Speaking of Singer..


THE DIRECTOR: Theres no denying, Bryan Singer is a talented molester, I MEAN DIRECTOR!! Director!.. Yes, director.. That’s what I meant.. Anywhoo.. Β He has great directing talent. BUT, he has a problem with.. Making a cohesive story, and how to use characters properly. He has a very strange habit with this franchise.. He uses and abuses beloved characters. In a way that borders being disrespectful. “Hey, You like this character from the comics? Here they are, and now they are dead. Hey, You remember this one from the cartoons? Yea, this is sorta that character, kinda.. And now they are dead.. See that character you loved.. That’s them in the background being utterly useless for this scene, but I put him there just for you!” It’s just what he does in these movies.. I’m thankful to him that we have the X-Men Franchise at all.. But I’m more thankful that we may never have to deal with his brand directing for the foreseeable future. It’s time for some real fresh new blood and a fresh new prospective to lead the next set of X-Films in to a brighter future. The very end leaves the possibility of such a thing wide open.



Apocalypse boasts probably the best cast of characters/actors since.. Probably “X-2: X-Men United”, Although, Singer sorta fails to capitalize fully with what he had, the Actors themselves shine through with every chance they had on screen. Oscar Isaac’s En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse was fantastic. (Wish they had done more with Him) But fantastic nonetheless. Even Peters Quicksilver.. (DOES IT AGAIN!) He has two of the best parts, Thats right TWO! And he is better utilized in this film then in ‘DOFP’! But there is One.. Who really stood out above the rest..


Fassbender, Continues to amaze in this role.. GIVE HIM A DAMN STAND ALONE MAGNETO MOVIE ALREADY!!

Its not a spoiler to say that, Hugh Jackman cameo’s once more since this was all over the trailers..


But it’s one hell of a cameo..


THE NEGATIVES: Again, Singers use of characters is a big problem. He knows how to please the fans, for sure. In fact, that’s what this movie was at its heart.. FAN SERVICE! Yes it does build into the next set of films, but not a whole lot. Β Not enough time was spent on Apocalypse in my opinion. The threat level of this villain was there.. But it fell a little flat. Editing and/or story pacing was not fully fleshed out properly.

OVERALL: Not the Greatest of all X-Men Films.. But can be respectfully considered one of the BEST. How it ranks on your list is purely up to you. For me? It’s in my top 3. It’s Very Entertaining, and Fun! Full of great action. Its not the type of movie where You have to turn your brain off to enjoy it.. But you don’t need to take it too seriously. Because of the pure entertainment value, and how much I enjoyed it.. But considering its faults, I Give “X-Men: Apocalypse”.. πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ’« 7 1/2 out of 10! A Joy to watch for any X-Men fan.

Hope you liked this review, if you e seen it already.. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thx for reading!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!




Hello ladies and gentelnerds, and welcome to another (Spoiler Free) Movie Review. Today’s movie..



Now.. Just to be clear. I will not divulge in MAJOR spoilers! But, I will bring up certain aspects of the film, that those who are super sensitive to anything that could be considered a ‘Spoiler’ (Example: Lois Lane was naked in a tub taking a bath) Should be forewarned. I will be touching on those certain areas.. So you have been warned.


THE STORY: Taking place two years after the events of Man Of Steel. The world is still unsure of how to cope with Β a Superman. Batman’s brand of Justice takes a brutal step up to extreme. Lex Luthor is up to no good. And while all this is going on… Well.. To be honest.. A lot is going on! The story, at times, is very uneven. A lot of plot points are active and.. Lets just say, Zack Snyder is not the man for the job of coordinating such deep story aspects. It’s not a knock on the man.. But he didn’t do a great job at telling the story. However! The Story, at least what I can understand of it, Is really Good! And surprisingly a little fun at times. The most intriguing aspects of the story come from Batman’s side, and the little we get from Wonder Woman. Superman.. Is.. Unfortinutly a pawn! In more ways then one. Both actor AND character seem to just be there for show, while the plot circulates around him. Negatives aside.. The story is fun and intriguing.. But poorly executed.


