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Ok folks.. Im thinking this will be the final installment in this special edition “My Thoughts On.. Sand Diego Comic Con 2017”

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at “AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR”

Well… What can be said about the Infinity War presentation?.. Not much honestly. They showed the same trailer from D23 at Comic Con. Still no official release from Marvel or Marvel Studios. Although a leaked camera phone quality version is available online. Its not bad.. But, WTF Marvel?! Whats the hold up?! 

Besides that. As I am slowly writing this article, News was announced that Brolin’s Thanos will return for the as of yet “Untitled” Avengers 4. 

Some folks still believe that perhaps Infinity War will be a one and done thing. But i honestly believe that Avengers 4, will be ‘Infinity Gauntlet’.


Infinity ‘WAR’ will be most likely the “War” for the Stones themselves. In the teaser trailer that was leaked. Thanos (spoilers) only possesses The Tesserect (space stone) Allowing him to travel from point A to point B. Im pretty sure they show a devestated Collectors vault, which Means he may also have The Ether (reality Stone). I believe there was probably a shot of a wrecked Nova Corp. So perhaps the power stone will be in play as well.. 

This whole film will be the formation of the Gauntlet.. The battle for the stones. 

By the end of it all.. Thanos will raise his completed Gauntlet and.. Then..

“To Be Continued..”

Thats how Infinity War will end. At least thats how it should end.

Well.. I think that will just about do it for this special series.. Thank you all for reading.. Please leave a like, follow, comment. 

Until next time folks… Peace Out!


“DAY 2 OF DISNEY’S D23 FAN EXPO” (Five days later)

Okay.. Im late with this article, because  I’ve been sooo… How do you say? PISSED! At what came out of D23 day 2.. Or should i say, What didn’t come out of Day 2! I’m gonna try and make this quick

So, basicly Marvel Studios had it’s time to shine at Day 2 of D23. Releasing two new official posters for “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR”

Nerdgasmic!, am i right?

They also unvailed the 4 mystery characters set to appear in the film. 

And No! It was not the Fantastic Four. 

As mostly every logical fan predicted, it was in fact THE BLACK ORDER!

Or as they are being called, “THE CHILDREN OF THANOS” meaning that in the MCU they are the siblings of Gamora and Nebula.

Corvus Glave

Proxima Midnight

Ebony Maw

And Black Dwarf

But prior to that unveiling, Kevin Fiege took the stage to introduce Thanos himself, James Brolin and most of the cast. Along with one of the directors Joe Russo (Anthony Russo most likely still filming the rest of the film) 
Joe Russo then went on to show a nice little 10th anniversary retrospective video celebrating the upcoming anniversary… Then, at the tail end of that footage… 

A Fucking Trailer followed! A fucking trailer! That, according to those who saw it, it was fucking epic! 

“Why do you sound so angry about that?” you ask?…

THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED IT!! To this day… July 20th, 2017 as i write this right now! NOTHING! NOT EVEN A SINGLE TEASE! When asked if Marvel would drop it online, Joe Russo said, “Very Soon.”

We’ve (I’ve) been waiting all these damn days!!

(Those who have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming will get the reference)

*Deep Breath*

Ok.. It’s thursday as i said, as i write this. And SDCC Is set to kick off in a few hours (West Coast Time) I immediately jumped to google and looked up the SDCC line up. 

Best bet.. The Avengers:Infinity War trailer should drop just after Marvel Studios’ presentation in Hall H on Saturday, just around… 5:30- 7:00 pm Western time.. Thats like…

2.. Carry the 1.. ÷ by 5.. × 18… Subtract 6… Hmm… I think roughly 8Pm eastern standard time… So! Those of us over here… Have a bit of a wait.. Unless.. Maybe 8am? Shit.. Fuck this time zone shit. We’ll get it some time saturday afternoon or later. Either way, we still gotta wait. Fuck!!

