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Greetings ladies and gentelnerds and welcome to a Brand New Blog Segment! 

“WHAT?!” Is the Blog Segment in which i just ask the Question.. WHAT?! in regards to a certain bit of news that may be in the atmosphere. 

Today’s Topic?..

Its been reported, Today? Was it? Anyway, these days bleed together for me.. I have no idea what day it is now.. Anywhoo!

DC and WB announced that a slate of DC Comics centric films outside the current DCEU Universe..

One of the first films in that line up.. 

A Joker Origin Film! 

Produced by the legendary Martin Scorsese, 

and directed by “The Hangover” director Todd Phillips

Its supposed to be set in the 1980’s and is to be made to look like a Taxi Driver toned film.

The only upside I see in this..

No Jared Leto

Although he is still set to appear in both Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens.

This could be a massive success, or It could be the dumbest fucking thing for WB to try to do so soon.

Really WB? An Elseworlds set of films?!

You’ve barely been able to set up your current DCEU Universe properly!

4 films in, and the only current success you have is “WONDER WOMAN”

(I do realize i have yet done a movie review for the film.. Thats coming soon..)

Im still going go hold a wait and see mentality.. But seriously…

Until next time folks.. Peace out!



Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds and welcome. 
Today I wish to discuss a question that was brought to me by a friend on twitter (@marvelzombiek) Back when i asked for ideas for my 200th blog. (clearly i saved it for a later blog and i think it comes at a good time too.) 

He asked, “Is The DCEU Doomed To Fail?” and I’ve been contemplating on that for awhile now. At first, i would have said, ‘No.’ But.. I’m not so sure about that now.

 A lot has happened, so allow me a moment to go down some details.

BVS: Dawn Of Justice: 

Was supposed to be the official kick-off of the Warner Bros. Pictures DC centered “Cinematic Universe” (I honestly hate the ‘Extended Universe’ Tag) after the successful, but criticly scrutinized ‘MAN OF STEEL’. Things didnt go according to plan. In, what looked like, an attempt to play catch up with Marvel Studios. WB shoveled in so much plot into a dull plotted movie. It was embarrassing to watch as a fan. They hoped to set up an entire universe with 1 single film. Big mistake. The film was about 2 and a half hours long and they shoved about 3 movies worth of material in to it. (for further thoughts on BvS, check out these past blogs,  https://themarvelincblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/what-went-wrong-with-batman-v-supermandawn-of-justice/  and https://themarvelincblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/how-dcwb-should-have-set-up-the-dcecu/


An improvment over BvS and a big risk for WB.  But still lacked a cohesive plot and suffered from poor editing. Although a much more financial success. But still got rammed up the ass without vasiline by the critics and most fans. 

Is having the absouloute worst luck. The film has lost 3 directors. 2 screenwriters. Is currently on a full page 1 rewrite of the script and has no director at all. Its amazing the shit this project is going through.

Wonder Woman is still dropping in June of this year followed by 

Justice League in November. Those two films are probably WB’s last grasp at making this Movie Universe have continued life. I hope and Pray, WW is going to be awesome. I cant be anymore excited. Justice League.. Is yet another Zack Snyder directed film.. Fingers crossed is all i have to say about that.
Furthermore.. As I am putting this article together.. So much more has come to light from WB and the DCEU. 


Has decided not to direct the upcoming Solo batman film. One that he himself has co-written and is executive producing. Its also being reported that He is looking to negotiate out of his contract with WB and no longer be the Bat. So lets see What happens with that.

WB is looking for a director for the sequal, now that David Ayer has decided to turn his attention to 

Gotham City Sirens (IF that even still happens) On that short list of Directors they are courting, Mel Gibson is one of those people.. (More on that in a later blog.)
Look. It is not DC’s fault. It’s Warner Bros. Fault. For soooo many years.. Decades even. They have sat on the thier DC property as if it was nothing but a small cash cow that they can dip into every couple of years or so, once in a blue moon. Superman and Batman being their get rich quick guys. “Put 40-50 mil into this movie. Get 200+ back in return.” They dont give a flying fuck about anything else..

