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WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!”Marvel Studio’s ‘THOR: RAGNAROK'” (Small Spoilers Are Possible)

Greetings ladies and gentelnerds, and welcome back to “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!” Todays movie?.. Seriously? Do you have to ask? 


THE STORY: “Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former ally. Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization” 

The plot. For what it is, and how it is presented, is great! Its simple and straight forward. Its not the strongest plot, in the sense of depth. But it’s a very entertaining story. 


The cast was on point. Everyone was clearly enjoying themselves and their roles and how they were playing them. Chris Hemsworth 

.. I will say… Is on the level of Hugh Jackman. I can not see anyone else as Thor. Although Jane Foster Thor wouldnt be a problem for me.. But no one else can be Thor and he should play this role until the end of time.

Tom Hiddelston’s Loki was, of course, perfection. Although he didnt have much to do. 

Cate Blanchett

Chewed the scenery every chance she had. Although not given a whole lot to do. She still made every scene count. She portrayed Hela Wonderfully. 

Jeff Goldblum’s The Grandmaster..

What can i say?.. Are we sure he wasnt just playing a spaced out version of himself? It was brilliant. He was such a delight to have on screen and in this universe. I cant wait to see Him and Del Toro together as The Collector and Grandmaster respectively. 

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyire

A breath of fresh air. Its nice to have another female ass kicker in the MCU. I want more of her. 

Mark Ruffelo’s HULK!

This.. THIS! Is the Hulk I’ve been waiting for! I loved every bit of this hulk! He touched my heart in such a way.. It was perfect! This is the hulk i was talking about wayy back when i wrote this article 👇

I loved what they did with The Hulk and Mark’s performance was fantastic. I cant wait for whats to come.

The biggest surprise out of this movie tho..

Director Taika Waititi’s performance as.. KORG

A giant Rock monster with the voice of the sweetest New Zealand man. “Hey Man!” “Hey New Doug” some of my most favorite lines. I’ve never loved Korg so much. He stole the show for me. 

THE POSITIVES: Great cast. Great characters. Good story. So much fun. The comedy was.. Perfect. So funny. Honestly, a very fun movie. The first Thor film is one of My favorites in the whole MCU.. Thor: Ragnarok has officially taken the place in front of that. The Kirby inspired universe was beautiful. The twist toward the end was.. Surprising to say the least. (I wont spoil that)

THE NEGATIVES: This Could be considered a spoiler.. But i must voice my opinion on this tho..

Hela.. Is NOT! The first born of Odin! She is not Thor and Loki’s sister.. That change to her character was completely unnecessary. So ridiculas. Hela was a great character in the movie. A good villain. Not given enough time.. At all.. She almost felt pointless. All of that power and it felt a little waisted. THIS… Is what they literally did with Hela..

It was a tad bit disappointing. Cate’s performance was Hela’s saving grace. They didnt give her enough screen time. I blame the tight run time. Unless thier saving her for future projects. But it was a bit of a waste. The only other negative i can think of, is the lack of emotional gravity at certain points. (SPOILER) ppl die in this movie.. Important ppl… And there is no emotional connection to it at all. Its boom. Boom. Boom. Dead, dead, dead, moving on! It didnt take me out of the movie at all. But it was noticable enough for me to be like.. Eh! Thats not nice.

OVERALL: Best Thor since the first one. Best Marvel film since.. Civil War.(?) Best Third Instalment of a series.. Since Civil War. (Maybe I’ll do an actual ranking for these movies soon)

THOR: RAGNAROK is a wonderful movie. Fun. Funny, and action packed. A definite Must See for any and all fans! I give THOR:RAGNAROK A score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8 out of 10. Just because its so much Fun. 

Please leave a comment below,or hit me up on social media. Let me know your thoughts. 

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“BREAKING NEWZ!!: Marvel Studios Offers First Look At ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

Mere Hours ago, Marvel gave the world its first beautiful glimpse into “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” 

Lets take a moment and (pun intended) ‘Marvel’ at what is currently in the works.. 

OHHHHHHHH!!! That my friends is the sound of a grown man.. Moistening his undergarments to an unimaginable depth..


Now, very quickly. What stands out to me, was that we got, was our first look at certain possible concept art work of THANOS, and how he could be appearing in the film..

