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Its Monday! I figured, maybe mondays should be for Movie Reviews.. So here we are!

Friday, August 5th brought us the premier of WB’s and DC’s second attempt (Not Including Man Of Steel) at building their Cinematic Universe, “SUICIDE SQUAD”, Directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Karen Fukuhara, Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, Jay Hernandez, and Adam Beach.

Well.. What can i say.. *sigh*.. Just when i thought DC/WB couldnt possibly surprise me.. They go and pull this.. AWESOME piece of work out of their hats! Its nowhere near Perfect. But hot damn, they made a really great movie!

THE STORY: Very by the books and probably the movies biggest weak spot. The Story itself is simplistic and straight forward. Meet the team. Problem happens. Assemble the team. Shit goes south. Team pulls together and gets the job done. Kinda that simple really. The plot is very much non important, however.. The Characters themselves, and the actors portrayals of these characters is what carries the film and what makes it work.

THE CAST: Fantastic! This movie wouldnt have worked without them. When Will Smith was originally cast as Deadshot.. I was not on board. At. All.

“Its Will Smith! Theres no way he can be in an ensemble cast. He’ll try to steal the spotlight in the worst way. Will Smith isnt even Will Smith anymore. I wanna see Deadshot, not Will Smith calling himself Deadshot. I want the character, not the actor. This sucks!”

Those Were just a few of the complaints I had. That is until i saw this movie. He did it! Will Smith is now Deadshot! He stood true to the character and didnt take me out of it at all. I saw Deadshot! And i loved it. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn didnt grab me until about half way in to the start of the film. After that it was smooth sailing. I cant wait for the “GOTHAM CITY SIRENS” Movie with her and whoever else they cast for Ivy and Catwoman. Captain Boomerang.. I was surprised how much i liked him and Jai Courtney’s delivery. Killer Croc.. Looked good.. But.. Kinda waisted, in my opinion. Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller, was spot on! she was the perfect amount of Evil Bitch that the character IS! I want more Waller/Davis in theDCECU!  And lastly.. Jared Leto’s Joker.. He isnt used a lot in the film. ( As it has been reported, a good chunk of his work was edited out.) So.. For me.. I didnt get enough Joker, to actually have an overall like.. “Its up there with Ledger and Nicholson and Hamil” kind of an opinin. But, What i CAN say is… Its a very uniqe approach to the character. While also respecting most of the source material. (its clear he took inspiration from something.. Just cant put my finger on it) But for me.. It was really very good, and i want to see what more he can bring to the role.

What is abundantly clear though, is the chemistry this cast had with each other. It translated very well on the screen and i want them together again. They clearly had fun working together and on this project.

THE POSITIVES: Mainly.. The cast and Characters are the real winners here. They saved the movie. They made it what it was. A fun, entertaining summer comic book film. The Directing was top notch.. So much so, that i am extremly interested in seeng David Ayers directors cut of this movie. If this is what he can do when its not his cut, then who knows how much awesomer his version must be.

THE NEGATIVES: The Plot. The editing. The Narritive. Its amazing how good a film can be, even when the story itself is… Rather Bland and non important. There really wasn’t much of a sense of.. Urgency to the climactic battle. The movie is soley helped by the characters and their stories and interactions with each other. If that didnt work. Then the whole film would have been a disaster. There was a Waste of some characters. Some Felt like they did not need to be there at all, and there was no connection between, us, the viewers and the characters (Namely Croc, Katana, and Enchantress.) The editing was shotty at best. You can clearly see where cuts were made and certain scenes didnt follow each other correctly. Not as terrible of a job as BVS.  But still noticable. WB needs to desperately learn how to trust the filmakers they get for these movies, like David Ayer, and NOT trust the Zack Snyders of the industry. Should have had just a  bit  more Batman though..

OVERALL: Weak script. By the book plot development. Low par editing, and story structure normaly means for a shit-tacular movie. But! massive amounts of Fun, Action and great Character portrayals and character storytelling, (and! May i add, a pretty badass soundtrack) helped make SUICIDE SQUAD the top DC Extended Cinematic Universe film, so far. (We’re waiting on YOU now,  WONDER WOMAN) BVS was a bit of a tumble out of the gate for the DCECU.. But Suicide Squad picked this universe right back up to its feet and got it sprinting!

I give “SUICIDE SQUAD” a score of… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 7 1/2 out of 10. Not Perfect, But Fucking Fun and Awesome! A Good Time At the Movies!