Oh yea.. They also showed stuff from the live action Lion King and some other neat stuff… yay… 😕

Thats all the time i got folks.. Gotta work on another article. So, until next time.. Peace Out!


So, early Wednesday afternoon Entertainment Weekly and Marvel Studios reveled thier exclusive first look at “THOR: RAGANROK” set to open later this year. 

First, lets take a look at the early snap shots we have..

Pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

Now! On to ‘My Thoughts..’ part of this article..

First of all.. Lets go back to last month.. When Marvel Studios released a video for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. In the video was a shot of some concept art of Thor and Rocket Racoon..

But when you take a good look at Thor’s hand, 

He’s not holding Mjilnor! I dont think Thor is leaving Ragnarok with Mjilnor.. Granted.. This is just Concept art. They could have changed this before, during and after the filming of Thor 3. I just find this to be very very intriguing. 

These other Concept pieces were released before the EW photos. 

This one of Hela looked Absouloutly awesome.. And the real life Hela.. Looks badass! 

Cate Blanchett looks phenomenal. Her hair and costume kinda resembles Loki’s look.. I wonder if they will have her be Loki’s daughter in the MCU. If not, thats cool. 

Thor’s Look:

Gladiator Thor looks epic! 

The Grandmaster..

I wanted him to be blue!.. My very first thought.. “Why is he not Blue!?!” 

Grandmaster is supposed to be BLUE DAMN IT! 

But.. In retrospect, after that fact passed me.. I remembered, Grandmaster and The Collecter are Brothers.. And this is how Collecter looks in the MCU..

SOooo! There you have it. It makes sence now. May not be thrilled that Marvel didnt go blue.. But whateves.

Now. Comes the part.. Where i speculate my ass off, as to what the plot could be.

At the end of ‘AGE OF ULTRON’ Hulk was sailing away in the quinjet by his lonesome..

Its then, i believe Either Hela, takes him for a grand scheme that she has planned. OR Grandmaster gets his mitts on Hulk for his Gladitorial games on Sakkar. (There will be no Red King in this version of the planet hulk story) Meanwhile, nefarious things are amis in asgard as Thor searches for the truth about the infinity stones. Only to discover Loki’s latest treachery. Forcing the two of them return to earth and search for Odin. With the help of Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange.

During said search, they find Odin in the streets of New York like so..

Some shit goes down and Hela drops in..

 in the battle, Thor looses Mjilnor and is thrusted to the planet Sakkar, where hes forced to battle for his freedom. Only to discover his Friend Dr. Banner and Hulk is trapped there as well. 

Along with a new ally, Valkyrie 

They fight thier way out of Grandmaster’s arena. Unbeknownst to them, Grandmaster and Hela and probably Loki 

Are playing a much more deeper and dangerous game. 

Hela or Surtur 

will most likely possess the Soul Gem. A prize the Grandmaster hopes to attain. 
My guess is.. By the end, it would be revealed that Grandmaster was playing more then 1 game, and by the end of it, loses to Thanos. Giving him either the Infinity Stone his brother The Collecter had (The Ether) or the Soul Stone that he wins from Hela! 

I pray that the scene has Grandmaster telling Thanos, “I know what you are Planning to do with these Stones, Mad Titan. And i must warn you.. You are playing  a most dangerous game..” (PLEASE! Make that happen Marvel!) 

Anywhoo.. I think I have droned on long enough.. These pictures have me even more hyped for Thor 3! I have a lot of high hopes for this installment of the Thor Franchise! 

And before i go.. One honest to goodness prediction, if it doesnt happen I’ll be dissapointed.. BUT! I honestly think.. We wont know until the movies release.. But i think.. Thor: Ragnarok is going to introduce..

Beta Ray Bill. If in fact Thor loses Mjilnor in this movie. Bill is the clear logical choice to be the one to weild the Hammer. 

What do YOU folks think? What do these photos make you feel or think about the next Thor film? Please leave your comments below. Leave a like. Share. Follow. Subscribe.. ANYTHING DAMN IT! Thx for reading folks..