image image image

Allow me to be the first to apologize to Ben Affleck… He.. Was a, DAMN Good Batman! I was very surprised by the gravitas he brought to the role. (I tip my hat to you sir.. Bravo!) Gal Gadot… Breathtaking! Unfortinutly, not given enough screen time. But once she was on.. Oh boy, was she ON!! Truly the major highlight of the third act. Jesse Esinberg’s Lex Luthor was… Interesting.. Unique.. A plesent surprise! The three people I worried about most.. Blew my mind! And, were the most entertaining parts of the film.

THE NEGATIVES/POSITIVES: Negatives- Poor Story structure, Very odd Editing, Too much, too soon, and too overstuffed! Not enough focus on the Batman/Superman relationship. Positives- Great Actors portraying great Characters. Action packed. As “Dark” as it is.. It’s Fun! And Visually beautiful.

OVERALL: Awesome! Honestly awesome! A truly good start to the DC Cinematic Universe. A little sloppy.. But a good solid start. In a previous blog post I said I wasn’t feeling the Hype for this movie or the DCCU… Thanks to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice… IM FEELING THE HYPE!!

I give “BATMAN v. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟8/10

If you’ve seen BvS already. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thx for reading.

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!



Hey there ladies and gentelnerds! Welcome to yet another, “Movie Review”.. Today’s movie?


“From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a wily fox who makes her job even harder.”

I love Disney! Animation, live action. Doesn’t matter. I love it! But Disney Animation always wins out. Honestly, I wasn’t over the hill when Zootopia was first announced a while back. Then the teaser came out. I was like, this actually looks like fun. But still not, i really wanna see it! Then.. FLASH!


I fell in love with that darn Sloth!

That being said. I recently had the opportunity to watch “ZOOTOPIA”.

STORY: The story itself is a very uplifting one. Very heartfelt. Judy Hopps is a young farm girl who sets her sights on moving to the great city of Zootopia and becoming a Police Officer. Even her parents try and talk her down in hopes of preventing Β her from any disappointment in case things don’t work out. She does however train struggle and succeed in her dream and becomes the first Rabbit officer. Immediately looked down upon, she is put to work as a Meter Maid. It’s then, she meets Nick Wilde, a smooth talking con artist Fox.Β Soon, they find themselves, “Paws” Deep ( see what I did there) in a strange mystery that threatens the very foundation of Zootopia.

The Movies message is very clear. Don’t judge others by, what they are, or where they come from. Have faith in yourself. And never give up on your dreams. And don’t be afraid to trust and try new things. It’s a Great message and lesson to be learned by the next generation.

CHARACTERS: Judy and Nick are the real standouts! Beautifully developed and acted throughout. The supporting cast of characters are also nice, and fun to watch. Many of them very stereotypical for the roles they were made for. Not a bad thing.. But they don’t bring anything special to the story. Mainly Adris Elba’s Police Chief.. (His name escapes me at the moment.. But he’s an OX!) Very Stereotypical angry boss type character.

THE NEGATIVES: The overall message of the film, kind of.. Took over the story.. So much so, that the answer to the mystery towards the end is placed there like.. Very conveniently. Like they got so caught up in the message, they forgot they had to wrap the story up. The, “EURIKA” moment, was waisted in my opinion. Β I was like, well.. Ain’t that convenient! It could have been handled differently. Finally.. As an adult I am aware of more things and… The Racism undertones of the story.. Was noticeable! Not a knock on the movie.. Just very noticeable for me.

OVERALL: LOVED IT! I recommend this movie to EVERYONE!! Families, singles, really.. Everybody should go see it. DISNEY’S Animation Studio (without Pixar) is producing some really good quality stuff, for everyone to enjoy! I give ZOOTOPIA a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 7/10.

“DISNEY’S: ZOOTOPIA” Opens nationwide MARCH 4th. GO SEE IT!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Movie Review! Feel free to FOLLOW and share your thoughts!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!