At the start, we got this nice shot of a set they shot on from Day One

My guess being a possible off planet location. Or a crash site for the Milano? 

Three cast members giving us their quick thoughts on the journy they are looking forward to on this film..

Clearly from the same set. Also! want to point out.. RDJ is wearing his IRON MAN mocap suit. Pratt in his STARLORD gear.. And Mr. Holland.. In a down jacket?! We are getting a new Spidey Suit.. My hope is for the Black Costume. But most likely.. Maybe the Iron Spider Suit. Meaning hes in a special Mocap suit that shows off the design that the suit will look like. 

But honestly.. Just seeing these three guys together on the same screen was oh-so Nerdgasmic! 

NOW! Probably the BIGGEST concept Art Work that was shown, was of Rocket Racoon side by side with THOR!..


BUT!.. Anyone else notice something funny about this pic? Anyone? Lets take a closer look..

Still dont see it?.. Lets zoom in just a bit closer shall we..

THAT! My friends.. is NOT Mjlnor! So, possible Spoiler Alert!  Thor will Not get Mjlnor Back by the end of ‘RAGNOROK’ Now, thats just pure speculation on my part. And if im not mistaken, i think his loss of Mjlnor in Ragnorok is a plot point in the movie itself. I think that was announced in an official synopsis for Thor:Ragnorok awhile back. But!.. Just judging from this pic.. I dont think he hets it back. I think Thor is gonna be wielding an Axe in Infinity War. 

So.. What are you folks thinking? Has this nice little inside look into Infinity War increased your Hype for this movie? What did you get out of this video package? Hit me up! Comment Below! Subscribe and Follow! 

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Wasabi, Ladies and Gentelnerds! Its been awhile since I’ve done a Movie Review Blog. And Oh Boy, what a Movie I got for you folks. 

MARVEL STUDIOS’ 14th entry in to the MCU.. “DR. STRANGE” 

THE STORY: “When renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange is injured in a Car Accident he is robed of the use of his hands. Desperate to regain his former life, he searches for a way to fix his hands. When he discovers a patients remarkable recovery, he is set on a path that will change his life and shape his destiny forever.”

Dr. Strange was.. Fantastic! A true breath of fresh air for the MCU. The action was good. The story was great. The special effects was trippy as hell! The Humor was well placed and used perfectly. Everything about it was Top Notch. 

THE CAST: Was excellent in every way. Everyone played their role perfectly. Benedict Cummberbatch, 

 The clear stand out as the Good Dictor Himself. His ability to portray someone who is so arrogant and self absorbed, so likable, was an amazing feat in my eyes. Strange could come off as an unlikable character, but in Benedict’s hands he came off more as a flawed individual with an over inflated ego. The supporting cast was brilliant. Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One 

was very pleasant. Chewitel as Mordo 

was a refreshing version of the character and Benedict Wong’s..

Wong, was a true delight.
A special shout out to an unsung cast member who really pulled his weight around and stole every scene he was in..

The Cloak Of Levitation, deserves an Acadamy Award. (You’ll see.. No spoilers remember?)

THE POSITIVES: The Humor, so much fun. The Special Effects, Mind bending. The Easter Eggs nerdgasm inducing. The final Battle.. Spellbinding! Very well done. Every aspect of this movie is great for multiple veiwings. 

THE NEGATIVES: This was a Little difficult for me.. First viewing, saw nothing wrong. 3rd viewing.. Eh.. Im gonna nit pick these.. Rachel Mcadams.. Beautiful. Served her purpose for the film and the story.. But slightly waisted. The villain.. There is a Big Bad in this movie. One that is used to great effect. But Mads Mickelsons Villain character was just.. Threatening. Not overwhelming.. Just a threat. What he did was cool and fun.. But, unimportant. Which Marvel gets a lot of heat for. Which is their lack of compeling villains. I would let Strange slide, because it isnt really about the villain.. Its about Strange, and how he deals with the threat. It is very clearly, Dr. Strange’s story. Would have liked a grander battle at the end with THE BIG BAD (SPOILER) But, the way he is used and dealt with, is very much a Dr. Strange way of dealing with the situation. So its not really a negative. 

Lastly.. I believe the story tellers left out a very Key factor in Strange’s back story. And i think that should have been present. Perhaps they may save it for the sequel. 