Until next time.. Peace out!

“BREAKING NEWZ!!: Marvel Studios Offers First Look At ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

Mere Hours ago, Marvel gave the world its first beautiful glimpse into “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” 

Lets take a moment and (pun intended) ‘Marvel’ at what is currently in the works.. 

OHHHHHHHH!!! That my friends is the sound of a grown man.. Moistening his undergarments to an unimaginable depth..


Now, very quickly. What stands out to me, was that we got, was our first look at certain possible concept art work of THANOS, and how he could be appearing in the film..

At the start, we got this nice shot of a set they shot on from Day One

My guess being a possible off planet location. Or a crash site for the Milano? 

Three cast members giving us their quick thoughts on the journy they are looking forward to on this film..

Clearly from the same set. Also! want to point out.. RDJ is wearing his IRON MAN mocap suit. Pratt in his STARLORD gear.. And Mr. Holland.. In a down jacket?! We are getting a new Spidey Suit.. My hope is for the Black Costume. But most likely.. Maybe the Iron Spider Suit. Meaning hes in a special Mocap suit that shows off the design that the suit will look like. 

But honestly.. Just seeing these three guys together on the same screen was oh-so Nerdgasmic! 

NOW! Probably the BIGGEST concept Art Work that was shown, was of Rocket Racoon side by side with THOR!..


BUT!.. Anyone else notice something funny about this pic? Anyone? Lets take a closer look..

Still dont see it?.. Lets zoom in just a bit closer shall we..

THAT! My friends.. is NOT Mjlnor! So, possible Spoiler Alert!  Thor will Not get Mjlnor Back by the end of ‘RAGNOROK’ Now, thats just pure speculation on my part. And if im not mistaken, i think his loss of Mjlnor in Ragnorok is a plot point in the movie itself. I think that was announced in an official synopsis for Thor:Ragnorok awhile back. But!.. Just judging from this pic.. I dont think he hets it back. I think Thor is gonna be wielding an Axe in Infinity War. 

So.. What are you folks thinking? Has this nice little inside look into Infinity War increased your Hype for this movie? What did you get out of this video package? Hit me up! Comment Below! Subscribe and Follow! 

Thx for reading folks, Until next time.. Peace Out!

“‘Game of Thrones’ Star, PETER DINKLAGE, Eyed For ‘Key’ Role in ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

It was reported yesterday that Marvel Studios is courting ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage 

For a “Key” and “Important” Role in the, soon to start production, ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’. 

Naturally, Geek ‘News’ sites began chomping at the bit about the possibilities of whom Peter could possible play. (My Short List coming in a few) 

Peter Dinklage is no strager to the comic book film world, having appeared in ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’. Playing Sentinels creator, Bolivar Trask. 

Quick history lesson. When Dinklage was announced, Chatter quickly type casted and speculated that he would be playing Puck.

The diminuative Canadian superhero from Alpha Flight. Clearly this kind of fan casting is rather.. For lack of a better word, small thinking if you asked me. Not that he wouldnt have been awesome as the character. But his acting skill far surpasses a character like Puck. So, it was a very nice surprise to find him playing Bolivar Tarsk. And he rocked it! Even with such sparse screen time he gave Trask a presentation worth recognition. 

NOW, We in the nerd comunity is falling down that same hole yet again. This time clearly putting Dinklage as possibly being offered the role of..

Pip. The Troll.. *sigh* Honestly, As much as it would be cool to see Pip and other Infinity Watch characters appear in the MCU.. I dont see him as a ‘Key’ or ‘Important’ character for the events of Infinity War’.  He barely mattered in the actiual comic. So, I dont think Marvel is looking to waste such talent on such a.. So-so chracter. 

Here are some of my suggestions/hopes. 