Until they saw the potential of Billions these “Comic Book Movies” could make, once Marvel studios started doing their thing. 

WB executive: “Hey Disney’s making billions over these picture book movies. Lets buy the rights to some of these things and do the same.”

WB lower executive: “Hey, we own a bunch of these things already!”

“WB Executive: “Since when?!”

WB lower exec: “the 1960’s” 

WB Exce: “Really? Well then.. Get to it! Just do what they’re doing” 

It’s sad really. Warner Bros. Is a fantastic film company. They crank out awesome movies, every year.. But they care about money. They care about awards. They care about profit. If it makes them money, and gets them Oscars and increases revenues.. To hell with everything else. WB’s doesnt care about building a universe. Or what it takes to do that. 

The mistakes they’ve made have been because everything they have done thus far has been in reaction to something else.

Marvel phase 1- Man of Steel

Marvel phase 2- BvS

Guatdians of the galaxy- Suicide Squad

Fans loved Wonder Woman in BvS- make a WW movie.

Fans liked Harley Quinn- give her a stand alone movie.

Batman was awesome in BvS- Push back certain release dates and work in a Batman movie.

All reactionary. They didnt plan any of this ahead of time. Cause they dont really care. As long, as it makes money. 

WB despreatly needs to find the right people to run this show.. And make DC Studios a reality. Do what disney does. “Oh, you need x amount of money for this? Ok. Have fun!” and let DC do what it CAN do best. 

Dont be like Marvel. Marvel has always been known for interconnectivity with its stories for many years. Its what they do best. DC.. Has always been about character and Story. Not universe’s and connectivity. It was always about the stories that made their books stand out from Marvel.

Thats what thier movies needed to do. Have their franchises establish themseleves and then later, if the story was right.. Bring them all together. 

That opportunity has gone and passed. As much as i would like them to just go back to the drawing board.. Its probably too late.. 

“Is the DCEU doomed to fail?”..

Maybe.. Maybe not. Its gonna be a hard road ahead for us fans.. But in order for The DCEU to survive and be successful.. WB needs to.. Backs The Fuck Off!! And find someone or a group of people that can set it all together before its too late.

Look, thats all i got folks.. I hope things work out. But thats my answer. I cant say its doomed or destined to fail.. But as long as WB is involved.. It just might Need to, in order for something to change for the better.

Let me know what you folks think. Until next time folks.. Peace out!


Early Thursday Afternoon, WARNER BROS. PICTURES and DCEU released 3 New WONDER WOMAN Movie posters.. 

We were also blessed with a Brand Spankin’ New Trailer! Lets check it out..

One. Word. EPIC!! I am so fucking hyped for this movie. What do you folks think? Please leave a LIKE! a COMMENT! And a FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE. 

DC/WB’S “WONDER WOMAN”, Starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine hits theaters June 2017! 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


So, next years (hopefully) mega super hero hit, “Wonder Woman” gets its first International Trailer..

Its in Russian.. (I think! I heard some spanish shit in there too.. But i thin lk its mostly Russian.. Could be german?!.. Ah Fuck it! You aint gonna understand shit what they are saying!) 

Clearly, it focuses in the action that was showcased in the SDCC Trailer, but keeping some of the humor as well.. Take a look for yourself.. 

What did you think if the first Wonder Woman international trailer? Let me know! 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out! 


A shit load of trailers dropped out from “SAN DIEGO: COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2016” So, I thought is share them with you, I. Hopes to remain relevant at this point in time..

NOTE: I honestly tried to shove all the trailers in to one blog.. But it was giving me a really hard fucking time.. So enjoy these trailer one at a time!



Hey there ladies and gentelnerds! I’ve been thinking.. I know, nothing good ever comes from that.. BUT, hear me out!