OVERALL: Fantastic! Absoulouly brilliant. While it is No “CIVIL WAR” it is a great movie and ranks very high on my MCU list of greatness! Just below GUARDIANS, but just above ANTMAN. 

DR. STRANGE is a movie worth watching on the big screen. I recommend multiple viewings just so you can catch what you may have missed before. My 3rd viewing i spot Mindless Ones, where as i didnt notice them before. Great Acting, beautiful visuals and truly a whole lot of fun.. I give Marvel’s “DR. STRANGE” a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8/10! (QUICK NOTE: THERE ARE 2 AFTER CREDIT SCENES! SO STICK AROUND AFTER THE CREDITS)

If you have seen Dr. Strange, please let me know your thoughts.. But..

Until next time folks… Peace Out!

“Steve Rogers, Is Not Captain America In ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!’?!”

According to reports on various Sites, The Russo Brothers, Directors of “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War” and the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War”, have confirmed a particular tidbit regarding Chris Evens’ role as Steve Rogers/ Captain America.

According to many news sites, The Russo’s have said, (and im paraphrasing here) “Steve Rogers is Not Captain America in “Infinity War”” As fans are known to do, many Had the whole “WWWHAAAAA?!?” kind of reaction. Along with general confusion and such as to slight outrage. (Clearly, these are noob fans) 
Thr Rest of us however, decide to go the speculative route.. Like myself.. Like right now..

This makes a lot of sence.. (CIVIL WAR SPOILER ALERT!.. 3.2.1..)

Steve literally dropped the shield at the end of Civil War. If standing by his friend, ment having to give up being Captain America.. He willingly gave it up. Not to say, the shield is what makes him Captain America. But it in fact is the symbol of that persona, persay. So his dropping it, also ment… Im no longer Captain America. But Im not gonna stop doing what im doing. 

So that leaves me to wonder.. Does this in fact make him ‘Nomad: The Man With No Country’ 

(Dear God!, What a stupid costume) 

NOMAD, was the persona, Steve Rogers created way back in the day, when he first gave up being Captain America. Does this mean that Steve Rogers is going to be Nomad at the start of Infinity War? Maybe. Will his ‘Secret Avengers’ still be a team at that point, or will he have disbanded the team before hand? For continuity sake.. Yes.  Is it going to be The Nomad and Falcon show? Most likely. So many questions! And they dont start filming this movie until later this year in to next year, for a 2018 release.

However.. Since all we can do is speculate on plot details for the now, single Infinity War film (its no longer a 2 parter) I wanna look at possible costume choices.. And Not that God awful Original Nomad Costume PLEASE! (Would like a sort of Easter Egg though)

Perhaps Steve can go back to the Blackish Blue Uniform of Winter Soldier?

Which, in the comics is considered his “Captain Rogers” uniform. Maybe a spin on the U.S Agent costume from the 80’s and 90’s? 

One thing is for sure thou.. By the second half or climax of the movie he Will be back as Captain America.. Maybe looking like this?!

Yeah.. During the final battle with Thanos. Iron Man, beaten and bloodied will call in the calvery and bang Captain America and his reformed Secret Avengers come in guns a blazing… Then Captain America dies at the end.. 

“SAY WHAT?!?” 

But that! Is for another Blog, For another time..

So, Until Next time folks… Peace Out! 



Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds. Before I start.. Allow me to make something clear. This blog is strictly me speculating (don’t tell speculating nerd I’m doing this..) on what I would like to see happen in the Black Panther film coming 2017, or at least what SHOULD happen in it. ALSO! I will be spoiling events concerning BP that happened in “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” so be warned.. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

With the death of his father, King T’Chaka, in CIVIL WAR. T’Challa assumed the Mantle of not only King, but also the Black Panther. Displaying his fighting prowess and his abilities to a certain extent throughout the film. We also got several hints and nods to BP’s background. During an exchange with Cap and Falcon, He explains that the Black Panther has been a protector of Wakanda for Generations. A mantle passed down from warrior to warrior, and since “Bucky” was responsible for his Fathers death.. It is now his time to be The Panther.. (By the end we find that Bucky was framed by Zemo) [Like I said.. SPOILERS!]


Basically, Marvel gave us BP’s origin in a matter of minutes stretched out over the course of the film. So, for his standalone outing.. An origin story is out of the question. In fact, the movie can pick up right after the events of Civil War. Here’s how I think certain things should go..