P.S although not a spoiler.. I will say this.. Stay after the first set of credits. Not the best after credits scene.. But DC/WB are starting to get the idea of how building a universe works.

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So, Until next time Folks… Peace Out!



Please! Please, just spare me the bull! I know I’m late. But as I have stated before in previous Blogs… It’s been a busy month!

That being said. Let me give you folks my thoughts on our first few glimpses at WB/DC’s “SUICIDE SQUAD”.

Not to long ago, SS Director, DAVID AYER  gave us our first taste of the SQUAD, by tweeting this picture.


Well.. It’s very… DC! Which is strange to say. Cause this is the same people that gave us the Orange/Green of Aquaman, Bright Blue/Red of Superman, Bright Green of Green Arrow and Green Lantern. The company that started the “Bright Colored Heroes” is the same Company that gives us these.. “Bland, Single-Toned Color” films and pictures… It’s Weird!

In the photo we got, from left to right,  Slipknot, Captain Boomerang (or Boomerrang) Enchantress, Kitana, Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and El Diablo.

El Diablo and Slipknot (who sounds like he belongs in G.I Joe) are completley unknown to me. When I first heard there was going to be an Enchantress in Suicide Squad, I honestly said, “Wait! She’s from Marvel! What the fuck?!” Has no clue there was an Enchantress in the DCU. Kitana, as far as I know, should be a member of The Birds of Prey, and has never been in the Squad in any variation. Again, as far as I know. The surprising inclusion to the Squad, for me at any rate, is Killer Croc! Clearly standing in for King Shark. I am also a little bit surprised that WB is going with a more practical effects approach with Croc.


I would not say I’m disappointed, (well maybe a little) But, it appears they are going with a more life-like Croc then some CGI monstrosity such as this look from Arkham Asylum…


Or as he looks in the comics as of late. What I DO like is his resemblance to the Arkham Origins version of Croc…


And the classic look of the BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES..


On those two bases alone I’m willing to give this approach a chance. But WB/DC has a record of bastardizing some of their best characters.. I pray that Croc isn’t one if them.

Will Smiths DEADSHOT looks.. Well… image

He looks fucking awesome! From the mask, down to the gear! So cool! I’m still not sold on Smith himself, not to say that he is not talented.. He Is! But, I just don’t know of he’s right for the character.  That being said, fantastic job on the costume!



My God! Margot Robbie looks like she was born to play Harley! I HATE this look though. (Well maybe hate is a strong word..) Okay… I LOTHE THIS LOOK! (Hmm.. That word is kinda worse.. But I’ll just leave you be) Was THIS!..


Too hard to design?.. Fuck that! How about THIS!!?…


What the fuck!?  “Hey, costume designers!! The job was already done for you dicks! All you had to do was make it!” for fucks sake! (Calm down buddy) *inhale… Exhale* Word is, there are three different costumes for Harley Quinn. So this may not be the final look she has in the film.

Not much is known about the plot of the film. But I really hope it’ll be like ASSAULT ON ARKHAM!


(In all honesty I would have preferred this set of characters over what we got instead.. But that’s just me!)

AoA, had Amanda Waller sending the team to infiltrate Arkham Asylum and apprehend The Riddler for her. The Joker showed up and all hell broke loose. Assault is by far the BEST, DCUA movie to date. Amongst the current crap they have been producing as of late.. “I’m looking at you ‘Son Of Batman'”

AGE OF ULTRON SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think that’s enough, with the exclamation points. Thanks) I called the Death of… QUICKSILVER since the very first trailer! I’m not one to say I told you so.. But I fucking told you so! NOW! I feel confident enough to do it again. This IS “The Suicide Squad” sent to do suicide missions,  cause they are in fact.. Expendable! El Diablo, Slipknot. Aaaaannnnndddd either Rick Flagg or Enchantress are all going to bite the dust by the end of this movie. (All of them?!) Give or take one or two. But I’m sticking with my choices.

All in all.. I appreciate what DC/WB is trying to do, and where they are trying to go. I can dig it… For now. Funny thing,  Out of what DC has in store for us.. I’m more looking forward to this then anything else.. Which, come to think of it, I really fucked up! Batman v. Superman is coming!! Why am I not more excited for that?!? Gosh darn it, DC/WB!

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So, until next time folks.. Peace out!