I’m gonna tell you, AND the big wigs over at DC/WB..

“HOW THEY SHOULD HAVE SET UP THE DCECU!” (AKA: DC Extended Cinematic Universe)

You must be thinking.. “Who the fuck are you to tell them how to run thier shit?!” Well, to put it simply, “I’M A SMARTASS!” 😁👍

THIS! Is how the DCECU is currently set up as of right now..👇


And so far we are ONE movie in, (Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice) and the SECOND soon approaches in the form of SUICIDE SQUAD!

But as I sit here, gazing upon this glorious assortment of Nerdgasms to be.. I can’t help but think.. “Yyyeeaahhh.. I can do better!” So here’s how it should have gone.. FIRST- We had “MAN OF STEEL”


Which was a very good and decent first step into this new universe.. Which should have been followed by “MAN OF STEEL 2 (Tag line: Man Of Tomorrow?!) Which should have featured a lot of the ‘plot’ elements that was in BVS. IE: the Senate Stuff. The aftermath of MOS and the destruction of Metropolis. The constant questioning of what Superman means to the very structure of our lives. And you know what.. I would keep Eisenbergs LEX LUTHOR, I kinda liked it a little. In the hands of a better screenplay and MUCH better director then Zack Snyder. (Yes! One and done for mister Snyder in my fantasy!) I am certain that version of Lex Would have worked better. Have Lex create BIZZARO which would be our feature Villain. BUT! Have him be a perfect clone at first.. Then, his genetic structure starts to break down and so to does the creatures sanity. Resulting in our beloved grey skinned version of the character. Before that, Have Lex somehow entrap our hero. Perhaps secretly creating a problem off world that would result in SUPERMAN’s disappearance for a short time. Allowing Clone Superman to ruin his name in the public eye. Giving Superman that moment of “SEE! I am the good guy!” As he defeats Bizzaro, without causing such widespread damage and in font of the world. Giving people a reason to love him and build a monument in his honor. (Here’s the part where we start planting some seeds for the future) It’s not revealed that Lex was behind the whole thing.. In the privacy of his main office, he receives a message from.. (Wait for it..) Granny Goodness! (side note- Granny Goodness should be played by an old man in drag playing an actual woman) “We gave you the tools to remove the Kryptonian from the picture.. The Master will not be pleased.” “The best laid plans take time, my dear ‘Granny’ In due time.. In due Time.” (Now either this or this next idea, can be swapped as the after credits scene) We see Batman, in his BatCave, reviewing on multiple screens, the Zod fight, the Bizzaro fight, and Superman being rewarded by the President.. Says nothing, but sits back in his chair and ponders.

Leading to..



Again. Taking SOME, and I do mean some. Things from BvS. (Except the whole killing shit.. Non of that!) While Batman deals with a particular problem in Gotham. How does he cope with being a hero in a world with a Superman. Some criminals opting not to really fear a man in a bat suit, when there’s a Guy who flies and takes down buildings barehanded. “Who’s afraid of the big bad bat?” Forcing Batman to go a little hardcore. Leaving Alfred concerned.. “Don’t fall down a path from which there is no return Master Bruce.” While dealing with the main villain of the film.. (I would like someone like a BLACK MASK or maybe even THE COURT OF OWLS, which could bridge out in to a trilogy storyline) things go a little sideways and someone dies. Accidentally, of course. Causing past Partner Dick Grayson to stop by and try and help Bruce find his way back. With various mentions to other heroes and characters helping up broaden the Batman World. Dick finds that Brice has been obsessing with Superman saying, “You don’t need to be like him Bruce, your way has always worked and always will!” “But what if it isn’t enough, Dick? What If I need to be.. More.. The world.. Is changing.. There are.. Others!” (Here we get our Cameo Montage from BvS. Aquaman, Flash, a brief glimpse of John Stewart and perhaps a file labeled J’ohn J’ones, OR another brief glimpse at a Billy Baxton?!) “Superman.. Is NOT the only ‘Threat’ out there.” Batman says. The Solo Batman Movie wouldn’t necessarily need a direct tie in to any other movie.. But maybe..