Andy Serkis MUST return as Ulysses Klaw.. For those of you who may not recall. He’s Been Black Panthers main enemy through his early comic book run. He was also the guy that had that massive amount of Vibranium that he stole from Wakanda, and Ultron bought from him before chopping his arm off after the deal. But he could be one of Two villains! (Probably! More on that in a moment..)

In Civil War, We got our first taste of the ‘Dora Meljie’


A clan of elite woman warriors tasked to protect the royal family of Wakanda. I would LOVE to see Michonne herself, Danai Gurira


As either the Leader of the Dora Meljie, or a Love interest, or perhaps close friend/confidant to Chadwick’s T’Challa. (Preferably Both would be great in my book. She has the talent and the skill to carry such a role. Although I would hope she and or her character would not end up another Lady Sif.

SHURI! T’Challa’s little sister, (and one time Black Panther) has to be in this film,


And I would like to see, Lupita N’yongo take that role. She has the youth and sheer acting talent to pull off a pretty badass Shuri.


Sticking with the Family tree..


Sophie Okonedo as The Queen of Wakanda. Something about this actress just screams Royalty to me. She’s beautiful and damn talented. Granted, to play T’Challa’s mom, they would have to age her up abit with make-up or visual effects. But she can really pull it off.

The movie must also show how the (relatively) young T’Challa must coope with being a King of A Nation,

image image

To tie these aspects of Nation, Family and Villains together.. Allow me a moment to go a little radical..


Wesley Snipes can be a number of roles in the Black Panther film, in my humble opinion. 1) In a quick flashback, as a young T’Chaka, before T’Challa’s birth. 2) Rival Tribe Leader, Or.. Probably a Uncle.. Jealous of T’Challa’s sudden rise to the throne. (Bare with me on this theory) If you remember in AGE OF ULTRON, Ulysses Klaw  was captured and BRANDED as a thief on the back of his neck.. And yet “somehow” he still manages to get away with a whole payload of Vibranium?!?.. (Sounds fishy to me..) perhaps “Someone” on the inside assisted Klaw with his escape and subsequent payoff of the rare metal. Que Wesley’s character, maybe?!? Yes, the evil Uncle angle is cliche at best. But Wesley is the typenpf actor who could carry it and make it work. Then, once all is said and done, Panther can have the final battle with Klaw at the end.

Lastly.. Don’t change the costume.. It’s perfect as is. If its truly necessary.. Just add a cloak and some gold accents, and that’s enough..



WELL.. That’s all I got! Let me know what you folks think. Leave a comment below. Like, and subscribe/follow the blog. Thanks for reading folks.

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!



“SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING”: Real Title, Or Marvel’s Elaborate Hoax?!?


I will try to be as brief as possible..

“SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING” is the title for the Marvel backed reboot of Spider-Man (for Sony)

I DON’T LIKE IT! (Sorry) but I don’t.. It looks like the title for an animated feature.. Even the design looks cartoonish. AND I think it’s a hoax! (Allow me to elaborate)

Can it be possible, that Marvel Studios, Disney, Sony and all the heads over there, along with Kevin Fiege, couldn’t come up with a better name and title then “HOMECOMING”?!? (I’m gonna be doing some stretching here, so give me some space.) Way back when, Mr.Fiege and the folks at Marvel held a little event at the El Capitan theater. In which they announced their entire film slate for Phase 3. The first title they announced was “CAPTAIM AMERICA: SERPENT SOCIETY” It was an official looking logo.. But then Kevin pulled a fast one and said, “Thats not the title. Lets pull up the real title” and with a roar from the crowd, “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” faded on to the screen.

So is it possible that the folks at Marvel are messing with us right now?!

I CERTAINLY THINK SO! (I really wouldn’t put it past them)

I honestly believe (and desperately hope and pray) That the REAL NAME of the Spider-Man reboot will be…


Maybe it’ll be announced at D23, or another Marvel “event” perhaps. Along with other casting announcements? Who knows!


RDJ is now confirmed for the filmimage

Joining Zandaya, Tom Holland and Morisa Tomei.

image image

So far, Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe is looking pretty darn awesome.. But, FUCK! That Name tho.. Smh!

What do you guys think. REAL TITLE OR ELABORATE HOAX?! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading and please follow and subscribe to the blog! Thank you.

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!