The Watchers are an ancient race of Cosmic Beings whose sole purpose is to watch and record all events of a designated Universe. Uatu being the Watcher of Earth 616 (The Main Marvel Comics Universe). Dinklage is the type of actor who could really sink his teeth in to such a role. He brings along a very regal sensibility to himself. If it is not Uatu, perhaps a rouge Watcher who wishes to help save the universe by interfering with events? 

EROS/STARFOX (Thanos’s Younger Brother) 

Eros has a way with words. Which is his superpower. As Tyrion Lannister on ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dinklage is quite the wordsmith. Able to out talk and out think his adversaries. Eros would be an inspired choice. Bringing real, diversity in to the family tree of Thanos. 


I am salivating at the thought of this character coming in to the MCU. The mere mention of his name in ‘Dr.Strange’ made me lose my mind. Dinklage can have a very imposing voice. Playing the CGI character of Tribunal would be epic with just his voice alone. Coming in at the most intense moment of the film. Stopping Thanos from destroying the universe and tipping the balance in favor of the Heroes would be really cool. 

And finally.. Probably my most favorite pick behind The Living Tribunal..


Come on.. Who wouldnt want to see the introduction of the Beyonder in Infinity War?! And with the talents of Dinklage at the helm.. Its a match made in heaven. Something so immensely powerful, in the vessel of someone so small. Its too good to pass up. No one would see Dinklage coming. 

What do you folks think? Who would you want to see Dinklage play in the MCU, IF he were to join the franchise. I hope he does sign up. And i hope Marvel gives him the right character. 

So, Until Next Time Folks.. Peace Out!

The Speculating Nerd: Speculates on “THOR 3:RAGNOROK!”

WASABI, Nerds and Nerdettes! You know who it is.. So lets not waste any time and get right down to the Speculating!


“THOR: RAGNAROK!” The third and possibly final THOR Film in the franchise is near Pre-Production and is set to hit theaters sometime, Next year. That is unless they moved it around to make room for another film they may have added to the scheduale. Either way, It’s right around the corner.

Major news has dropped concerning the film in the last weeks or so. (Granted, I’m a little late in reporting on them. But I wanted ALL the facts before I dived in.) One is actual news and the other is more.. RUMOR, But both major news in their own right. Lets start with the Actual News.


is our Villainess “HELA” Queen of the underworld and ruler of Asgardian Hell (or HEL)


(I sooo hope she talks like GALADRIEL  when she’s calm, and then like..



Cate is a tremendous talent. She’s PERFECT for a character like HELA. When it was first rumored a few months back that she was talking with Marvel to appear in Thor. Everyone assumed she would be ENCHANTESS. But I always said, She’s gonna be HELA!

Now for the RUMOR!


So! It’s been rumored recently that a HUGE chunk of Plot Points for the film has been “leaked” online, according to Geek (something or other) dot com. Then a shit ton of other Geek-News sites jumped on the stories dick and swallowed it whole.. Right down to the ball sack.

I am slightly tempted to say, “Spoiler Warning: If you don’t want to know any of this bull shit, then click on another story..” But, FUCK THAT!! Their aint no SPOILERS!! We do not know if any of this shit is Actually TRUE! This is all.. Dare I say.. SPECULATION and RUMOR! And the story goes a little something like this..

Hela joins forces with Loki, in an attempt to bring about the downfall of Asgard/The Nine Realms. Aka: Ragnarok! Once THOR’s spidey sence starts to tingle.. HELA destroys Mjolnier and banishes Thor on some shit-back planet known as… Wait for it.. SA’KAAR! Whilst there, Thor is forced to become a Gladiator and fight for his freedom. (This is starting to sound somewhat familier?!) In the process, our Thunder-Buddy for life, must face off against the planets greatest warrior.. Wait for it.. HULK!! (?!)



Thats right folks.. We are getting our long awaited PLANET HULK movie.. In Thor 3?!?