THIS.. Is where DC can establish itself as a More unique Universe from Marvel. Not every movie needs to have a single thread to tie them altogether. They can have their stand alone franchises that exist within a larger universe. Like Netflix shows, but on the big screen. SUICIDE SQUAD could be the first of many in this style of Universe building! Lets take a step back from all that and have some du with a group of villains on a suicide mission to save the world. And if theyare serious about this kind of universe building, they can follow up SS with a stand alone DEATHSTROKE film!


THEN we get back to the main universe with..


We NEED to do a live action retelling of the animated film.. “SUPERMAN/SHAZAM: The Return Of Black Adam” only that it would be mostly a Shazam centered movie. Bringing in Superman toward the end of the first act or the middle of the Second. Billy gets his powers from the wizard Shazam because he is aware that Black Adam is soon to return. (Here’s where you can play with time just a little) The Superman we get can be the superman after the events of MoS 2. But we will get glimpses of Billy around the time of MoS1. He gets his powers and has fun with it. Putting him under Batman’s radar in the solo Bat film. This new hero also gets Supermans attention, looking to help guide the new kid. Enter Black Adam! And the rest is laid out in the animated movie. Superman discovers he’s vulnerable to Magic, and so on and so forth.. (After credits scene.. Perhaps, Lex and Granny discuss the Arrival of Shazam. But Granny stresses that Superman is the main concern… “We now Know that Magic is his weakness!” Says Granny, “I am no magician ‘Granny’ But I am looking into something more.. Tangable.. And we get out first look at Kryptonite)

We follow that with..


That’s Right! THE FLASH! We all know the story, But.. In this movie we will also explore the aspect of Time Travel! And we won’t have to wait 22 (albeit beautiful) episodes to get to that. Which would play a key plot point in future movies! (That’s a Key Word right there, Movies!)

AQUAMAN would follow Flash,


THEN.. FINALLY! We get a REAL..image

BATMAN v. SUPERMAN (fuck the dawn of shit!) A real, straight forward, Batman meets Superman, Movie! And I don’t mean meet three times and then fight. We look at the real meat of these two Goliath’s. Two ideologies. Two very different views on the world and how they deal with it! Yes, we get Kryptonite. Yes, we get a uniting threat. Yes we get Wonder Woman! But! No one dies, (I’m looking at you superman!) No one gives a shit about MARTHA! And it will all make sense! By the end.. Machinations are discovered and Batman realizes, that precautions have to be put into rotation.

Follow that with..


I would still keep it in a time period like WW1. Have her battle Aries as he plots to use Earth as the ultimate battle ground for the downfall of the gods. Have him say something like.. “And as I rise to the throne of Olympus, The old gods will fall.. Making way for the Rule of the NEW GODS!” (See what I did there) Aries is in with Apokolips and Darksied. Bang! In the aftermath, a Mother Box is uncovered. The Government gets their hands on it. Which in present day, Lex gets ahold of it and them Dr. Stone (Cyborgs dad) gets his hands on it. And maybe we can get a… TEEN TITANS movie..

image image

Lex Is the villain. Cyborg is created, the Mother Box is explained in a little more detail. Granny Goodness and her Furies could be the final boss type battle.

THEN, just before the big show..


Now, The GLC movie can be interchanged with the TT movie, when it comes to release date. But I would have these two back to back. GLC can be used very much like Guardians Of The Galaxy was used for Marvel. But could also take place on earth and in space.


(at this point I’m going to make a very weird proposal.. Bare with me, and save your foul language toward my intelligence for the comments section..)



