Do We Really Need Wolverine, After Hugh Jackman’s Done?!?

Hello ladies and gentelnerds! What’s Crackin’!? Not too long ago, I happened upon an episode of ‘Screen Junkies’:”Movie Fights” on YouTube. A show In which a group of sweaty film nerds and geeks sit around a table and discuss… Stuff! Anyway, on this episode it was a group of Fans that sat at the table and.. Discussed… Stuff. And one of the topics they tackled was about Hugh Jackman and the role of Wolverine in future installments of the X-Men franchise! And someone gave a very compelling answer to the question, “How do you think, should play Wolverine?” And his answer was, “I don’t want Wolverine in the future X-Films!” And that got me thinking… “Holy shit.. I agree!!”

Now, allow me to shed some light on this and delve just a bit deeper into my thought process.. BUCKLE UP FOLKS! IT’S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE!!

So! Two weeks ago, Hugh Jackman posted this pic on his social media accounts..


Perhaps referring to WOLVERINE 3! Or in most cases, ( not counting “Origins”) WOLVERINE 2! He is of course already slated to appear in APOCALYPSE which comes out next year as filming is set to start later this year.

Now this begs the question.. “Once Hugh’s gone.. What’s the point to living?!?” (Jk! Jk!) The REAL question would be, “Who the fuck would be good enough to play Wolverine, after Hugh is done?!?” My answer… NO ONE!

I know. All Nerds say that about certain actors and actresses that take on a character and do it to the upmost perfection! No one can do IRON MAN like RDJ. No one can do BATMAN like Keaton! No one can do CATWOMAN like Phfiffer! No one can do WONDER WOMAN like Gal Gadot…… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Holy shit!! That was too funny.. That last one was a joke of course. (BUT! We still have to wait and see with that one)

But! No one, and I honsetly believe, NO ONE, can play Wolverine nearly as perfect as Hugh Jackman has over the last decade. He IS Wolverine!


Now that being said.. I also believe.. We Don’t Need Wolverine after Hugh!


Hold on. Let me explain. Since the success of XMEN 1,  every X-Film after that rest squarely on the shoulders of WOLVERINE. It stopped being about a team and became about the individual and the people around him. With good reason of course. Hugh was the STAR! His portrayal of Wolvie was what got people in the seats. And of course, Wolverine was and is the most popular character in the X-Universe.


But the X-Film Franchise kind of suffered from that. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS showed that they did not need Wolverine to get people in the seats. DAYS OF FUTURE PAST showed just how unnecessary he was for certain stories. Wolverine was there as a crutch. An awesome crutch. But a CRUTCH nonetheless!

Once APOCALYPSE  is said and done, the future is wide open for the franchise. They have a very young cast representing the REAL first class team.




And several others! This is there chance to BUILD upon the CORE characters that make the x-men, THE X-MEN! If they do this right. These people could be the future for this franchise. IF somewhere along the line Wolverine is needed in future installments. Bring Hugh back with a truck load of money and have him cameo! As long as it serves the story! And only if it serves the story. And the purpose of the character. We can worry about getting a new Wolverine when Hugh Jackman is dead.. (God forbid!)

Let me know what you think! Hit me up at the usual places. TWITTER: @sgsonny70 INSTAGRAM: @marvel_inc2099 YOUTUBE: the marvel INC. show and follow this here very blog and comment below!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!



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