Now.. As understandably cool as that may sound… It’s also FUCKING STUPID! (at least in my humble opinion) First of all, this is THOR:RAGNAROK! Not THOR:PLANET HULK! This is supposed to be about the END TIMES! The first half of the story makes total sense. HELA and Loki MUST team up. HELA destroying Mjolnier is pretty epic. The banishing part sounds really cool as well.. They lost me with the whole Gladiator and Hulk part.

I know there’s no way Marvel would be as stupid as to water down a pretty wonderful story such as PLANET HULK to squeeze into a Thor film. It doesn’t make sense! However, what does make sense is what could have happened to the Hulk. End of AGE OF ULTRON, it’s said that they “May” have found the crashed Quinn Jet he was on.. But they didn’t find Him! He could very well had been abducted by aliens or.. (Even Better) HELA herself could have captured the Hulk.

This is the part where I move away from the rumor mill.. And shimmy on over to Speculation-Ville.. I think I’ll call this part..


First: HELA should be the one to have captured Hulk and lure him to HEL so she could use him to bring about Ragnarok. Perhaps as a tool to destroy Thor and Asgard.. OR (bare with me) Use him to be the vessel for the spirit of SURTUR!


Perhaps, after being defeated by Odin and his brothers a Millenia ago. Surtur is nothing more then a spirit. The Hulk would be the perfect host for the bringer of Ragnarok.

Second: This is the perfect time to broaden the Thor-Universe. Introduce more characters.. Such as, but not limited to..

image image

image image

Bromhilda aka: Valkyrie, BETA RAY BILL! Executioner and The Enchantress and perhaps maybe even, Eric Masterson Aka: Thunderstrike! All great characters.. But I’m really praying for BETA RAY BILL! He NEEDS to be in the MCU.. Like right now!

Third: Bring Kenneth Braughna back to direct.. Dear god marvel, bring him back!!!


Fourth: THOR. Must. Die!!


Yes. I’m serious. THOR HAS TO DIE! I’ll tell you why. HELA has craved one thing in all her comic existence.. The soul of The Mighty Thor! She would go to great lengths to claim it. With the None Realms in great Peril.. Thor sacrifices himself to save the day! It doesn’t have to be a gruesome death.. But he has to die! (Perhaps paving the way for a new Thor?.. Just a thought!)


This also gives Thor the ultimate Hero Moment! Laying his life on the line for the greater good! This also kinda fits with another part of the Rumor I mentioned earlier. The report also states that HELA would be in fact THE representation of MISTRESS DEATH in the MCU. The same Mistress Death that THANOS lusts after. Which would then make for a very interesting moment in the upcoming INFINITY WAR. The Avengers confront Thanos and HELA, and she brings forth her “undead” slave Thor, forcing him to battle his former friends! (YES, PLEASE!) Furthermore.. If HELA is to be the MCU’s Mistress Death in the INFINITY WAR.. Then perhaps, LOKI should be the Mephisto of the story as well!?


Whispering in Thanos’s ear and playing adviser, whilst plotting his own nefarious scheme!

Fifth: Bring the Original Thor Score from the first movie.. A film like this need to have that Epic type of score. Unfortinutly, DARK WORLD did not have that same music score. It needs to come back for this one.. (Someone get Patrick Doyle on the Phone!?!)  If you need a reminder on how awesome that score was.. Take a moment and Listen to this..

WELL.. That’s all I got! Is there anything you folks would like to see happen in THOR 3? HIT ME UP FOR FUCKS SAKE! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG!!

Until next time.. DUCES!!




“Tell me..” Says a cold dark voice. “What secrets do you hold? Where do you come from?”

A Bright Yellow Ring is placed on a small pedistool. A light beams on it, as it begins to float. Lasers begin to scan the small trinket.


“Tell Me… What, power do you possess?..” As if in response, the Ring begins to glow.. And *FLASH*

The Blue Creature, known as, Ganthet. Soars through space. Not far behind, His elite, of the elite, Green Lantern Corp. Killowag, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Laira. “You plan on ever telling us where we are going, Ganthet?!” Asked Hal. “I would think it would be obvious by now, Green Lantern Hal Jordan.” Said Ganthet as he soared faster ahead of them. “Whoa!” They said collectively.