I would play Part one, as part two.  Literally pick up in the middle of a story. Shit has hit the fan! Things went horribly wrong at some point and towards the end.. DARKSIED has won the final battle, and We send Flash back in time to set things Right. In between the two parts of JL, we can fit in a TRINITY FILM!


To set up the JUSTICE LEAGUE:PART TWO! Here’s the tricky part. Flash has been effecting things throughout the Main Films timeline. And how he does it has to be done.. Not like a pie in the face obvious way.. But in a smart way, that makes viewers go.. “OHH!! Holy Shit that was bold!” And they have to realize it towards the final arc of the lead up films.. And JL 2 would be the big climactic formation of the JUSTICE LEAGUE we know and love!

This whole movie slate would have to pick up directly after MAN OF STEEL, and not two or three years later. So it may seem like a lot in a small timeframe. But my slate would be from, 2013-2019/20. That mean’s that my slate would start right away. And i would make Roughly Two or Three films a year. (I’m WB! I can do that!)

SO! That’s what I got! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Comment below. Subscribe and or follow the Blog. Hit me up on Twitter and Instagram. @Sgsonny70 and @Marvel_Inc2099.

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!


Greetings Ladies and Gentelnerds, and welcome to another addition of “What Went Wrong With..!” And today we are gonna look in to..


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

Before I begin. Please be advised that I will be delving in to Major spoilers territory. So! If you have not yet seen BVS, and don’t want to be spoiled by what I bring up… Please feel free to click on to any other of my blog articles that might peek your interest.

Again… THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD!! (You’ve been warned)

Fisrt and Foremost: image THE DIRECTING: Or lack there of was… FUCKED UP!  To say the least. Zack Snyder is.. A Cinematographer on Steriods! He knows how to make shots look beautiful. He knows how to set them up In  Such a way, that I doubt we will ever find another like him for a very long time. BUT! That does not make for a great director. To me, a director not only sets up the shot and trys to get the best angle possible, But he/she must also TELL A STORY!! Making things look good is the Cinematographers job. That’s what makes them so important. The right Director and the right cinematographer is the one-two punch secret of making a movie. (Besides, OF COURSE, The Writers. It is team effort) But in sticking with the Director/ Cinematographer topic for the moment.. Zack can’t be both! And he is much more suited to being a Cinematographer, then a director. He can’t tell a coherent story if it saved his life. With BVS, it seemed like he was more concerned with setting up the next “BIG SHOT” then telling a Story. And it’s very noticeable.. (At least to me) From the opening credits, to the very last shot. The direction was not solid. It’s all over the place.

I have seen the film already about… Five times. Once in theaters, the rest?.. Well… Lets just say… image

(Fuck you! Only God can Judge Me!!)

So, I’ve been looking at this movie very closely. So this next thing sticks out a bit..


THE EDITING: Was very sloppy. It was all over the place. There were several scenes that were not necessary. I found myself looking at scenes that should have been here, but it was there, and vice versa. Again, that failure lands on the shoulders of the director. It almost seems like he didn’t show up to the editing room. He gave the editor a list of his shots that he wanted in the final cut and said, “See you in a few days!” And IF Snyder was in that editing room the whole time.. Then he really is a dumbass.

(Allow me a moment to re-edit a few things: First- Take out the stupid Batman origin in the opening credits (don’t need that) replace it with the Bruce Wayne in Metropolis during the events of Man Of Steel’s finale. Then open with the Knightmare Sequence (more on that in a few) Make it a little longer. Then reveal the “it’s a Dream” aspect with Batman waking in bed with that ‘Mystery lady’ Second- When we first meet Lex, he’s trying to get some senators to agree to allow him to ship a giant load of Kryptonite into the country. In the tail end of the meeting, he’s asking/demanding/bargaining one of the Senators in to giving him access to the Kryptonian Ship and Zod’s body. We have a split time lapse of him asking and getting what he wants at the same time. He gets Zod’s body and uses a piece of Kryptonite to slice off Zods finger prints. Not before we see him in the aformentioned Ship. Now keep in mind, during that scene, he’s wearing a powder blue suit. (Here’s where the editing fucks up) We see him on the ship again, an Hour and 45 minutes later, wearing said blue suit, using Zods prints to gain access in to the Genisis Chamber, where he uses Zods little black “USB” to active the ship and learn all of its secrets!… These pieces would have been better suited to have been a whole complete scene. The second half had no place in being toward the near end of the film.That’s about it for me.. But there is a lot of really weird editing choices.


