Its been reported that WB, DC and NEW LINE CINEMA (a subsidiary film studio under Warner Bros. Pictures and holder to the film production rights to Shazam) Has announced that the, looonnnggg awaited and equally long discussed Shazam/Black Adam film, Starring Dwayne ‘THE ROCK’ Johnson as Black Adam, will be made into a Two Part Movie. 

This news makes one speculate on wheather if they will in fact lead with the Villain, Before the Hero.. And if i may say, That Makes A Lot Of Sense!
The mythology around Shazam alone is a lot to explain in just one movie. And I believe they should start with the ‘First’ Shazam.. Black Adam.

The Rock’s charisma alone would make it hard for some (some) people not to like Black Adam at first sight. So, it would help if they build him up as the black hearted villain that is Black Adam.

The first film should be Black Adams origin story. Taking place in Ancient Egypt, make Black Adam the relatable hero. An unstopable threat comes to Egypt bringing Adam in to contact with the Wizard Merlin. Granting him the powers of Shazam! And thus we get the classic tale of absolute power.. Corrupts absolutely. Turning Adam in to the villain at the end of the film. Merlin imprisons him, only for him to return in the second film, “SHAZAM: THE RETURN OF BLACK ADAM” or something like that..

What do you folks think? Are you glad this movie is finally going somewhere? Is it a good idea to split the Shazam movie onto two parts? Share your thoughts, Comment below. Please follow and subscribe. Thanks so very much for reading.

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!



  1. Your idea is a lot like the original story. Though there was no “threat” described in the flashback in that story written in 1945, the wizard had been fighting evil for thousands of years, and gave Black Adam the power to carry on the fight. Immediately (in the flashback) he went straight to the pharaoh, snapped his neck, and took the throne. The wizard then banished him to the farthest star, and it took Black Adam 5,000 years to fly back.

    Of course, by the time he got back, the Marvel Family was well established, and they battled to a standstill, until BA was tricked by Uncle Marvel into saying the Magic Word, and when he transformed back into his mortal self, he crumbled to dust.

    This story has been re-hashed at least three times in animations by DC

    Later, when DC revived Captain Marvel in the 1970’s (long story), Dr. Sivana revived him in his “reincarnation machine,” bringing Black Adam back to live as a villain on Captain Marvel’s world, Earth-S

    Since then, Black Adam’s origin has been tweaked with each re-boot of Captain Marvel, and the New 52’s “Shazam.” I fully expect the movie version to be original, with but the barest relation to the 1945 version.

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