Far off in the distance. A pulsating Aurora could be seen in a straight line through space. They quickly sped up to catch up with Ganthet. “What is this?!?” Asked Killowag. “This! Green Lantern Killowag.. Is a tare in space.. But nothing like I have ever seen before.”

“So, Ganthet. You actually heeded my words!” Said a voice behind them. They wheel  around to find Sinestro floating overhead.


“SINESTRO!!” Hal exclaimed. “This is way beyond your skills! How are you doing this?!?” “Still ever the hot head, Jordan?.. This is not my doing.” Says Sinestro. “Bull-” Hal starts, “Sinestro speaks the truth, Hal!” Ganthet interrupted him. “This is not of this galaxy…” Ganthet mused as he studied the anomaly. “Meaning??” Asked Killowag. “It did not originate from this side of the Galaxy.” Answered Sinestro. “Are you saying, that beyond this rift.. Is another galaxy?” Asked Laira.

“More then that!” Ganthet stated, “Another reality all together..” “That don’t sound so good.” Said Killowag. “Not good at all, Friend Killowag.” Said a soft voice. A Indigo Lantern flew toward them, followed by Atrocitus, Star Saphire, Larfleeze and many other Lanterns came not far behind. “Looks like a lantern family reunion, huh?!” Hal quipped to Stewart.


“There is a Strange.. Energy, beyond this rift..” The Indigo lantern mused. “What’s strange about it?” Stewart asked, “Energy is energy, right?!” “Negative..” Said The Indigo Lantern, “It’s not?!?” ” No.. The Energy.. I mean.. It’s, Negative Energy!” Said The Indigo Lantern.

“Negative Energy?.. THATS new!..” Said Hal. Suddenly the Rift began to boil and pulsate erratically. “What the hell?!?” Exclaimed Killowag. “LANTERNS!! DEFEND YOURSELVES!!” Ganthet yelled and The Rift exploded wide open with a bright light.

The light faded away, and Hal’s eyes opened wide at the sight he beheld. A tremendous fleet of spaceships.



‘The Annihilation War lasted several months. Many Great and Powerful Lanterns  perished in the battles that followed. But soon, the Guardians of the universe had   come up with a plan to send the invaders back. A Suicide Mission. Only the Best were needed to carry out this mission. Atrocitus, John Stewart, Ganthet and my wielder, Sinsetro. They infiltrated the Negative Zone, to plant a  super nova generator. The resulting blast within the heart of the Annihilation Wave, would result in a black hole. Causing the Wave to be sucked back in to its own dimension of space. My Master was attacked… In the final moments of the mission. His hand was severed. He escaped.. But I, was left behind.. The Mission was a success. The Annihilation Wave was sent back in to its on space. The Rift in space was sealed.. But I remained lost. I needed a wielder. I need one who could be worthy of my power. I traveled the span of this new and strange galaxy. Searching for the one… Worthy of my Power.. That, is when I sensed you…  Thanos, of Titan!’


‘You, and You alone can Harness my power within this universe. None can withstand, The Power Of Fear!’

Thanos leaned  back in his chair, as he looked over the Ring in his hand. “‘The Power Of Fear'” he mused stroking his chin. “Hmm.. I wonder.. Hmph!” He smiled. After a moment, he slowly placed the Ring on to his finger. A great sensation flooded over him. “Oh, my!” His eyes blazed a golden yellow. “I could get used to this!” He smiled broadly!



There you go folks! Not my best work, but I enjoyed putting that together in my head! I love the idea of Thanos in possession of Sinestro’s power ring. I saw this picture online and fell in love with it. So I came up with this idea of how he could get it in his grasp. Hope you liked it. Feel free to leave some comments and subscribe. Hopefully I’ll have the last chapter of Wolverine vs Predator for you very soon! Thx again folks.

So, until next time… Peace out!