THE DREAMS!!: The FUCKING Dreams.. I counted.. At least..3 stupid fucking dream sequences! Including the opening Batman origin scene. It’s a dream sequence too. The Bats he finds down the hole he falls in as a kid, lift him up and out of the hole.. STUPID! So stupid, they needed Ben Affleck to do a voice over explaining that it’s a dream. Another completely stupid dream, is one where Batman visits his parents parents grave, leaves flowers for his mother, and blood starts to leak from her tomb.. As he looks closer, I giant monster Bat breaks through and attacks him.. Causing him to wake up in bed with the aforementioned “Mystery Woman” (Something tells me.. That Woman, is Jenna Malone and her part was cut out of the film..) Why the fuck was that dream necessary to keep in the movie? What Purpose to the story did it serve? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! It was fucking Stupid!

(I recently reflected on this next dream.. And trying to make sense out of it hurt my brain..) The Knightmare Batman dream… Why, oh why! Would Batman Dream of PARADEMONS.. And the OMEGA SYMBOL.. When he has no prior knowledge of these things ever existing!!?? (‘But it was just a dream bro!’) is what your probably saying.. But! In the context of the film, In which it’s a Batman fearing what A Superman would do to the world if left unchecked… Shouldn’t the dream be more about.. Batman leading a rebellion against Superman!? Shouldn’t there be a giant ‘S’ burned into the ground not an Omega Symbol? The first half of the dream should have gone the way it was going. But without the PARADEMONS flying in. And at the start of the film. And the Second half


Should have been revisited later on the film, Just Before Flash’s big Cameo with a warning from the future! But the way it’s presented.. Literally feels like two different dreams in one! None of it fit together coherently. The Parademons felt like an after thought, shoved in, to hint at something else to come. Stupid!

THE PLOT!: This was DC/WB’s Hail Mary pass at building it’s Cinematic Universe. So they shove everything and the kitchen sink into this movie! (Literally! Batman whacks Superman over the head with a Sink during the fight) Granted.. It’s a big movie.. But, a film like this. Should, logically, have a total of.. 3, maybe 4 Sub-Plots in order to carry the film to its ultimate goal. AND all those plots, MUST tie into the main plot in a cohesive fashion. BVS, had a total of.. (At least by my count) 6 or 7 fucking sub-plots! WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK?!? And you people thought Zack Snyder was the man for the job?!? Fuck! I’m gonna try and count down the ones I noticed, 1. U.S Senate/Government had a thing against Superman, 2. Batman was tracking some Russian Mercenary (Rumored to be KGBEAST) which leads to 3. Batman looking into Lex Luthors files to find out what is what, 4. Lex wanted Kryptonite, 5. Lois trying to clear Supermans name in an incident with a African Terrorist, 6. Lex framing Superman for said incident and the explosion of the U.S Senate (which is then discarded quickly) 7. Batman Wants Kryptonite!, 8. Lex wants Batman and Superman to kill each other for some reason, 9. Wonder Woman is investigating Lex because he has a picture of her from WW1!, 10. Lex is keeping tabs on other MetaHumans (IE: Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman), 11. Batman Hates Superman, 12. Superman does not approve of Batmans methods, 13. (Holy fuck I’m on 13!) Flash’s warning From the Future! Aaaaannndd…. 14. THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN!! HOLY FUCK! 14?!? Damn this fucking movie was overstuffed!


Now. To be fair to BVS.. Movie Batman has been killing people since 1989.. But geez!! He outright MURDERS PEOPLE! With GUNS! Cars! Brands! His Bare Hands! He Kills! You would think.. After all these years of Batman Killing on Film.. They would try and NOT have him kill anyone on THIS movie!? Just a suggestion!


BATMAN/SUPERMAN: The relationship between these two characters was not even the focus of the movie! The title of the movie.. IS A LIE!! Until the very end! It’s DC’s big two.. And they failed to establish any type of real.. Feelings between the two of them. They meet a total of 3 times. Once at the party, the second in the “Do You Bleed?” Scene, then the third time.. Is the fight! Literally.. That’s it! And the way they stop the fight!.. STUUUPIIDDD!!! “Your mom’s name is Martha?! My moms name was Martha! Dude! We should be friends!” You fucking scumbags!! “I’m a friend of your son” he tells Martha Kent after rescuing her.. Fuck No your not! You just tried to kill him a few minutes ago!!… FUCK! Supermans Funeral: “I failed him in life.. I won’t fail him in death” You wanted to KILL HIM the day before you fuck bag!! DAMN IT DC!! The Fuck!?

Speaking of..


THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN!: You fucking Scum Suckers! You. did. not. EARN THAT!! You put so much into this film and then you Crowbar in The Death of Superman!? Have you no fucking respect for this character!? I felt NOTHING! I felt nothing but.. “Oh!.. They went there?.. They killed Superman?”


Surprise was all I could give. I should have been in tears! You should have made me FEEL! But No! You dumb fucks don’t know what to do with Superman in a solo run, that you decide to have him float around the whole movie like a fucking Ornament, and then Kill him off! “Oh, we’ll just figure out a way to bring him back in the Justice League movies! “FUCK YOU DC!” Now I’m pissed! Your Greatest Superhero besides Bats and WW.. You treat him like Shit! You gave him nothing to do but mope around and feel sorry for himself, and then sacrifice himself in the worst possible way!

HERE’s HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE!: (Because I’m a Smart-Ass!)

Man of Steel 2: The aftermath of MOS. Government elements from this movie. Lex is Main Villain, He creates..(wait for it) BIZZARRO (You dumb fucks! Not doomsday!) over the course of the battle, Superman earns love and respect from the world and Metropolis. (Batman cameos from the sidelines like, “Yeah, whatever. But he’s still dangerous!”)

-Batman Solo movie- (Maybe) or a REAL BvS Film!

MOS 3! Doomsday arrives on earth and the world looks to their savior, Superman to save the day! If you Must! THAT!! Is when you Kill Superman! Introduce the Trinity here, and in front of the whole world.. Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice, and dies protecting the world he loves from this monster! Hence earning the monument and the candle light vigils and Shit!

BUT! DC/WB were in such a mad dash to catch up with Marvel Studios.. That they shoved 3 movies worth of storytelling into one film. And everybody sees their mistakes! You had TWO FUCKING YEARS to make this movie DC/WB. And….


MAKE IT EPIC!.. And you failed!.. Maybe not miserably.. But. You. Failed!

Try.. PLEASE.. As you continue forward with this DC Cinematic Universe.. TRY to show these characters that we LOVE, some Respect!

I think I dragged on long enough.. Would love to hear your thoughts.. BUT! Before you accuse me of Hating on DC and being a Marvel Lover. Let me say this.. I do LOVE Marvel.. I AM a Marvel Fan.. But! I also LOVE DC.. I AM A COMIC FAN! Marvel and DC are my Life.. But I am not gonna put up Blinders around my eyes and say this Movie was the greatest thing ever. The Company I Love.. Miss used the Characters I Love! And I am not afraid to call them out on it!

“HEY, DC.. Do better next time! FOCUS!”

Now I’m done! Thank you all very much for reading. I hope I made some sense to you. Would like to hear your thoughts!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!